Aretha Franklin Has a Superstore Fitness Regimen

Singer reveals she walks the aisles of stores like Walmart and K-Mart for exercise.
2:03 | 06/11/14

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Transcript for Aretha Franklin Has a Superstore Fitness Regimen
We should call you doctor re re -- -- that's right you just got an honorary doctorate from Harvard ID NA. Okay. From MI you know you have now about 1414. How fast do have a colleague doctor -- yeah -- and -- You drew you'll want to -- you drove from -- general idea and you know what he a couple of days where you know flying again there will be two and by. The end of some pretty unstoppable in the where are everywhere everywhere particularly -- -- -- -- -- barrel -- look back. I -- -- pancakes Wyeth announced -- about the chicken and dumped from the ticket. I don't panic dressing online would you like you've been exercised. What I have I have -- walking regiment and we'll I walked. Superstores. Wal-Mart. Okay. Greatest exercises and -- you want excellence Kmart my -- he just walked Ricky Wal-Mart you know I want all of fruitful stop. Sometimes but I really don't like to break monster when I want like. I think I -- -- I would imagine it will be like -- you through came unarmed man shopping and they just probably don't even expect -- certain -- night. -- -- -- -- -- -- On these guys never -- Mike from like Aretha Franklin -- at home floor action. -- and you can see a wreath at Franklin outside a tile floor action at the radio city music June 14. -- energy July 12 knew that right. --

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{"id":24091720,"title":"Aretha Franklin Has a Superstore Fitness Regimen","duration":"2:03","description":"Singer reveals she walks the aisles of stores like Walmart and K-Mart for exercise.","url":"/Entertainment/video/aretha-franklin-superstore-fitness-regimen-24091720","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}