Andrew Zimmern's Strange Taste Buds

The host of "Bizarre Foods America" shares some of his favorite local dishes.
6:48 | 01/24/12

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Transcript for Andrew Zimmern's Strange Taste Buds
Award winning chef Andrew Zimmer and isn't afraid to challenge his -- as the host of the hit Travel Channel show bizarre foods -- -- -- He sampled all sorts of strange -- he's learned that what is gross for sun is gore made for others. Here's a sampling from the new season a bizarre foods America. Like food trucks I mean what more predictable than. From one of the you heard right in the middle of the -- -- That -- in the -- around the front. South American culinary foreigners don't look at that beautiful -- his no hit -- towards the end pulled Guinea. I love isn't getting paid little bits of -- he is also a little bit of April ninth inning is there on McConnell and. Unbelievable. -- remembered hearing he went a little ground on the big. Food and many countries it's one of the most highly -- from South America especially in Ecuador Bolivia. Northern Chile all around that sort of northwestern -- that -- like like pork shoulder -- a little bit stickier. Usually it's marinated in Orange juice and fresh herbs. Roasted and did the same way you going to certain areas of our country -- barbecue restaurants everywhere that serve the same you know ribs and chicken brisket to same thing a going to. Certain areas of certain countries. And did barbecue neighborhoods the number one dish on every venue is -- or Guinea pigs and. Now I know I want I won't tell my five -- outside that we -- My mind was a little bit about the upcoming -- -- -- to nor islands and what can we expect to see you eat there. You know I got to spend -- give me an idea you know because we're about exploring cultures through the foods I got to spend. A date with current rough when the great jazz musicians who plays every Thursday night fall -- -- One of the really -- -- greedy sort of music bars in the city that's famous for -- I think -- the best. An eyewitness sleep each night for two pairs -- sentences -- -- -- cooks all day and as something that has his other Seidman. Selling the food that hooks on the street trees play music and which is that you -- and a New Orleans tradition everywhere you go. Not just musicians to people who -- like for whole -- and people. If you go into a florist shop there's a little tree has been -- At the link between food and culture in that city's profound to be able to spend the time explore those types of ideas about what makes that city -- who's contributing to the food city does -- -- there is really that our purpose in doing that we're up. Definitely sounds fascinating obviously you've been to a lot of American cities -- a lot of interest in failure. Do you have one city that really stands out is the capital of strange. Food for for capital of strange food on. You know many people often. -- southern cities for a very good reason. But I still have to go with new York and the reason is that the New York is not only the greatest food city the world offers degrees for -- -- all ends of the spectrum. But he's such a melting pot we found -- little town just outside of Detroit Michigan and our upcoming episode on that some call him -- it. Three square miles 27 languages spoken in the school district the food there is amazed but in New York you have even more than. That you can travel to a hundred different countries actually explore more than just the food. There because they have such -- large groups of you know added Ortiz who've come in here with subsequent waves of immigration that keep that food fresh for those people so I think New -- -- Adventurous eater this -- a -- town. The best thing that is Christine dishes that shortly you -- You know. Delicatessen meats are our big snaps -- cooking is all the rage I I brought three. Here today there's look worse which is ahead she's sticking with blood. There's muscles which is -- -- where there's little pieces of -- and foot and they also sees in the aspect with vinegar. These two are definitely hard -- ears foods I can't wait to -- in. But they hit she's here is essentially what everything that goes into Bologna or hot dogs but it's all the good stuff the best cuts of the -- from the -- from the neck with a delicious aspect is. -- the -- -- you think I and I think it's it's more like eating PM than anything else and I am going are you going to try something. That long ways to try I think it's -- -- now -- not a vegetarian -- is it. Hey what -- it is -- -- yet the OK with that one all right I'm gonna try the missiles. And stop right. -- climbing -- the only thing I mean you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- I love that exited both textures and L blended threat -- -- married -- and don't have a few minutes look I loved you you probably. Read it. Two of this release cheeses in the world. This is my personal communities it's called it -- yeah. -- -- Fantastic but he's represented when people look at me -- oh my gosh how could we that is -- you know she's represented exercising control spoilage. There -- there -- people in countries all around the world who look and -- what is it with you Americans and Europeans. You take. Perfectly good milk or cream you let it rot and then you dry it into little squares -- red -- and that -- Same thing I would encourage people say about you know it is fermented -- sealed heats up in the Arctic -- Look at it look at you love and don't think for a rat -- let him -- hotshot in a normal hot these are hot dogs that we bought outside in the street about fifteen minutes ago perfectly fine cool to room temperature. I often get asked by people how can you put what you put into your mouth and eat -- you -- -- look the -- not fear factor and about a cultural exploration. However music -- -- the ballpark will be hot dog and I said the government doesn't even let you know they've passed laws to prevent us from -- what's inside of these things this represents. I'm not anti hot dog and into what hot dogs have -- com. All the ingredients that are hot dog -- in that head cheese and then some there's fragments of bone there's percentage. -- -- parts of the animal that shouldn't be fed to was. The Yankees -- -- needed it that I can't be -- -- -- -- hot dog got into the I think audit that it. It aggregate think wolves in sheep's clothing wearers freshen natural foods I think today with ethicists have that park Marta had achieved that. I think I think people's -- it it to change -- perspective and that's what we're trying to do with our show. In a world we define ourselves by -- differences one that's our define ourselves by the things we have in common like our love we love it thank you so much and isn't exactly were -- --

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{"duration":"6:48","description":"The host of \"Bizarre Foods America\" shares some of his favorite local dishes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15432432","title":"Andrew Zimmern's Strange Taste Buds","url":"/Entertainment/video/andrew-zimmerns-strange-taste-buds-15432432"}