Andy Samberg Goes 'En Vogue' at Sundance

"SNL" star sings at Sundance 2012.
1:04 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Andy Samberg Goes 'En Vogue' at Sundance
What do you think is the faith. The hand. A critic watching you work on screen. Because you had so many that this expression. You know yet it why what I -- looking like look like watching you on screen. Imagine it's probably kind of way. Like my mother's face -- throughout his -- grievances like. -- -- -- -- It is not always like. And it. That he that's obviously yeah. Has mounted that -- not. Again. Don't -- Did it well well.

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{"id":15442718,"title":"Andy Samberg Goes 'En Vogue' at Sundance","duration":"1:04","description":"\"SNL\" star sings at Sundance 2012.","url":"/Entertainment/video/andy-samberg-en-vogue-sundance-15442718","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}