Armie Hammer's 'J.Edgar' Kiss and Tell with Leo DiCaprio

The actor discusses his roll in Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar Hoover Biopic.
7:21 | 11/11/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Armie Hammer's 'J.Edgar' Kiss and Tell with Leo DiCaprio
Fifth. Don't get a -- And walked back. But real life we don't -- -- from -- you pulled away. And perjured yourself Edgar and the lives and easily won if you continue to pursue there's no telling of course -- -- Behind each and -- cease to be demoted immediately but -- fought. Firing -- until John drew to would be a PR disaster. You have just seen a scene from. -- army hammer right here on the premises here I am Betty White and looking you know. No worse for Wear -- on the aging a 117 years yet another -- told them in. I always with you and I think of social networking and using it because I mean. -- how you -- went up with. Because -- -- a lack redundant waiting to like you to do a job where they don't mess with me and it normally. Don't think it's ever gonna happen that maybe a delight at the right things -- OK I think pretty okay anyway. Tell us a little bit about who you play because we all know. Who. Or we don't know anything -- we we don't know anything any -- do you now know I don't know. I had to make decisions personally and I that -- creative license but. These -- -- the most secretive and protective people between century who thrived on export exposing and finding other people's secrets while some -- -- protecting -- So we don't know what we don't know anything we know that. At the hotel. We know that an ambulance was called we know the Clyde didn't show up for work like for the next two weeks three weeks we know these things we don't know what really happens I think that's related -- great job of breathing like -- -- -- Dustin Lance Black the screenwriter did an -- and won an Oscar for exactly is doing and yet. We often think we now because we've -- the -- -- on the gay really sure sure that's that's which that's where most of the rumors have have centered -- so we all for that we've all heard. In all he cross dresses -- that's so bad but. But I think -- a good job of subjecting it is for -- you know and and 22 and just. Putting down what he felt was truly these guys -- -- Well that you're an actor and so. You have to settle -- that you're gonna do some kind of researchers found yes absolutely I'm -- what is gonna say. You know when we're on the set. I wanted to do it and then on the faces let's move the law yet if you have a home there -- -- -- what did you do I think defying. The mystery and well I looked for Clark -- Who -- -- all that stuff. Nothing nothing not even a Wiki thing there's very little like nothing you can actually build character just little things -- he he thrived on being behind the inspired sort of facilitating -- had. So are -- depression recently -- him and work with all my projects and given the script -- -- -- me and she did -- -- open we have probably 67000 pages of research including. Almost every picture quite often it's ever been taken all of this corresponds between he and his Brothers applications both the bureau and war department all all of this all of these things. And so that's really what I had go to to build this character was anybody left alive that. Knew him yet that you could go to yes I did talk to talk to now retired former FBI agent indeed to -- and he worked with those so it was good like talking to him -- sort of like having to walk like was anxious was comic had to be -- was. You know what of what this position you know I mean so I got to ask him lot of things but you -- can get much from him because it was the same typical run of like. Although the director and and mr. tolls and of course have the most professional relationship. To god decision -- -- the director -- yeah absolutely you're like okay this is a script you were given incompetent yet. -- -- The one seen such as it is in this movie is awful fights yeah yeah that embracing the east with that -- yeah weird there's a lot of punching and there's an anger and then I think yes right right. How much rehearsal do you do well. We shot that scene bits so you know we would have department -- mention that part out and we -- -- where. We stand and yell and in -- should that part and once we moved into the other room in the fight unless that happened. -- that's where we like set up the multiple cameras and and really broke down in there. And just. Tried to do it. As little as possible to keep it fresh and keep it human organic like two guys who don't know how to fight -- fighting Norton he felt very realistic there was no like you know. Jab cross hook or anything like that it was like. You're just frustrating he -- -- -- southern -- it was it was a lot of that -- which was which was reluctant to think that -- two guys who also don't know like yes. Yeah yeah they don't hurt I can't do any of that stuff yeah yeah yeah it's a bleeding -- that. That's I think I think I think like a lot of people one when I first of this movie before it's coming -- -- like he kissed him and kept -- -- -- Catholic. You wanna see it first and I don't think at the kind of -- -- thinking about a wage war on -- -- -- You go now to talk about the aging and and the make up and acting -- make acting with -- I mean like -- -- mask on is really difficult is it. In the sense hides what do you can't even vote is totally prepping for the long ranger and a little bit yeah. The maxed out and that's super -- anything to my face it's fantastic if yet but deputy you know you put on -- you know. Fifteen pieces of latex that you have to Wear all of your face and you try to -- looks at this. In -- like this is in our hearts while the you have to go in front of premier ago a -- -- -- cheeks practice when my -- -- and relief to figure out how to get those emotions in those looks crossed through that you know you're cordially text of its top yeah. I mean I would think he would it was like eight hours of -- to reach orbit you know 9 in the morning. Oh yeah oh yeah I mean we -- at 9 in the morning and be ready to shoot part 45 in the afternoon and that's when they would probably just golf and of course to show. Don't have yet been have to engineer who just came from -- where they estimate what would you do -- active Wear and make your knees weren't. -- -- -- -- -- The -- if it. So why is the theme that it did in terms of the challenge of doing. Seeing that I was the most excited about was the model. Where he says and you didn't and she didn't that you know at at -- house. That was -- -- shot for the whole so and it's a huge moment it's my biggest piece of Iowa corporates like three pages straight -- It was the end like -- finish we read we. We completed this project and was our last day and we retired we were exhaustive and beat up in all of sick to Wear make up and swore and stiff but you know what we were -- in -- -- -- like 3 in the morning it was just. It was really difficult problem is physically demanding things I've ever had to do but finishing it was -- sense of relief and accomplishment and pride to.

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{"id":14933169,"title":"Armie Hammer's 'J.Edgar' Kiss and Tell with Leo DiCaprio ","duration":"7:21","description":"The actor discusses his roll in Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar Hoover Biopic. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/armie-hammer-plays-clyde-tolson-clint-eastwood-j-edgar-hoover-biopic-14933169","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}