'The Bachelor' Gets A Surprise Visitor

Purewow.com's Amy Palmer has the scoop on a very strange episode
3:38 | 01/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Bachelor' Gets A Surprise Visitor
-- to get all caught up on the latest drama and your favorite reality TV Shannon Amy Palmer from pure -- dot com. Joins us now out of -- hi -- great to see you thanks for having it is time lets start with the -- -- because boy these stunts are getting me they are there any -- -- my theory is that and is really doll so they need something to amp up the excitement factor last night he took the golden gate bridge -- -- -- -- the top. With absolutely crazy. I just feel like. They just need to kind of compensate for his -- in -- -- Me. And I ever Anaheim can -- -- declined the -- Here today. Had a bikinis scheme slope in the middle of San Francisco as you can see -- -- Our producer Mike is loving that is right yeah. Or that it might be a resident of San Francisco are trying to figure out what is going on hair and eye candy yeah -- And unexpected visitor who popped up right on -- from Brad season -- -- the funeral director for those few. Don't remember her she showed up saying that she had a we have this thing prevent him she wanted to see if the feeling was mutual -- Obviously the girls did not handle it very well they all went crazy one girl actually painted during the revenues are my god I mean -- drama is really really. Crazy and -- -- -- react to -- -- time then it was shocked as you can see in this scenes on how locks and and surprises him and and is absolutely speechless because you know they did have a connection. But. He's sort of let -- go at the end and said not so that doesn't like it's going anywhere this timeline she is over and done thank god because that other girls were going -- eat her alive and -- really -- -- women who need in their -- and down after that they have to pay your -- and -- -- -- early show up -- absolutely. Are aiming for us now about the real housewives of Beverly Hills because. A serious story line is continuing on -- -- -- it really is real houses apparently I think was it would mean episode -- showed -- Where the girls were. A restaurant. Mean and she admitted to them -- she was in an abusive relationship. She showed up -- a black -- And she really told them that it's just me she'd been struggling -- And that she needed their support her therapist was there with her and so is really heartfelt and I'm talking about this for weeks now monopoly that problem with handling the story line. They're doing it very sensitive way I have to say in terms of reality television is a really interesting way to use around reality TV genre. To educate others about this issue domestic violence absolutely has there been any reaction from women in domestic violence groups at all. Wolf nothing that I've heard but I. I think just how mean it out there it creates conversation. So that a woman -- sitting at home can think wow this is me how to handlers and feels so right and certainly I mean Taylor doesn't seem to be doing so well at this point either well right now in -- series she's not doing very well and I have to say that their sources were telling me that. She is -- handling Russell's death well -- that she's been. Allegedly drinking too much -- many of her friends are concerned she may have to that are behalf -- think producers feel about the whole thing at this point I think that producers are really cautious because you know you don't want anything to happen to. I'm somebody that -- put in the situation and she's out there in the limelight whether she likes it or not she really is an example for other women they're really keeping a close -- situation right Amy Palmer thank you so much that you.

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{"id":15380079,"title":"'The Bachelor' Gets A Surprise Visitor","duration":"3:38","description":"Purewow.com's Amy Palmer has the scoop on a very strange episode","url":"/Entertainment/video/bachelor-surprise-visitor-15380079","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}