Annie Potts Is the 'Belle' of the Ball

The actress talks "GCB," southern charm and Newt Gingrich.
1:34 | 03/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Annie Potts Is the 'Belle' of the Ball
From designing women too good Christian -- Annie Potts certainly knows how to turn on that southern charm. In GCB -- -- DG an overbearing mom who really only wants the best for her probable potter. -- -- -- Senior Amanda I have come to terms of your job I do you come to love -- opinion -- For many tenants so there's hardly because it's too bright -- your pigs and delicious. Encounter much more suitable need -- -- hasn't been dead a year there's a period of this. Which has been as a criminal and doctor and -- here in Texas that means you can get back in -- just little -- Jason -- Let me just days. Ha -- I handing pots and now what a great -- tell us about GG she's -- happens now. -- Not to -- She's you need you know certain things that anti mainland Alan Keyes -- She has wealth and position in. Is churchgoer and her daughter who's been gone for eighteen years comes -- on the heels of -- scandal. And even if she's there on the heels of the scandal. He's happy ever got -- back. -- absolutely now is if she based on any women in the -- that you knew growing up and -- well a lot of women. My mother I use she's in industry -- Right behavior with this character. And also my -- -- Dixie Carter was a MC was. -- in its. Beautiful. Conservative. -- Christian woman right -- down. And very much seemed to -- and how would you compare this group of southern -- to the group on designing women. We -- there are similarities end there it. I -- I mean we were all more or less the same -- Dixie was a little older than. And neon meal plan I'd say that's the big difference that I mean when half and that's entry I -- -- you -- off to do. A movie can you tell us about that I'm doing I'm doing and then -- -- for the Hallmark Channel and Vancouver called the music teacher reaches. About it you know. Music drama teachers do you know she changes lot of kids' lives and her programs about fall apart because of economic downturn. And -- her students get together to rally around her and -- her it's a musical how fantastic and -- you are singing as well I am that's right a little bit. That's -- saying in good Christian about. And it I -- -- yet but I mean we a lot of what we do happens in church so. You'll get your chance. Yes and hundreds we have the divine -- -- Ending M she sings yet. And -- another really gifted. Broadway actress named -- insure. Who also -- Austin pipes absolutely now it's such funds now it has gotten. It's from some some -- a little criticism I think Newt Gingrich came out and called it anti Christian bigotry -- have been saying something -- that. Well I think that that was rich coming from him who. Woods trying to impeach the president for having an affair while he was carrying on one himself. -- Consider this our son Uday considered a similar -- -- while Annie Potts thank you so much for talking with us today congratulations on the show and the EU.

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{"id":15939104,"title":"Annie Potts Is the 'Belle' of the Ball","duration":"1:34","description":"The actress talks \"GCB,\" southern charm and Newt Gingrich.","url":"/Entertainment/video/annie-potts-belle-ball-15939104","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}