Andy Serkis on His Many Characters

Actor talks about roles in Lord of the Rings, King Kong and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.
9:17 | 12/17/12

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Transcript for Andy Serkis on His Many Characters
I talked to little bit before we started. The whole controversy about people like me who are in the movie reviewing business all know that the performance you're giving in this and -- rise of planet of the games. Are extraordinary. And yet he academy doesn't recognize it as a performance because of the computer aspect of motion well. I think seeing things are changing in the sense is really all about perception and obviously there's that there is. There's the visual effects -- -- of of the character -- which which is -- separate thing where it should always be viewed as. -- digital costume and makeup and that is not take anything away from the interpretation. Of the or the extrapolation of the performance in the way that they put it together. But the actual -- the -- of the role in in in this in this case and conferences like Caesar was to -- comes from the same place. At a you know that that that that -- -- liberal and live action -- you know it you can't make you back -- you can't make. Become engaged -- -- more on an emotional level. By adding CG effects. We didn't mention you brought -- technology but this is the -- Is not just available in 3-D but in this new -- 48 frames per second yes we all I hear people think did you see in 48 frames per second. And people go. Don't -- You know. If you don't want to get I knew from -- I -- tell what does that all mean it it it means -- heights Ohio frame rate so we're used to seeing we have used to seeing cinema at 24 frames a second. And when you -- to adams' story can trim will be enough 34 frames a second was was created by -- -- -- Who who was the man -- -- whose photographs of horses galloping. To see if who if the forces -- who have the premise and taught in order to achieve a still forge growth he -- track of 24 cameras. Horse gallop through and tripped off these -- was which which took in -- separate images when people as images to get it's and crank them. -- you get 24 frames a second and then you get the moving image -- that is how the moving image. Came into being on celluloid so that is so that's being with that's all collective memory of film it's wonderful friend of 48 offerings which is New Hartford -- -- Pete -- hold on -- the office of the world these. You have this thing -- incredible. Clarity and -- it's like. It is like it feels very real. You'll totally immersed into it. There's there's a -- movements some brightness and just to you know -- -- complying with three do you just -- your -- world. -- what I felt watching a hobby when it first went on was. What is this new process -- -- -- and then within five or ten minutes I was lost in what story correct which his. The sign of success or failure if you just sat there looking at the technique yet you know but instead you. -- jumping you're having those reactions. You have something that's what I think it will take a little Wall Street just just to adjust your -- just who just -- Your way here in the school but you you've talked about the adjustment from The Lord of the Rings movies to the hub -- -- what haven't you also did King -- -- this. Kennedy just wearing a little thing on your head when you're this John NA. He had that was a that was huge that was the technical processes involved in that handles some of these sort of the recessed that went into that was was pretty huge and and you know. You book you -- through how you gonna bring King Kong to life you know with back to playing that role and so -- I mean I spent a long time of recession gorillas -- to -- -- from the war. Came back and now we. We decided that calm unlike in the 1933 was which we will love but now we know more about careers. 2005 Americans and we did the resentment and -- -- we want it to be months making much more -- -- in the life and then moments of life. -- acting with Naomi Watts he's here tomorrow so I'm get rid of them all. This knowing that that was an extraordinary experience -- that she's one of my favorite actresses she's just. She really is brilliant on my -- denied to with the process of what this summer she's so honest so truthful and you know replayed those scenes together a full full full -- was pretty much off camera being column for off camera. In a -- -- C proposal calls raced from -- Ozal. Cherry picked -- route to get the right -- -- and but we were able to do you know issues incidents -- isn't an act -- does -- -- and and when -- wanted to reach -- strug -- workplace shooting those -- knows it would be issued to touch my place so. So it so they so that the reality of performance. And column you know there were linked to their emotionally today and I have to go back. And re shoot all the performance capture for -- and I had very heavy weights and you have to make -- on -- what -- Bolton favorite words and and I would shoot Kong's close ups and you know and and -- outlook or the sings with. We've with. In -- looking down at a small monitor mail in -- close ups from the scenes that we shall before. So with that so that I was still playing really really you know awful awful -- the -- and and and offer real emotional beats let's do. You know it's -- iTunes so complex what you're doing to do this that -- that the fact that that performance comes out that we can feel and see. He's even more -- a remarkable accomplishment I think because then when you. If you're playing the giant king -- and then you're doing Caesar in rise of the planet and -- it comes down -- but -- aggressiveness. Of the it's in that. Is secure it it is physical performance capture true you know it tracks fuel -- movement strikes you must exit -- that was -- -- things aren't on here I did because it's. It's it's what what is you have markers on -- and on your ally leads him because year old -- -- tightly you know reliable authority around them -- -- they -- formula and it's it's so that they can actually see where your allies in the in her tracks the movement -- -- So I -- with -- that was a great role that was a that was significant leap forward in the in the technology in the sense that we could sheet performance capture as we just -- -- -- just now. Or one hit -- one you know but bring in the cameras after the motion capture studio into the lot actually said. And that and so -- with James Franco again -- with him. It but but but just how -- -- have to go back and repeat the performance of relationships they took just -- -- -- And that was it. Western great feel very -- other and this is this new kind of version of the technologies raise so much. Well. We always end our interviews here. With song. Because I guess its consignment Rolling Stone -- and this is it and I. You can see what ever it just has to be a snippet of something of course I would love it to be a song from -- cut. But it's your choice. -- -- Clinton. And -- and just use her -- that foreigners work. She looks. Current. Role taking more. From Brussels -- abnormal. So all the world can -- his siren -- team. We might let me. I -- -- -- this is that he and it I felt so much. And best of luck with so you I think you know the probably the next thing will happen and Peter Jackson's estate you do that this you. You do however I got to Vegas at various law in the it's.

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{"id":17999439,"title":"Andy Serkis on His Many Characters","duration":"9:17","description":"Actor talks about roles in Lord of the Rings, King Kong and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.","url":"/Entertainment/video/andy-serkis-characters-17999439","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}