Aml Ameen discusses his starring role in 'Yardie'

The "Yardie" star opens up about working with Idris Elba, who directs the new film.
20:45 | 03/13/19

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Transcript for Aml Ameen discusses his starring role in 'Yardie'
It's Candice Williams ABC radio and I super excited because I had a gentleman that's right a very distinguished gentleman and open wheel of the pond. Paula back at a sitting across from me ugly Melamine and Ian star. It is amazing film Arnold RT. I that is Alex this Friday that's right I'm very excited it's directed by the wind the only just Alba. And that we have so does she get and Cuba first off at graduation. And very big. On the New York City to impress some day would view this is amazing for me a New York has gotten americorps cool I'm very happy and I'm had been. Yes and you know what I think it I I feel like people are they gonna get to see you in your album because this film is. Scary I think just kind of it takes you so many places. And before we get into the film could have been at diving and we're gonna tell me all the goods. Stop let's talk about how this project came about because I was reading up and I will learning a lot of different theme. Com and first stop did you know about the blow from Vick are being Inergy. Yeah I knew about of the book from big Teddy is you know is a big book in the nineties and in London we are always growing up my uncles and cousins of Libyan buy this book that guy he already -- it be rated I didn't re edits are enclosed young. And then they actually am I met injuries in an Olivea. And from London to LA. At the airport. Which leg and they an event and know about us Alstead religious that I have seen I didn't see him in years and he's. They are to salute in the maze Rama and I'll be up for the wicked week gonna from an illegal from gonna let go on the in flight. Sat basically next to each other. Weeks you some we've spent eleven I was talking about the room. About what it means our family our coaches spoke via an immigrant families in the UK. And would mean to me as an act that goal on this Jenny as you said you know he was it was one of them very. Pure accidents just add to there have been it was a low turn over the book OB RD it says it is the British jamaicans office. And two rows in front of us was. But you know. One of them. I mean and the bat drew does not mean. Is that it actually. Like amazing to hear that because it's and a great kids like it with with both the happening and that way. You know I'm so intrigue now clearly. QB in the film that this aegis Allen's directorial debut so when I think of that I think OK I'm going to be the after the eat actor and his directorial debut there have to be his first. Ash. I didn't think you know what was the most per sharp that was that are much of a Jamaican. You know in Jamaica Jamaican heritage everywhere you you know agree unhappy about bad Jamaican accents and you know. The pope's lead to even their cool run in house and that was the initial pressure and then you'd and then came this notion wanted to impress someone I admired Fijians. I am both personally and professionally. As solid rocket are due to and he quickly did mystified and invite me Tuesday's home and we -- you win a who book you know you of the different films that influence that the actual text have been and what he wanted me to do and it was literally wanted me to do met today in some than and that really come for. On what that entailed was with Jamaica. AC moved into Jamaica reform month and is my heads in and around way woods. But it did not live that arms from interview he walked around in the seventies and aids he's in Jamaica which in London around that and so that yet though want to give them I am. Moments Neeon. Now as you had these in depth conversations with. Out what to learn from him as an actor or even in the space of kind of his. Direct toward real guidance and then I feel like. You talked about being on the plane with him and having this long conversation he talked about your upbringing in what little anecdotal thing did you learn about him that you never knew before that maybe even helped you. As you played blues rock. I am. Not well at the dark as a person. Thus I would say that he's had one of those rings it's not known though who believes the shoe from a rich that's one of the things are our aren't. In the open Miron had a similar Korea. And building. So I can appreciate the annals of eight of hope from the and his bravery to tries to mean different things you know EJ direct. He he. Uses music in an easel no official said that that element review with some an army. Initiated and and as a direct. Yes. Read him gave his act as was a big thing you know set the cram as he set the world and said go live in the world you know. And from meat protects against that in terms of out of let him know that Mel's yoga really meet a Mel. On this movie an enemy a different person and and that person for message was if he's Renee and Tim Vaughn or his Charl pre dark. Though you know it is one of those when we meet someone and it's like it's a whole different bribe in. Yes and you are actually. Then it. Yes so. We got to know this character. You know this person it in the felt a little bit about davis' complex. Because he he's dealing with old dramatic stress. Which which is the deep dive in itself and then he's also dealing with the family dynamic and then trying to. Resolve issues then and then also is burgeoning career at the elect during and what does that. What does that mean you know. Talk about how do I know that he usually does let you kind of have free will on that and you know method acting them. To glow. Defying this character because you know what did you make you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and enjoyed the beautiful people but this also a very. I think we and that there's an element is that trauma etc. busting act establishes what happens when you have veteran right it's I put myself in the mental circumstances of repeat match woman daily so that would be like my mind long moment from was a gunshot the first images on the walls I look where I was living was Jerry dread. And that sauce trigger some thinning in you know. Imagining things that would lead you to that circumstance I read a book would have brief issues having commenced and it took a hawk Carrick. A guard who's in some minnesotans that beings he would had to do to survive. Was some of them are on people's so you know. Those meetings imagine those circumstances continuously. And then and go and around the world of that oaks would actually am selecting. It is these connection to his brother in a main. It's his freedom. And the Charlton attachment is so mean Sean so Jackson was wonderful and Omar the out. We we broke lets his back and schoolteacher about as Ian Vaughan that began to establish the relationship. We've with arson so we had that we live in a mystery once and. That at some capacity you know and I understand that your brother was very helpful and it tickled me because I wonder what his thoughts are yeah look yeah okay day. Unreal like. That and artfully. You know walk I I was just this woman that to help me with leading government and had dinner time to judge while I was doing. Because of what he removed a lot of my own self. I mean as human beings or is actually be very self conscious of critz who and when I watched with whom eventually. Choose a long time off the books except mom's about rod that's who you you know say it is it's an interesting experience and one I probably would repeat for the right role. And know what I also think too though is that you know with the fact that. One. Day at Ben and it's still is that EJ anything that's Coachella. Like India tell I think clearly still is was there any you don't beyond a active letting. And letting him for letting you app free rein Gretzky like it could help that's part because Merck might be annual on. It was the bid they radioed mean west of free reign as slightly at the ram is it for me to go live as an act indeed mark thing when it came to the music. Courts are afforded him around prepare actually. Around with his school days in the UK and music life is not a joke man at like Ned and out was that they put in you know and agers is a machine honestly. I remember one day we went on him to a charity event around four to 8 PM and then mates owing to mark the dark parties DJ and then later going to his studio. Write the lyrics aegis that waiting for our business side and are you doesn't book gets it done. I leave you you've accumulated some skill right there's so perhaps could be like you're. On this I. Our our right to today though. Nominee Elena on June are the DJ and then a dude of the Jennifer on the parties and functions but know that the chat animal in the back to some. The united there measured approaches land mines. Her column. And new. We talk about the accident could you mentioned that was the hardest things for you to really getting it is one of the things aren't going to get this in the ballpark in right. Believable to Niemi I my mom probably in my parents would have been the best that test for that what I. I felt it talk about how you were able to you get an and it gets it because again you know. You're you're going it's it's character when you're right. Aaron you know doing I always try to think of how that works at one how you swell the money I you'd. Frown on one number ever breaking it practicing to commit it to the heart of voice sounds and I mean that's that's one and then you know really studying I've studied a couple of accidents because. Morton a way of speaking in pats what is totally different you know or is divorce from AT and seventies the lot is a lot more slow about then you know and it's and the unions Saddam and more axle. Yeah comment that him now is that nobody would be de LD who might out an Indian. It's different now Miami's it was a much snow up on a labor site are it looked am always had a problem on the and the sly and Robbie are actually met Ronnie Brown. These of people music people from Jamaica. That actually helped me amiss when the Mali from the book as well just to kind of help me understand what it would be timid net error. And I mean you know it's a beautiful country and the it was a aren't kind of divorce yourself after the sell them the Chile I mean mark badly jamaicans say that I was an attachment that's part of our want to be in the films are more. United apart itself meant I do like. Jamaicans to slap on the in your face on this they don't break stated. It's cool in America is. I loved that it will mean to give as much of the crap about buying. Yet that they get in a car accident that occurred. It felt so wheat wheat we talked a little bit about. Just the did the dynamic of your character and what of course I think in and you can elaborate more on this. All any messages actually and that we feel throughout the founders apart it too much when economic theaters and they got right. And I don't watch and I'm anymore these movies I. Are exactly these are important narrative pat exactly but apart we're somebody's peaks your character to try to help them to understand. You know what they're going Euro and I feel like that's it was an important message you know some went from the church. I'll let you. People will get from this because there aren't there are things that art that can read in actual written many audiences and then. And I'm wanting for means is it's forma. Woman love and and that love can you'll forma number of self canoe trauma in the Mumia speak you know went on a month and it. Egos you know reentry and I'm just the gangsta. And and that is him like conceding to this notion of its parts you know me and and so fit for a him it's about dealing with the means Ortiz and gain weight get even with trauma and and fat it doesn't. The view them what you do and let's face it in the in the eye and that's when things arts equipment. Just in the combined mark and a look at while my team right moment in Rome. Don't change our how to grow or become a bit me. Stephanie some thin. She for Jamaican. A Jamaican gangs. We understand. We Chama live in have been bitten and. Definitely and also you know I think this is hopefully the beginning of many more things I mean I know you know we're still in the process of going to see this film on Friday. I have had a hat. But you know did you guys also dialogue about future opportunities in future things because again you know I think people are gonna love this there's that dynamic and I'm sure. Even feel like he said he uses them as machine and he's probably you know has his hands and multiple thing. What to do because its three space on three books you want to continue the story weathered beef fruit more films or TV series of sorts and then we fled around the idea mean he has these statements that is married you know make would you think about doing not mopping came back very isolated story. Ever meet they Marvin gave him and we dismissed and instead I mean third. One of those that that to me we gray in the partnership are felt with him on this movie arm up to continue you know every Tiffany's. Aren't. Hopefully have some look in the future. This could be the dynamic duo yeah. There are things you them ones absolutely and in addition to this you know you have other things they're also brewing I've I've been reading inside man. I'm Kenya in segments news is coming on Netflix in September oh. And if it's gonna cut a continuation of that that's or of the beloved. Inside a member of Denzel Washington's right the it's going to be fun and he. Can you tell us anything a little bit about this particular story. And I your hair. Pay a guy cooled grameen. Very line in laws a fair and thinks he can figure out a bit together as again as it is. Again it's this compromise in a bit of Playboy's enemies according galleys and salute. These particular case comes into the fray and he takes it all the way seriously in the McCallum equaled runs we run and now honorary February. She's by the same periods of get out as one of his net and a movie set in the movement in the -- direction. This is a Mormon in based questioned but. Fan because there's so many I feel even now Boortz with historic I know you're in the UK but you know I'm actually on the sands of these. Well that much of a club in the continues. It sounds better for the UILOUI. And by and did ya man. Proper credit where credit that let you know how I feel like we're living in such. It's currently Kristi nineteen same is adorable time. With all these Oscars Anne Anne in what has transpired adjustments that. Amazing talent and that Whitney spokesman had back pain bill. Film that used you know that you currently and what it is that the John that we saw us. With super excited I miss that screen them. And it's very. And these think the interest as a fan of the art. Of the off. A couple of things you know as you know I would love to work unit to an pills mind is is exceptional and I think it's great contribution to what's happening. You know even myself as a as the on a filmmaker as well and one of the things I'm interested in. Is that the diaspora. Kind of experience you know light. Stories about men some loose which some of you may have development. In his stories that kind of are back to who we are as Melanie people oak in the parks and who what we can be in the future. And what we've seen a light that you really. So many films. Are like our pigs you know me on the big fan of M behind someone's art and raise our enjoyed the Grammy mounted on. That was that was wrong and it's such a sea of great practices my eap is doing so it works. Playing bond he recently said that he would. Be you would take on you know you take on things like he did the voice of doing on right. He's learned that it was entering pompous something but I that he recently said that an interview and an old. I'm American agencies is bloody if he wants he wants to do Yemeni. That's not. Magnitude you have a better show than me. Our power and but I know we have to go about history just because we be covered music and on great things I. I read only thought that you. Acts or the. It. The Brit award humor on stage with am today are Jack and Janet and using it ten year anniversary of his passing come in what are your thoughts. Memories that are important to me as agreement me man I know that. It's time is really great way to mark objects and remember this guy equipped office orca it's dark in the state and shows here it is Austin. It was fun man who is if anyone in this thing in my view what's marked. Elf or accuracy ADC dot trying to and in headed back and back in. People love him and an artist when I think what you know when they've been in a time where you know the officers. And the person I think they both need to be on held up to some so America. We've always invested too much in our heroes you know I mean. Public figures who are only human within extreme fools some of them so proud shouldn't be in the position I'm RR ER eventually let through people for our history. Ought. That may we do overs you know there and issues that's. While we appreciate you and and aren't they you're bringing him what you're doing with this film irony wit and theaters Friday rye a U fortunate man the fifth looking I want to play it I'm to get yours then. Now Omar people in New York. Let's watch this has put its Guevara thank you very much. Absolutely think he's them ten and I. We need to bet that can't is linked signing off ABC radio and.

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