'Beasts of the Southern Wild' Director and Star on Film

Quvenzhané Wallis and Benh Zeitlin discuss the passivity of winning an Oscar.
7:55 | 01/18/13

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Transcript for 'Beasts of the Southern Wild' Director and Star on Film
Yeah. -- -- -- Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn we got the popcorn where we tell you what's going on at the movies. And to -- one of the best movies all year is a movie called beasts of the southern why. Which is directed by incitement and star. -- -- walk us both of them. -- -- -- -- club AS is real woman's right -- club owns -- Internet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And when you first met then and he saw that he had an H at the end of his name did you try to say eighty H. -- -- -- -- -- I think this is crucial because before anybody wants to even talk about the movie that all -- and now at Stapleton. Who was it that. Our work is done here we -- -- -- -- yet you know yet it's -- do you think that I knew it I knew at the end it can happen really you bring your iPod. I need to and he did the street in that. I'm gonna ask got very strange for squashed. Above fifty because now at we talk about awards season everybody not only loves your movies but they say. -- Academy Award you might be the youngest to ever be nominated for an Oscar for best actress you know when an Oscars. -- The -- man it is the old man it is the would you like one. At local. I think it's not -- I think it's got a gold plea moment it's still going to be cool right. What does it mean to you win everybody start talking about your movie now in terms of awards way past the great reaction. I mean -- Community one it's -- it's amazing I mean this. This moment a sort of where people who you have grown up idolizing senior films and and that's been totally incredible for me just. The people who I've learned how to make films the just people who raised me -- VHS tape collection contains. All these people that that are now watching the movie and it's getting to sort of be suddenly in that. Communities. Is pretty special and and also you know I just think it's a great. For movie -- that was made this far. Outside of the world and industry to be kind of accepted and and given. Given a voice inside of it is. You know I think could be really special for the movies in general -- -- -- -- it's remarkable. It's like one of those miracles that happened in. -- -- -- to be grateful for that yet but for you when he first talked to you and said. I thank you may be to be in my movie. With that he -- of. He. Has not right even if it -- -- and then back because it's not right. That's right I -- him and falcons Ellis but the falcons you were wrong but no he should have told yeah -- and is it. The problem is when when this all along that moment happened it was actually half a lifetime ago. Five years office at nine because you are not really remembering exactly what he said it was -- -- -- asked him. I'm gonna just say this to me this movie is also it's almost the end of the world it's almost. My things around anymore and it's in Louisiana and it's it's. We -- you -- I'm anxious. To a -- is there which makes it completely. Yeah so winds do what do you remember saying to her you have an -- number don't you it's like ethnic and com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- place I'd like -- it makes sense it started off she was little friend and I would think buddy but we have to switch roles at a certain place because she took over in -- that yet. I would -- I would sort of telling the story like was fairy tale when I'm telling her. I would say you know once upon a time there's this little girl named hush puppy who lived with her dad on -- island called back. That was cut off from the world by a giant wall and at the moment. Dead guys he he got sick suddenly the entire world started to come apart and everything she knew -- -- town. It's the end of world started happening she bottoms off her -- And then she set -- to try to fix it some sort of tell it like it was almost. A fairy tale and we would sort of track. You know where net fairy -- we were so you know very different process from from the other actors would we -- tires if -- sort of knew it has this. As this little story that we would talent I would take her to the point in the story were were for each scene but that I was kind of how we. We dealt with. -- understanding what's with all what's. Happening again. With a nice view in the rubio did he -- you -- He was denied that it that they and you could tell that the true -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- didn't you ever -- -- him. I don't -- stay on these lines. It's too much federal. Rules one room Wheeling and in the minds and analysts -- -- ankle -- a little -- Long Island and then again on high winds and. As -- -- yet. As she would come and sit at computer with me actually night before we did any scene -- -- the laptop and we go -- the script and she would. Be at the keyboard and would literally delete my words -- -- -- about my lines you should win an Oscar but that's that's what they -- do what if that happens they just eliminate the words of the right. Like -- knife as little as ten London. Who and then those singing. Old and it's my spelling it. Did it seems strange and weird to you. When you finally got on that set and -- he was saying to you I want you to do this was the first thing towards you do not the first station in. -- had pulled a strain on the -- and that I was first thing you did. I'm a member airlines in all adults. But didn't hit them. But you had all these -- the birth days after he did in the five that you sixteen U 78. And now when did you turn nine. February 14 that no. Mark polish island with -- what do you do when do you report. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know if -- -- time. There that room obviously -- La and a bit of I think I think if you should win the Oscar. He should get a far. The owner pat LA cannon and it --

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{"id":18248485,"title":"'Beasts of the Southern Wild' Director and Star on Film","duration":"7:55","description":"Quvenzhané Wallis and Benh Zeitlin discuss the passivity of winning an Oscar.","url":"/Entertainment/video/beasts-southern-wild-director-benh-zeitlin-young-star-18248485","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}