Backstage Sneak Peak With Nicole Miller

Behind the scenes before SS 2016 runway show.
5:38 | 09/11/15

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Transcript for Backstage Sneak Peak With Nicole Miller
This is threatening Jameson If you've ever wondered what it's like behind the other major in New York Fashion Week show all of this is your chance. We are backstage at Nicole Miller and the show it that's begin in just about twenty minutes. And Whitman in a legendary designer herself on our thanks so much for speaking with. It's great to hear that your show is as sad about to start are you feeling right now. Well now I'm like getting your ass like an advocate here it's like you know last. At times this morning and it's like what happened I double checks and there's so many. People and I go into this process viewers that you have never seen that they're raptors make up art it. Puppies but how much do you have your hands every out that. Well. We get a hair and makeup test last week so. Thank you had to have my stack. And yet her hair and then went research the idea I had and then we went through a lot and we. Things when Nixon ideas and stated that they hair. Silence. And some time consuming work it out you know it practiced on a model last week's events Iron Man. In I'm very about that on the same day and you know expended a lot of designing myself. Cell I'm. About every step away. We're gonna go check out of the models on the other side in just a minute but let's talk about the clothes that by having fun here tell us about. This election what inspired you as well it's it inspiration from the street. And it's just walking around and I love like it branded Taft Benson but could create an. The diamond pattern on the Labor Day and Seau I certainly that residents at the very hard but it might as relaxed pretty and thought this well. And Seau was very fit the typical rate flower is apparently an exiled as flower pots on the street and and then Knight is a lot of street art itself and you wanna show us a comment he made an example. Can't she get our own kind of street art but it's that it very powerful but instead of its history art idea that we did an in house. And here famous we're here print. Atlanta. Things that you're really known for do you have a favorite print that carriage there. We can walk to get excited I'm still. Does not even half of the closing here that'll pull other side. Things. And it's like on every background and it's you know hypothetical street art he really campaign that in mind here. And here's the number if you don't know these are the look hard. If they put together regular gas. They're on the instructions for the Dresser to address the model you work with a stylus before handing it everything that idea weekend. And another thing that you're really non core is. Really on nicely fitted shirt dresses aren't relevant body pump look for you are the essentials that go into. Well I'm eat I'd like to be able to. Fit a lot of people say oh I feel like it don't make anything great to talk FirstEnergy sort of person and a similar in the middle. And they were put a lot of stretch fabrics and. Sort of have my own systems have worked. Have a model back here yeah it you just want to tell us that this is the hair idea that you're talking about that and actually. I was inspired by dreadlocks but it anyway through the V dreadlocks and wanted it to just be sorted. You know I have. That it kind of curly hair and Sanwa I think it. It's and there you worked very closely with making sure that the hair and makeup match your vision for the clothes around. Exactly and I have to attack like this sort of test because a lot of pleasant very pretty and soft and so when it to have a big minutes to. And I'm wondering if it would we be able to your shows so close to starting that we be able to take hill out. And if that some people will be coming over Garrett. We'll be coming for the show very very soon and this is where the models actually walk through to get to. There. They amount on that side and exit here and you can see where people aren't going to need to be seated now. Every one it is here we'll be taking pictures will be in its programming how do you feel about the rise of its programs levity when it's that. Great for business actually had it you know get things when they go viral and they get picked up a lot it's really turned it. Yeah I love answering. Well thank you so so much for your time and we will lane and get ready for the last. Few minutes you're telling congratulations on another great collection and thank yet. And thanks for joining us on this behind the scenes tour with son Cole Mallard. You can watch all week we'll be doing Fashion Week coverage across platforms on ABC news. So stay with us I'm thank you for watching I'm Charley James of

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"Behind the scenes before SS 2016 runway show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"33698707","title":"Backstage Sneak Peak With Nicole Miller","url":"/Entertainment/video/backstage-sneak-peak-nicole-miller-33698707"}