Anne Hathaway on her 'obnoxiously' good life

Hathaway appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about her new movie "Colossal."
22:43 | 04/21/17

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Transcript for Anne Hathaway on her 'obnoxiously' good life
I. Hello Lou. She could time to talk of meeting pretty busy. Prime Scott struck Chris Hoke who. Continue. Assistant news and I. It I think I'm in shock I am a big giant. Monster. Just materialized. Over sole. I had nowhere Annie. Nine our use. Yeah well. What even. I think. And linked won't. Just around the house and can't wait and see what do you getting an attempt worry. City figure things out night he does it is exactly what I'm doing Gloria Fuchs and Patrick. Professional hell you know beautiful. Hi everybody I am Peter Travers this is popcorn movie tell you what's happening that the movies and I'm telling. You could go on Rolling Stone dot com and read my review of colossal with and that it would make it to. And you'll see that I am nuts about this movie and it did yeah is that partly a monster movie it's partly character study. It's part well it's partly everything and I can't describe itself. Heck I am leaving it to you and me you come up with it what is this thing you me I had gotten very good enough describing these people can't and what is it's an active at the London. And I know that probably doesn't mean much to this yet to yet but the same way wants prime time a Quentin Tarantino movie didn't mean any name. I mean he didn't know when it's on condemning the vehement. Not too big Alando is his own genre. And he's movie lover he which which I can't really refreshing because. He he made something different without trying to say something different and he made some thing different without putting down what has been. I think so often when people. You know I remember I was doing an interview for this. And somebody said. Is this like a middle finger to all of the down the middle mainstream boring Hollywood movies and Jason was there to let cities have and we said. It was his nephew doing it and we said you know not hasn't happened half humans. He's just a filmmaker who loves movies and so he made a movie. About us about being a human being and being a monster. And that. And anise have also about movies but. Since you asked since I did Athens and I can't written does that actually asked ride eat it this smaller pitch of it is. And about a very fond of describing Gloria as a party bus and the wheels have just fallen off. And so she she pulls over and bust collapses on its side. In the town where she grew up small town USA. She runs into childhood friend at the Jason Sudeikis and become drinking buddies which isn't helping her was trying to get you know off the sauce. And discovers that when she gets drunk in her hometown a gigantic lizard monster terrorize a Seoul South Korea. And have gotten stadium knowing that you're not a drinker that you made helmet from. Well I wasn't I couldn't get attempts I was pregnant but it would be a lie to say that I'm not a drinker atlas furious. Get shocked. I just got my a little bit of a hollow leg at least I think ideally so it doesn't show. But what I see from my own experience is that when I most wanted and you do this in the movie. When you know you're drunk but you prepared to not be and it's say. I am going to make sense that illness and yet don't make an effort to see the effort to do it. Ending of that on you really did they can be of interest and well at a lot Selma and he has the writing it was just the lines. But one of the tricks that night and developed on this one. Has I think you're giving me part too much credit I'm not very dated act. Pretending to do something that I'm not doing so I asked people actors you know that I've worked with where you know it's incredible. How do you do it isn't just don't try to be drunk and people who were drunk try to be so where do something that's complicated so that the trick and it worked out was. While they were yelling rolling I would start spinning around in a circle until they're doing the marker clapper and getting the sound ending everything. In order which usually took about twenty seconds I would just be spinning in a circle and then they would yell action and try to locked my mark mystery line if it let it without. Me give me anything the wet because I think people should get the surprise of it. It's also about a one and who is kind of not only had the wheels fall off a bus but. The men in her life have been very controlling dance evens place one. Very control Jason today this nice guy who atoms may be something else so while she's dealing with going to rural Clayton. And making these moves she's also dealing with whom she notices of first. Dealing with who she is and and and learning. That in order for hurting gets the next stage of being herself she's gonna have to face some consequences of who she has been and I think that would mean meter she's been running from. One of the things I thought was really interesting. When I saw the movie house when it read it. Was how at first you think it's all her fault and you think that these are great guys and she's just from apps and then as the movie goes on it actually please with your own perceptions you. Blame the Vick down mere perception to give certain that people had to happen RB men in this movie and the in this accident. I don't need to begin to give them more lean way to look at them and say oh and that's a great guy got hit that's such a put upon boyfriend out drive me insane. And I don't know how much or did it but he. He manages to suggest to us that the quality of the commerce our internal conversations. With people with scenarios. With relationships. Might need an upgrade. I mean here in this move your glory care is a blog yes yes now you've suffered at the hands and suck up role that would. Suckered is that something you wanted to be so that you this there's nothing in the movie dances well here's thing that. About the thing that happened to me you was it felt so big to me when I was going through it and and that I would you know. Mention its people and had no idea was going on so it's also this because it's used it's happening is happening to me there's also this thing that was happening on the Internet and it's hard to believe this but not everybody has a relationship with the Internet there's tons of people out there who are living their lives me. And they're not clicking on everything so. So IAE. You know that was one of the things that help me wrap my head around it initially which was okay this week only feels huge but like if you go up 30000 feet above this were. You know we're weeding pools suggests. Get through this moment. And so when I sought in the movie at while if somebody knows about what happened in me this is gonna resonate for them and if they don't know what happened to me. Then. This is seems timely thing for someone like her to do. You know what. I remember the last time I saw in. I did a sag human name with the cast putting view of witness. And but what's happening and who see if you've gotten married yet you had to be eight yes no you won the us confidence yes if it on that. So. What's life like and simple is it simple let's release him. Well yeah it's it's beautiful. And in if you re elect can't get to do it and I get you know. This was beautiful surprise colossal you know I added let me let his name's Jonathan. The Davies added that night that he was elected surprised I don't what you and in love with happen yes see colossal. It's yet there will be well there's this one shot and is pushing out a note it looks like. This is one shot in the movie and make an expression and it's it's his expression it's not my expressions hits. And I see that and if if if for no other reason this is going to be probably making movies ever. There. No the senate select simple Alina I'm an election and with the right guy. And and we make each other happy we need each other well that's important to each other well. And we have been given her beautiful gifts of her son and work is good in them selectmen families healthy and my friends are wonderful and I just it's it's it's obnoxious but it is it's like they're thinking wait a minute to wake its impact on public good but yeah and a nation like it's just. I feel it you know before. When I was growing up happiness and it just seemed like he could ever happen to me it's just too many issues it was. I just like myself so intensely. And I just couldn't what was it about you didn't like growing up I mean and god how much time. After you but it can hit. It is just an mindset it was anchor I didn't. To level in south Richmond an eleven the and that is something that it's gonna perpetuate itself and lead to some relief. You know kind of pungent unhappiness. An and then. Over time. The rain we security has not yourself and depend on the stage it would. The first time I don't want to stay honest I love getting on a stage because I knew what was happening says that you can now rule that. That can dance with that had felt that I can practice you know I didn't have the confidence to be able to exit down and talk with you. To be able to sit down and talk with you in for cameras and people and actually be here that's very recent development. Rea. It's hard to believe it's odd because he can't. See that control that you have as an artist somebody that can put yourself in front of the and then that if you had to connect you know. If you wish I love at well and and now that I look back on it. Of course I love doing it because it meant that I got to leave this moment to be someone else an interactive now in a different reality of course I loved it of course acting easily. When the thing that was just felt some possible at the time is actually being present. And being here. And then. And being a part of this moment I was I was trying I think that's one of the things that drew me to this character was his. And I say to people and so much like glory and they don't understand it can get a different understanding. Our expectation is me me so the way I feel about her is that she somebody who's running from consequences is running from the moments trying not to be here. She's you know she's just kind of look wildly slapping everything to try to. Distracting one of the things it and wanted to do with her his character was when she's not drinking. I just she's fidgeting all the time she has the ticks so is touching her hair she can't stand still. And then when she has appears she finally sits back. And settles and for her. Out in the hospital and still aren't destroyed well she's being from none to begin any not in the beginning to good but. But that bad idea that for her alcohol as a relaxed sentence if moms on her anxiety. You know I I related to that on the level. But that was never a problem for you not not in it's never gotten in the way of the meeting it looks you work but. But I think that I'm I'm it I think I think was approaching an unhealthy level. That's sad to hear because what we see the first time we see you in a movie it's Francisco. Wasn't act that it wasn't it isn't paying a little I have yet that it yet and don't actually have to know via I think I don't think I'd I'd I'd. Drank when I was on the princess diaries I think I won it to lake. Justly clear that space and have it be very very sick and then went to college prank agree then that and it by the time a devil wears Prada. But a time ever has had a history well I was thinking more than a fitness and now you're making. OSHA would do just finished finish it it. Finished additions an excellent is that Gary Ross class center director and eases its Currie so it's Cate Blanchett and you and re on he's not matter you're saying I have to in the NBA personally because he's taking it let's start with her and it's Cate Blanchett and send rumble at Newton. And Rihanna and Helena Bonham Carter and Sarah Paulson. And opera scene at and me. Very good you are still Pratt. Cook until I expect lot of time that you did and how much fun with that it was so much love fest was so beautiful. And you know it's one of the things that. That really. Bummed me out some of the stories that came out from the sad because you know having been airing knew how it how it actually went down. The fact that you can still profit and that people are still actively trying to profit from the saint TN that. Women can't be professional with each other news an inability actresses together in someone's gonna. You know would throw this pop corner there and can not get along and saying mean things and it's 100 back it was so frustrating because. You know it doesn't have to happen this way but at the very least we're all professionals that part has to happen but the that's a wonderful thing was that we all be left each other. It was warm we can kid here's a real connection between everybody on it at people are still having dinners with each other people are texting each other all the time. It's just it's so great and it just broke my heart to see. That people still feel this need to try to profit off this really really tired dusty notion that women don't write and I. Still win. It is it's interesting because Brian Murphy has the feud bedding Jones show I now about these two women. Decades ago and I basically the feud between them was invented by men to sell tickets yeah have so then it became real. You know became something. And then. And then people either consciously or unconsciously of the sort that into their own life. And on some level perhaps you look at someone like our veins and the in my feuding with this person that the drama that I want. Needs to that's. But it takes we'll begin to get everything my ex wife Monica silly of the year is one little thing in media why she did. I read this cool vocal little violence now and it was about anger. And and it's just the but sternly yes any. Gun. And it and it. Talked about how basically anglers have it. And this idea that and and and in your anger at another person has nothing to do that they should be able to do anything an attack and it's your trees right here react. South but that Elsa and what about having their benefits patty benefit something we knew this he'll take out I ain't nothing to do if you're looking for here. If I think eight mile long time to get there I usually attempt to walk away. First but that once I'm kind of away from anyone on the night at ten to pick up something for them for YL good I don't thing that I love to throw was was at twenty paper rules. We'll because. Because Kaye has her they have a Lila and at silent but they have awaits them they threw a bottle of very expensive lotion I just as it was unlikely middle class this is a waste. Agents and expensive bottle with something. Tonight the clean it attic I heard a spoiled that piece of paper you can still use it afterwards you get the story anything it's got a nice week to it. Nathan Hecht the and and it just bounces so if you're angry in any difference in the air recommend April's he has the late in the that the papers somehow that goes along with life in some ways I can't maybe it's maybe imagery the reason I was trying to is making sense. When you look at what you've done and what you work is one like the two or three things. That stay really in your memory not because you think that the best thing she ever did but because they were something that you learn something for. It was. Well just you know you're really want me that's really paid. Question. At a don't. I don't look back my career area Kenyan industry it is kind of pick it up and keep going. Am. I have to say I learn. So much from the movie one day I. I just. Lana sheriff say who has their finest hour right now which I haven't seen it and and is is just wonderful. I wish I I really regret not trusting her more easily. And I and today is today scared that the reason it didn't trust for the way I trust some of the other directors at work with because she. And and sellers who these ice is so hard to admit and I hope. People understand that that it's hard to admit I'm so scared that I treated her with internalize massaging. And I'm scared that. That I didn't give her everything that she needed an anxious. Because that I was risk resisting and some level it something that I've found a lot of in terms of when I get Scripps to be directed by by women. When I've seen their work at something and look and getting red talking and those that confession and it it's and we should talk about. When I get a script but I CO a film a first under active by a woman. A focus on what's I have in the past focused on what was wrong with that and when I see in a film directed for Senator Biden and a focus on its rightly that. At focus on where he could go with the next one and I focus on where she failed to. He's had tears training is that just about eyed little broad I don't know I I don't know the answer it's not my place to say that I can only knowledge that I've done that. And I don't do that anymore and maybe me talking about it can make someone else think that. Whether or not they do it in maybe I'm just in the back of the pack on this one and announced as an in which case and let me talk so that's something that had a really big effect. What is clearly think because look how difficult an integral elements he gets to be a director and by the way and I eight. Before I realize that have actively tried to work with female directors and I still have this mindset buried in summer. Art that has to be I think SE VE that we should replicate that today that way that it's over to do. I would not be something about a solid tech. It would be for the industry to have the same feeling and own up to it as you just and to do something about what they do about it because women do. A guy can have basically three or four failure yet and then one success and he tied. Fine and it's fun let the woman have once. And it's something that we don't even talk about is he in now what the mountains they have to climb even get some things we can happen failure and he for somebody gave you the rains anything. That journey is is way harder than it should be it's not equal. And and I wonder if it's about that's the thought process like the one that I just talked about about. About under valuing what did you what it takes to make first found without that the consciousness that you bring to that he ownership it's those I want your legs -- head that. Fuming about the women did you backed it with no. This in Meryl Streep sorry Taylor went to its of the world there's none of that field and so it only applied to when there's that control. I locked your right you're right I have no problem. I had no problems vowing my I had no it was something that dogs do an issue there bellied submission to miss an outlet no prob submission I completely understand that but. I'm that was something I hunted. A look at with Lana and and by the way I am really should call her because I've never apologized to her about it either today I'm right after that they are you going to call her yes. This is done that at heart Alan I hope I haven't that are on the spot with it the grosses me. I don't think she what I think she'd. Knowing her let all I know that this is something that she probably appreciate because if people stop being honest about what their feeling tell you. And work with and other and it we got along lake it wasn't an issue of professionalism that wasn't an issue of and it nothing nothing and that I relieved US holders achieved your place in my heart and I believe she does for me to this was simply. Just hanging back on some and so enthusiastic throw myself and most of the time and I and I do witnesses they are at your. I can talk to all day but I can't take it if so this show always ends and so. Idol I did you if you remember and the first I don't I haven't slept any air can't blame that day. It's probably equally through the night game I'm sure he's doing really hope first and I saw now on stage it that you did carneval. With my friend Brian Stokes yet it was great and you were twelve hours I'd. It's. I think 1990 or ninety look and I'm doing. And but what he's seeing. Two new. Can't tell you that our citizens meteorologists with the tube it's just what my husband and he came here. Let's be as lucky tell that Adam came home thank you very much he joins. He joins and that I'm sorry that's just it that there is accused me. Guests happy I just wanted to do it definitely is they're. Just this snippet of some song in your head you can I remember loved makes the world go round because it was such. It's not the big song in the picture on Britain also does not instantly. Love makes the world and he could see winner of that to your children and I can I guess I can't I can't instantly connect. So just the tiniest bit horrendous singer would have every citizen it's okay. Meeks will. Makes the some buddies soon. You. Wolf no one seen. Hanging in science. Skies some Lance. So. Is making me. Trials me. Makes. See you've made my day you name and little Johnny wouldn't love to hear that. And let it may be a little later in the net on the other aspect. He'll like it whatever it is because he's a little Havana's. Somebody Santelli doesn't like any of it at an event that I can tell you about that yet that's now it's going is it was really loving the little kettles written oxen they don't last forever and enjoy them. Yes thank you anything from it thank you for this. Colossus movie. Thank you I or it's in your support.

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