Anne Hathaway Says, 'Save The Date''s Amy Palmer on the A-list star's wedding plans.
4:23 | 12/20/11

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Transcript for Anne Hathaway Says, 'Save The Date'
That -- caught up now the latest celebrity scoop. And Amy Palmer from pure one dot com is -- Phyllis and on what's happening any how -- then great thanks for having looked away thanks for being with us today. The last night on real housewives of Beverly Hills. -- stunning. Episode more coming out about the relationship between Taylor Armstrong -- husband Russell and it involved. All of the real housewives. Ray and I think it's really gives a glimpse into the situation of how everybody. Got involved in their relationship. -- teller had to confided in her friends and said there was some abuse going on in her marriage. Obviously the women were very upset and where encouraging her to take some action about it. Well when Russell got wind of this he sent a threatening and now. To Camille saying we will sue you if you talk about this needless to say the entire group was up in arms about it and they disinvited Russell. And -- to Kyle's white party -- -- which now seems to sort of make a little more sense why in the beginning of the season all of the -- -- incredibly involved with this obviously. You know your friend loses your husband that's one thing but now it seems that the relationship really kind of spread to all of them. It did and they were really involved and it really gives a perspective. On how invested everybody -- in this relationship and -- everyone had their two cents. He didn't know who to believe you know because Taylor in this episode seemed very much in love -- -- like things were going gray. So we really says a lot about Taylor -- she was dealing with the situation but also some some very very real drama also -- California between Kobe Bryant and his -- -- to be -- yes what's going on there began as I understand there was no agreement yet there's no -- -- he's estimated to be worth -- 15260. Million dollars she will definitely get half of that plus the house suspect gigantic yellow canary diamond -- what's. I think is worth about four million dollars yeah. And sources are saying that he's really focused on basketball he's really focus on upcoming season and his daughters that he's not going to let this fact. You know he's seizing his -- -- priority but this is a huge story -- is it that dissolution of a ten year. -- so you can expect alive he tells come ambulances and even when they were young cats and that's the thing you know not -- people know that the enemy were teenagers she was really by his side. While he came Kobe Bryant so she's you know she's saying I've been here with you all along -- this -- treat me so she's gonna get half -- -- to the bank. That was a great big smile on your face -- how. Happier news -- Anne Hathaway she's playing her big day she endured at a Seattle sources -- saying that she just sent out Steven Dietz. For a wedding in new York at the plot with her fiance Adam -- she's very very happy campers were happy -- -- -- a huge star in Hollywood a really great example you don't hear about her. Dancing on tables are you know some ridiculous scandals so she is just planning this wedding tries to be very princess like. Of course he'll be in some beautiful designer down and then we will. Leno show is -- class act right -- see she's here is our young Hollywood goes I think -- like one of the starlets that really rises to the case she is and when you watch her onscreen you care about her character there's so many times airport on movie stars and really just talking about -- so plain apartment are really looking at the star rank and she gets into the -- it's the real via. Kate Middleton -- -- pretty lavish wedding she was at a charity event she lives and and she was making some comparisons welcome -- -- a princess -- because she emerged from her from her black car in this beautiful -- -- McQueen dress and it was strapless she's -- a little bit more skin and she usually does. But it was a beautiful fashion -- outfit. She's wearing jewels from her wedding that I guess had had giving her she's really emerging as a style icon for this royal family. Absolutely wonderful PR twist for the whole royal family because as we know in the past few years they've really needed it. And she's just a beautiful vision to look at his look at -- today is done what does he also a class act. Yes yes -- absolutely actually invite. Anne Hathaway's O'Brien happy amazing that we're not royal royalty meeting to get across the pond their way any pomp and you're about -- -- -- with -- for having me.

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{"id":15199746,"title":"Anne Hathaway Says, 'Save The Date'","duration":"4:23","description":"'s Amy Palmer on the A-list star's wedding plans.","url":"/Entertainment/video/anne-hathaway-save-date-15199746","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}