Former 'Idol' Lip Synchs

Scotty McCreery's mouth moved a few beats behind the lyrics at Macy's parade.
1:05 | 11/25/11

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Transcript for Former 'Idol' Lip Synchs
I'm a huge American Idol fan I watch it every season especially since. He had a massive lip sync -- at the Thanksgiving Day parade and -- -- night and he's a good singer apparently. It's no shocker that these folks you know seeing they -- to get this big parade but this morning. It was so obvious he started singing one of his songs just a little bit too late take a listen to this -- -- You're from -- -- -- in New York told you. It's. Powell left on -- I'm devastated Afghanistan a -- real -- kids. Goodness gracious and -- got a great point and if -- on American Idol. You've got this boy see this money we can send a man to the moon can get somebody to -- to float to do it. Is and -- everything -- the Atlantic KLM's that was hosted busted lip -- -- -- -- -- in -- -- the right to exist quote -- I don't get it I don't get it.

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{"id":15026861,"title":"Former 'Idol' Lip Synchs ","duration":"1:05","description":"Scotty McCreery's mouth moved a few beats behind the lyrics at Macy's parade.","url":"/Entertainment/video/american-idol-scotty-mccreery-lip-synchs-at-macys-thanksgiving-day-parade-15026861","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}