Arnold Schwarzenegger's Book a Bust?

Rob Shuter has the details, and all the latest celebrity headlines.
3:00 | 10/18/12

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Transcript for Arnold Schwarzenegger's Book a Bust?
We love a good story and in Hollywood there is always an attention grabbing story about someone or something here -- -- all the celebrity news that's. To print or post on line up post's celebrity rob you're OK good introduction thank you -- that you like it. Let's dive right in the latest about Arnold Schwarzenegger knew about because apparently don't. This is about the stories of his book came about last week it felt like he had -- a world with a look at at is book -- dog Caldwell I didn't shut up about it so I think we were expecting huge. Sales for the last week it really didn't do very well it's not -- -- We found out -- Wilmington and specifically to buy this book. But it seems that we -- the number which is just 21 some books with salt. Men didn't and eat let's just put into perspective. Chiang Kai warnings not -- possible so her latest -- Sold 350. Rooms and in the first week everybody's disappointed. On world is -- -- people -- talking to a telling me. Is that he just -- sense already -- senate's already. Commodity Cuban human and will the book but they didn't think that everyone is going to I have yet. And before yeah good stuff away our team -- the other fourteen she says about him. Growing muscles and privacy is it Austria with quite -- trips that -- what was. Well I'm not buying it but I think that people aren't buying pictures of Anne Hathaway's wedding and lovely stores and perhaps the way to a. Married and she did take official photographs. It is not usual for celebrities to sell those pictures to magazines that can make millions of dollars the of the wreck could -- -- and Angelina. Who report to -- about twelve to fourteen million dollars when they -- pictures of that twins they get that money to that foundation. And is given the money some of the money. To marriage equality. To support gay lesbian marriage that that's where the money from these pictures. He's gonna and about why she made the decision to keep her wedding privates to profit. We're at this if you can't sell pictures -- that orgy out there -- diminishing price set for instance of the contact Sheehan wedding. They were really really tight spot and often and -- and they even had her under and -- brother at one point as the helicopters couldn't get them. Says the pictures -- -- it would diminish the prize. But some pictures -- -- but there -- little gray needed real beautiful official wants. We'll see in the next couple of weeks and the many look at a great course and who is the main publication of at a dental magazine we'll look at turning to say that they have not confirmed that they have these pictures but if -- respecting. -- Tennessee on the -- -- of people very suited. -- -- -- -- I can't wait an -- exciting is we had Leon around that but the reality star acts as you noticed here recently talking about her new brakes. So happy we're so happy for her after all the -- -- hanging -- with beautiful baby boy. And we hear -- ready for another witness. I mean she really is just charming got into it he's either a couple of times just doing about this but maybe she could not be quiet about how happy she is. She's not saying should look to -- at least one more. When she froze their eggs to -- this announcement the -- rate process. To make this may be possible she saved a couple of three it's possible. -- of the child she said she looked -- she also said to issue wasn't going to be mall he constantly told about her children she's not -- but we. -- -- -- -- The original camera well after this package is pictured she said she would do. That the true worth happy part we can't many many bar that -- unfreeze. And a grunt and and that is obviously definitely. Prosecutor thank -- NC.

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{"id":17510532,"title":"Arnold Schwarzenegger's Book a Bust? ","duration":"3:00","description":"Rob Shuter has the details, and all the latest celebrity headlines.","url":"/Entertainment/video/arnold-schwarzeneggers-book-total-recall-bust-17510532","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}