Ashley Judd Finds Her Action Groove in 'Missing'

The star enjoyed doing her own stunts in the globe-hopping new ABC series.
5:54 | 03/14/12

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Transcript for Ashley Judd Finds Her Action Groove in 'Missing'
Ashley Judd is a -- on our mission in the new TV show missing. Becker wins stones teenage son is gone missing while traveling abroad but that she is not about to stay on the sidelines. Agent when stone Mason -- not agents' names mentioned this to be my son has been kidnapped. We are aware that your also weren't -- -- here the less likely I am finding we can help -- retrieve your son but asked to be on our troops in terms of the CIA and my -- Everett and why are you persona non -- in France I have to spread my -- super middle management. My orders ought to put you on a plane in the next back we'll cancer passed this idiot I have passports and -- the world will watch the airports. -- what have you have to go home okay. We're not having CIA personnel won their own agenda I am not CI. -- -- looking for her son. Have messed with the wrong woman -- is very good to have the woman here whether that's who -- that character Ashley -- herself Ashley thanks for being with us today. Pleasure so tell us a little bit about your character -- she's a retired CIA agent she's now forced to step back into this. Crazy -- life all obviously for searching for her son. Well you've are obviously very quick down because you are. You've captured the premise of the show. Missing is pretty different and that it's only ten episodes and each of those episodes is set in a spectacular. European locations so the scene that you just saw actually by that time I'm in Paris -- does start in -- however. And then we -- bonds at places like ancient marble city of Dubrovnik Croatia and -- end in Istanbul. All because I'm a mother looking for my son. And in that search I have to however. You know reluctantly tapped back into my former life as a CIA agent I partnered with the CIA in very bad terms. Nothing ever wanted to have anything to do with again. Yet if I'm going to you know saved but the thing that is the most important thing in the world to me my family. I'm gonna have to you. It's in elaborate plot its films all over the world I -- it seems like he would be the perfect role that actresses which -- Which is killed for but I understand your agents actually had to talk to you -- to this how come. Is that a good life except that I -- my life I love my. International social justice work. I had great experience graduate school. My idea of wonderful day dream is to flip through a course catalog or Rita. Professors bio thinking about who I might want my next academic advisor -- be. And that's actually why missing. In addition to -- creatively and being such a phenomenal show was a good fit for me the ten episodes are about four and a half months. And it does allow me to live on the balance of the year in the ways that are really important to me. -- that's amazing and obviously your Philanthropic work is something that so many people have given you such huge and rightly deserve accolades for. You know but -- also incredibly tough. You're very -- -- very physical Holley of the stunts do you actually do in this theories. In missing that pretty much do all my own stunts their a couple of things that -- me. Primarily because fortunately. I -- human but he did know when to stop. Or recognize when I'm becoming fatigued and sometimes for insurance purposes they're just things they can't let me do but -- most of -- me. And so that you -- obviously higher education is incredibly important -- you are you continuing that I mean are you able to do that and after the shooting is over. Well how I was a little deluded going into missing I was thinking that I could -- In a pretty robust way maintain my way. Involvement. Intellectually in terms of different organizations with him I'm involved like Population Services International I thought that I would. You know just stay extremely current and I -- this show was so demanding and it was literally. Wake up shoot. Try to eat enough because I my metabolism was going crazy with all of fighting. Get enough sleep get -- do that again so. Now of course I'm back into -- completely I'm presenting a really interesting case study tomorrow at the Clinton Global Initiative about health franchising in Myanmar. But I'd like to go back to school ideally and that's one of the reasons why. You know I I I have really high hopes her missing I hope audiences around the world enjoy it. And yet you know a second season may be so maybe no because in that course catalog. To flip through and whether it's another masters or may be going into a Ph.D. program which is really my goal. I'm ready to get on -- Wow what you talk about school and of course we -- let -- go March Madness is in the -- -- on the -- obviously in the top your beloved. Kentucky Wildcats what do you think what are the chances in the turn -- they're -- -- be -- take -- all the way to the top. I think Kentucky has the best chance of anyone to make it to the national finals. -- believed were absolutely capable of winning at all we've demonstrated that all season. I am not underestimating. The opponent we will face on Saturday in the second round either UConn war. Iowa State's a difficult game for us but if we can get out -- -- -- and had to Atlanta for the sweet sixteen in the elite -- I think we're golden. The tough teams spent with the number one fan behind him I think they've got -- Ashley Judd thank you so much for your time today. The show it's called missing and it debuts on ABC Thursday march 15 at 8 PM eastern time.

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{"id":15922031,"title":"Ashley Judd Finds Her Action Groove in 'Missing'","duration":"5:54","description":"The star enjoyed doing her own stunts in the globe-hopping new ABC series.","url":"/Entertainment/video/ashley-judd-finds-action-groove-missing-15922031","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}