Andie MacDowell: Model and Actress

Phillip Bloch talks with her about her successful career, past and present.
6:05 | 10/20/11

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Transcript for Andie MacDowell: Model and Actress
Time to get fat and lose all over again -- just released to remake of the eighties teen classic has audiences dancing in the -- celebrity stylist Phillip -- caught up with one of its stars actress and model Andie MacDowell she speaks about her life lessons and her rewarding work with Laurie out. Today we are here Ponte is -- my favorite Italian restaurant in Manhattan. And I am here it was wonderful. Successful gracious she's talented. Models and actresses of our time. Was -- -- -- Anderson McDowell. The world. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Several years ago -- back in the eighties and you can change my career trajectory of the health plan -- the written groundbreaking it was subliminal. In my hometown as his daughter called the -- former. He -- down a little real handy now. Are you going to have to ask you did you want to inform me as -- -- if you're still way that all stems from the prank telephone call that I made -- the age thirteen. 809. Medicare well. I would call a bar my sister and I -- holding my mom came if you steal away we need him. Losses. -- coming early twenties just before your big break through your mom passed away and she was now Colin how does that affect the choices. Your life. One -- have never told anybody but I think. Things have changed so much and people have. Started talking you know face to not talk about anything yeah APU -- everything hot in here be -- an alcoholic. There's so much shame attached to be an alcoholic and and we've progressed thank goodness because. It's it's it's a disease but also she had depression problems which have never -- -- -- after she had me jittery nervous breakdown. Which ended up leading to her alcoholism because she never -- before -- She strength after her nervous breakdown that's really unjust and unfair that I -- to forgive her because I think that she was born in -- time period where. She was trapped. And she was unable to get them. The kind of help she really needed. -- one picture urban legend has that kind of -- share. Your career isn't the British haven't gotten -- that role of tires and and four weddings and a funeral Groundhog Day sex lies and because it was again. Nothing groundbreaking. Concert piano. -- changed the independent world completely everybody wanted to make a movie they've made that much money for apple for that little money. Because it was like Senator Kerry is still an -- million dollars and it made an enormous amount of money -- then everybody wanted to make an ignominious because. They make money yet -- this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This yeah we did not have -- -- paying him telling a story about the money money. Advice would you give your kids today that the -- and wants to be an actress and thinks it's also fabulous. You know it's a lot of -- and I tell because my my daughter. Eighty kids. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Blue Aaron -- -- she's got this news enormous voice. And I told her. To. Its always she would tell you what I say it came out of a -- that Stevens never read in its says that. Preparation -- talent. The cheeks He had to forget preparation park. And you can constantly be doing that even if you're not working I didn't really make it until I turned thirty pond in your front along. You're celebrating 25 years working with -- -- as an ambassador spokesperson that's one of the longest -- -- campaigns I think ever for any celebrity or even a model. Tell me about the great work that you're dealing with -- -- a very -- I. Started seeing. Just -- at home. And beating Bob with the woman in my community that's been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. And I can't friends. Help raise money and so that He might come my personal connection to ovarian cancer -- may have -- for myself. And -- since then I've had friends -- left. And -- -- young girls -- have ovarian cancer. And I had friends die recently I was one woman I was working with that was forced to be -- and she delegate for eleven years and you know -- -- the -- you learn and you have personal relationships with people like this instead of just doing charity because Gloria -- -- Is -- He learned so much about. About what it takes to be strong in those kinds of conditions and then it just isn't it's totally inspiring. How they can take something that. It's so terrifying scary. And yet find beauty in -- these women are just amazing they're unbelievable -- -- -- -- element -- about finding early detection. We are usually our best junctures of what's happening in our body cream -- with what's happening her body paying attention to everything we do not ignore it. I know that we have put this -- -- yeah how about. How lucky sighting at you try to answer that as a kid Ali -- hit hit hit hit. But you know it's going to be I predicted thank you are really fun movie and this city. -- updated in a beautiful beautiful day and Julianne Hough who piano and tennis great -- -- -- grade who has worked with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know it's a one lead -- when He go to. Don't recognize me how hard at work forever make an honest into the New Zealand model -- and now every. I'm 53 year old -- and -- Coming -- that.

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{"id":14781811,"title":"Andie MacDowell: Model and Actress","duration":"6:05","description":"Phillip Bloch talks with her about her successful career, past and present. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/andie-macdowell-model-actress-successful-career-interview-2011-phillip-bloch-entertainment-14781811","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}