'Bachelor' Finale Fallout

Amy Palmer on why Ben choosing Courtney set off Twitter.
3:00 | 03/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Bachelor' Finale Fallout
-- -- We'll you marry me. Yes of course -- well. Apologies to Chris Harris and it was the most controversial. Proposal -- bachelor history. Last night then chose Courtney and the season the knowledge of ABC's hit reality franchise and the decision sent Twitter and FaceBook into a frenzy. Like millions of others Amy Palmer from -- allowed dot com was watching and he's here had a breakdown. What happens hi -- great to see -- -- acting as -- I have to say you called it a lot of it may not seen this coming but you call I did I have been saying. For months that -- with going to pick Courtney and I think it's because band -- pretty things I think that he was really caught up in the fact that she was a model. -- just tell it in his eyes usually tell with a bachelor. Where their hearts are going and so I would not surprise that he picked Courtney -- the entire Twitter verse was very happy that you gonna hurt the franchise or -- because it went buzzing about. Everybody is buzzing about it and I think that's great for the franchise the problem is is that there's no validity anymore today -- -- there's no. Oh yes you can find love on the bachelor bachelorette it's really a vehicle. For people to launch their careers let's be honest -- -- -- in the cover of magazines while they got people are becoming so cynical about it let's jump to the after the red hair today because that's what we learn -- -- I think anybody was surprised at this couple had some rough bumps along the way. They actually broke -- around February according to say how she spent Valentine's Day alone. He was really apps the way that Courtney was portrayed. In the show treating other -- he -- completely unaware -- -- even -- everything the woman on the -- -- -- about her that's why he brought -- that he did he said no -- we're not -- -- be together and then -- -- disappeared and Courtney felt abandoned and he wasted no time its -- is in having a little fun with some -- -- has some photos emerged Arab and alleged me kissing other women which I wanna say he -- as you can see the -- right here. He denied this and said they are actually just friends. He -- -- -- plan is just where he likes to grab his friend and yes except it -- -- world is acceptable. And and -- -- -- -- after the ceremony I'm Patrick and asked him again yes I had tears and he said he noticed that we're in a really good place we're gonna make this work and think the whole body and -- the -- what is yours kind of thinking this is not going to Wear. It wasn't prepared and -- and -- -- the back on her finger. Yes because this is the bachelor -- this is what the audience wants to see that happy ending all tied up in about -- not -- the back surrogates the audience however. In real life I don't see this relationship sustain and what is the Twitter thing I mean to Twitter world last night was on fire so many contestants from past really angry with -- in the week she was you know. Treating other people trust us that are essentially don't think recognizes the difference from right -- -- how to treat the rest of the human race. You know people were saying he notes we should take -- to what not to do you. You know he was so heartfelt but then he's really taken for -- here. And the problem is that Chris Harrison is -- and it is infinitely more attack. We all parent and I think -- everywhere there agree and I had been married at the end here. Well that people are a little to salute I don't think they felt Courtney -- and -- recently that. Often pretend they're really was an authenticity and -- Ceres the show. And the season in particular people who are dropping out and people have been watching this for years me that I'm just not -- anymore at least seen that with other shows like. American Idol this season so having -- drop out these things can sustain themselves and in the bachelor's had a huge Brian. But I will say Emily Maynard and -- I ask every lab Adelaide yes. Stewart bachelorette will be used the bachelorette this year will be huge hit paneling in art is a beautiful young mother everybody loves her she was obviously from -- season. And I will say that we you and I we'll talk about it at length but I know this is going to be huge ratings from its front about their franchise. And -- -- and perhaps. Making them in yeah.

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{"id":15912004,"title":"'Bachelor' Finale Fallout","duration":"3:00","description":"Amy Palmer on why Ben choosing Courtney set off Twitter.","url":"/Entertainment/video/bachelor-finale-fallout-15912004","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}