'Bachelor' Breakdowns!

Purewow.com's Amy Palmer on crying, cattiness and Courtney as a front runner.
4:33 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for 'Bachelor' Breakdowns!
I think it's -- on the latest headlines and look at the best in reality TV from last night and Amy Palmer from pure white dot com joins us with the scoop. And all the details that we wanna talk about Amy -- today I'm doing very good thank you are the bachelor -- -- episodes in any it is like a trip to crazy. It is crazy town I mean this is my theory and then really didn't have -- much -- must -- at the cast cats -- yeah bring back -- -- I do and I what we're seeing girls are crying rooms behind on gains it's just as an all out crazy fast -- -- the front runner let any of -- front runners absolutely beautiful it's just that's going to be J. Crew catalog. But she is really off while. You know that you can see her attorney she's gorgeous an analyst at -- should make up on. However she is harmful to the girls -- the house they all know she's she's not happy person right even to the Twitter verse is saying. Why isn't and see that this girl is cell phone. You know they could make a transformation at the end -- probably he's about and we'll talk about that a couple weeks and that ain't been nice right person that editors can do wonders what about Jenna our little New York blogger she's. She's she's out she did not get a rose last night and I brought her back for a second chance. She ended up again crying and breaking down as you can see -- this but kids. The poor -- she actually told that she's not really girl it's it's kinda acts more like a guy and then looked so really per yet blacks. She wound up crying about it by the -- so emotionally attached to such a short period of time -- Chinese girls now we have known for a week. By seven -- and -- battle cry and a coroner I wanna move by the Blakely. Because she obviously is. Not. He's not doing so well in the at -- went. You know. Intimate emotional -- -- -- fan I have to say this is one of my all time favorite bachelor moments of her crying in the luggage -- the corner. I mean really it was quite amazing -- basically she's there to hide from the other girls because the girls are keen on her. And this is went -- and comes where rescue -- it's like at that -- soccer in the quarter one year he actually sat with. The good -- present tonight aren't a lot of -- real housewives of Beverly Hills is Kim she's out of rehab she's doing better now assistant fire we got a glimpse of her that. Maybe gives little better idea about why she was in such dire. He and this -- -- we've seen her seat -- -- this -- the second season we -- the first season she was 36 hours late. For a trip to Hawaii ranks -- -- birthday and you know. Her sister were same wiring so late in the first it was she didn't have that -- -- no -- and everything into just -- a whole band of lies -- didn't really add up and they just got into a huge fights. And her -- from businessmen to be helping -- that you can. Can -- is sorted in need to -- her behavior. And you know I will tell fans right now that they have broken up -- but this is a relationship that kind of seemed doomed from the start because it seemed like she really dysfunctional people. Getting together and kind of been needling each other's behavior -- -- not -- -- -- them either nobody as a real big fan of him and in this seeing right here that you're seeing angry Ken sort of went off when they -- trying to be nice to have you could see that he was certain on -- So it obviously wasn't a good situation -- -- government. Talk about Taylor's wealth because this is where we started to see issues opening up a little bit more about two Dana about the relationship that's an. -- actually said today in Russell and I are separated we're going to go through with the divorce. And she talked about how she had to change herself to being with him that she really felt like she deserved to be better you're seeing a transformation with her it's a really raw story line I have to say that I think -- to -- really good job. With depicting -- story line and being responsible with it. We tastefully in -- to explore ideas and really. You know what -- I think most beautiful parts. A real housewives of Beverly Hills is Lisa Bender. I mean we just give her show all the herself commander pump is -- yes yes. I think become out of her lap while. And NGB I mean -- bright it's the whole. It is don't have -- and there you know her daughter pan dean outside class class that. All right speaking of -- that he Palmer thank you so much for being with -- given its own insights always.

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{"id":15331633,"title":"'Bachelor' Breakdowns! ","duration":"4:33","description":"Purewow.com's Amy Palmer on crying, cattiness and Courtney as a front runner.","url":"/Entertainment/video/bachelor-breakdowns-15331633","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}