Belafonte on Belafonte

Legend Harry Belafonte on his career and the pressures of power.
6:50 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for Belafonte on Belafonte
As soon as you can you. Sirens -- propaganda as she writes -- this. Out of that machine doesn't true artistry. And I try to envision coming -- Almost exclusively -- This is too much of the world. Harry Belafonte welcome to -- tell us a little bit about. How the idea came had who came to you and -- it's time for tests to make it documentary about -- The idea that has always bounced around wolves MySpace. I was always put. And in any suggestion. That I talk about life. And I just got very. Conflicting about. When you have enjoyed the kindness. Platform. And -- and soon becomes celebrity. So much of it is about. So narcissistic. I just don't. But. What happened in this instance -- that. My best friends died. Marlon Brando. And outside of a great loss of a friend. Was very much aware of the fact that. He took off without. Everybody really knowing. His deeper story. And then I began to look beyond just mormons or. So many people -- passed away from my time my space my generation. And they never really left behind it deeper understanding. Of the time which we live from -- prospective. So. With them and pushed by Abdul -- was always -- I'd say don't I don't wanna get -- let's talk about so it -- self serving. He's well let those of -- who edit this thing. Make sure that doesn't happen did anything surprise you about you -- on the final. I think almost all of it. I really -- because. I understand that. Opportunity knocked the door and I'd made conscious -- -- To receive. Those who came to look to find. Eleanor Roosevelt walked into my life enormous admiration. Her husband I was born and the time the great depression. And lived -- that meant. To all of a sudden in my young adults. Of this lady. Call on me because -- I hope it. We're very they'll -- yet determined had never met at. -- -- -- In her life and -- and I need your -- it was an astounding. Invitation. Overwhelming. And with her as an example. People like Paul groups -- Great cultural icons. My time have an American who paid a huge price. His strength. Is integrity. And where -- stood up against. Injustice. And -- Doctor King was 24 years old. Pick up the phone call one day. And I responded to these moments. I didn't quite understand what it was that I would be doing. Except that if I could serve I would do that. When you think review film career why is there a scene or particular movie that you look back on with a lot of resonance that has mean. -- I have to say in all honesty -- all of us resonance of me because. I never came to a film. Just dealing with tools. Apply -- was -- mission. Bleed terribly. Because every -- -- -- for what it was that I thought I could do. -- was being told by everyone America -- appetite for stories -- I'm always the quiet ones we need to do what others -- black people did -- this fixed. For us by those who knew very little about us and the fabric and it was a huge -- of -- why would civil rights movement. Everywhere I look the -- a very decent people. Made -- the Hollywood culture. They did not -- -- Reports that's. What we would -- -- did not see us of our time for the -- fix that. Is the change the way America things. The last thing I ask everybody that's comes here. Is and it's really -- asking interview but I asked somebody to sing a little bit of a song. That's expressing what's in there hit. Right now. It's used. You. -- -- Hopeful. That. -- Did me. Wrong. Their opponents on personable. And the traditional -- -- close calls. It's about working people so profusely. Working on the plantations. Them very much reward -- but the song Cecil. Before this presence on the come from recesses. Of a developing country lost somewhere. To a wend its way into the forefront of popular culture. But today you can go to -- New York Yankees game about it until about rallying cry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The imagination. You don't know who signed what once -- Do what 11. That you. -- that. Sales of things on the road said. It's a -- Harry -- -- right back yet. That and keep them.

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{"id":14788253,"title":"Belafonte on Belafonte","duration":"6:50","description":"Legend Harry Belafonte on his career and the pressures of power.","url":"/Entertainment/video/belafonte-belafonte-discusses-career-14788253","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}