Author Deepak Chopra discusses his new book 'Home'

Author Deepak Chopra discusses how immigrants inspired his new best-selling book, "Home."
13:47 | 09/22/17

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Transcript for Author Deepak Chopra discusses his new book 'Home'
Hi everyone I'm on the end of live in New York well you know him. As the world renowned author of multiple New York Times best salaries a global leader. When it comes to wellness and well being doctor Deepak Chopra joins us live here in our studio to talk about his new book. Home where everyone is welcome doctor Chapman thank you really do care and congratulations on the new pumping two it is a collection of poems and songs in the spirit and celebrating American immigrants. Coming a little bit about this book what led you to write this brings. You know with those that control of this he would dream is in maintenance and losses. We thought it would be good two relate to contributions. In maintenance. That have mead a minute create. You know what not many people know the tawdry have been Lewis an independent. Of course Einstein could choose to residents it's. Could you give. In this. What successful it is all of those students who pieces of the stage was from and and on and on this union whose. Just. The said so what do you from Cuba to us. We wanted to you know what makes submitted and it is the humans in Lakeland that is dependent in maintenance if you go to any. Any institution academic institutions in India in the union effective today. More than half of it and that even the Ivy League school buses. Human and teaches students coming from one two. Just New York City walk through the city and he lived this is a microcosm. Altman and stop of the movements issue. No matter what people as they have who was afraid. You know its entry and clue racism that's helping. It's few of its reaction to what is gonna happen anyway Nolan cuts. And you can't prevail in the news was made today you know fuel and beats them security and use the elections to state would. There's a love went on boundaries actually in what. Thank you have been much more deliberate about wading into a lot of the political issues of our time I wanna talk about that a little more but I I'd love to know a little bit more about the stories behind some of these in the book because. You get quite personal. There is a family photos of you with a baby with your parents in the Bakke share. He tells about your own immigrant story in here as well Tommy little bit about that. Night. Came to the United States in 1970. For finishing mitnick and school. This was time and the Vietnam War room's window. There was a shortages of physicians and then to suits and people who recruit and promote over the lives of students in no way my fellow residents were from but it's from Clooney from. Philippines that system we would exceed. Work force and the community hospitals of the country. I came with nothing news two in an internal medicine and cream Jean Muir and equivalents such. I read that you literally had 25 dollars and your pocket without it anyway let's have yielded nothing. Not a penny. I had he does that India. And Nkunda and to me hundred dollars million can do and it's a New Zealand and it is. And the kingdom with into since spent to those Monday from the blue. Who's who and go but. The not the best planet today. What did you trinity three. He does it but it. But what do you remember about your early days because. I'm on how the people who chose to make their life here as well how did inform the waited she saw the world the way that you can. Work that you I was. They expected to commitments that this is a multi cultural. Society. It's. As this this than two point of all of the planet. But the Singtel in my face a lot of discrimination. There was racism even in Boston which is you know we the busing crisis. Notes of it's. And there was load of discrimination conveyed to the continues into an academic institution. Was it the institutional sort of thing or whether overt racism that you pay for their incidents that that stick out to you. Yeah. Those who have to cool you know people. Patients who have great flew within days realize that you complex minutes and you humans and but engine and an abuse validity. And you know and right no you see the fear of coming. This is something we have to look act as a society. That when you have it thus interest is this is the bigotry included. It's on us via its he hold. What is commitment to. Has listed the you can't have. Bush does to finding. Just but the extreme. Next of this. Doesn't happen even to buy a simple product. You look at anything issue what's in an automobile. Almost the entire deal was in love. Notes this wouldn't and this from could be this woman it's that you mentioned. Doc. Different action program for childhood arrivals and of course has been a lot of debate over that ever since president trump announced his intention to and that program. Politics is not necessarily your lane ago but you two two to wade into an eighty degrees and on and on easily and about me. Is he what's happening in the hood and the people of substance and you know they're very critical of me a lot of people what are you doing in blood and politics. But he ought to have a conscience. Mile and you'll what is more than the night. Mile and those deep injustices of its treats name in the union and its the unions. We need to view at that. You know this is a new time and you 'cause it's and you. We have. From active body battery. Emotion those responses to situations that consensus would know that does. North Korea for and so on both sides is that you didn't. Doesn't have any dignity what's. You know what his rights and what is wrong and you'll listen though. That violence has no before. And that if you want humans in some creativity. You need maximum diversity you need. Unique to violence from one two. You need shared vision need to motions one unions but it's about me. And then nothing is impossible. That's what makes people it's wrong to us. You mentioned us knowing our own history there's some history and in here as well you've managed to work in some people that. A lot of Americans don't really know about there as a tech world to American history wanted to highlight one story which is the story of Wong Kim ark yes. Who shocks me to this day on a bigger part of our American history lessons but of course he was born. In 1873 in San Francisco to Chinese immigrant parents when he left the country an attempted to re entry. A to reenter he was to not that it and then his court case that went all the way to the supreme court of course guarantees birthright citizenship. To this day that you wrote this poem at a few that rotary there collaborators from units it's eroded together. These lines I just want it to read to our audience here what does it mean when the country in which you were born no longer considers you a member. That the family and this is something that I think a lot of people are struggling right now. Yeah. Load. The prince is this does is no response of blue book that few of these policies that blitzing. I think it's been pretty face. Because in the persists in the primitive behavior. And Morgan capacities of taking those you risking mixing it. We still be behaving late we wouldn't meet you've been times. And subject to me do you movement on the season. I DOT's. And this is a different. You can destroy the would have seven to and so on video with the weapons that it's made it does and other missed some countries. But you don't even Youkilis in the technology. The intended to if you have a good and has divisive it. Can be security and and Doran who. You people ideas but you can into food and traffic signals it's me incidentally it is. Coolest new Q to the we need to connect to the same what does that creative solutions to be. To conflict into it and insulin related piece social justice and economic justice. Much because through the lives of climate change he's the big pieces of what and institution in excess the laser than in this six. So you think this is a temporary phase where does the solution come from where do we have to go to to make sure it is time. The solution don't assume move coming here and collectively being that changed when it seemed. Peace soon to be treated to Benson's book it's who has become an angry peace activist. Who leads the contradiction. It's with school. We need to. Hang out to give had these kinds of guns solutions media. And lists. The arts and deployed soon of the plates and artists who the booths that troubles me is that the conscience. Of the society. When you have demagogues that a definitive scientists they can implode them and its outside his foot to do. It's very difficult to discipline the hood in this. All control of an artist. Because did the speak as this had been. Rivers who has to have cat is managing the nation's. And did creative people. They need today and that is to tethered to unionism into demagogued into. Tighter and some two. This kid a blood tests this kid of woods this did scared of hip hop because it's because he's people who speak with the voice. Of what collective conscience. That strikes me over the many years that you have been out there in the public eye you come into contact wind. Some of the world's leading artists creative types of people who have very strong voices everyone from. Madonna on Oprah Winfrey to Michael Jackson is now called upon you for guidance and leadership. And yet in this book in home. There is an intensely personal. Aspect to it and in fact there's a poem you mentioned all the famous people who have. Ties to immigration are immigrants themselves in whom the flu and found. It brings to. Somebody who Linton. Burning inferno. Of 9/11 yes from Columbia. You know hasn't team. Disappeared she survived but. Heroes he that nobody knows. There are heroes and there's one for your father just as well. Can't tell would you mind reading a few lines from that 14. It is entitled father. If you don't. You threw in this is existence. You have existed and me. Whom men first beat him over there and now. If the witnesses today than you have been. Since say incur an incident to experience and now. From the stories you tune to the magnificent you know you. Because you and be exists in view in this. Is. Though it's me and if we haven't dust. My father was humanitarian news and by the is this to the queen of England and today. He so patience tree of its it's over the V kids among those who food food. And and it left it would make today enough money for their boats they treated. So you know use that he learned he was teacher he was. Scientists. And you're that parents have back. What do you hope that people take away. From home I hope that dense. Two going to some degree miss that's mile 82 oh. This is a we'll. People think it's. Doctor Deepak Chopra the book its home. Where everyone is welcome poems and songs for American immigrant think he's certainly being Monday and and thanks to all of you for watching as well armory go to At any time for continuing coverage of the latest news story. Or gamma ABC news app to get the latest headlines right here. For now I'm not see you back here San.

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{"id":50032488,"title":"Author Deepak Chopra discusses his new book 'Home'","duration":"13:47","description":"Author Deepak Chopra discusses how immigrants inspired his new best-selling book, \"Home.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/author-deepak-chopra-discusses-book-home-50032488","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}