Kristen Bell's Labor of Love

Bell talks about "Hit & Run," her new movie with longtime love Dax Shepard.
3:00 | 08/22/12

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Transcript for Kristen Bell's Labor of Love
But I can't live here without you I'm -- you stay so I suggest you get -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm going on for four years and -- -- it looks. -- And with those words Kristen Bell and Dax -- head out for the ride their lives in hit and run back. Plays Charlie Bronson and his in the witness protection program after testifying against his friend. Kristen plays Annie his girlfriend with a job opportunity in LA at the scene of the crime. And the couple of risks safety and even their relationship to get there action adventure lots of -- -- Hit and run was a major labor of love for -- and -- -- -- also a couple off screen and Christians -- I agree with the US the thing that is being acting he has so hit and run it sounds like it was a great film to work on so much fun for you tell us about it it was the most. Fun I think I've I've ever had I mean Dax -- it's obviously I had it you know. I wanted to see it blossom and has had more passion behind it than anything -- and and ultimately we got to just hire all of our friends and do it independently so we really got to make. The movie that we want and this scene and there was no guessing what we thought people would laugh that we were like let's assisting me think it's funny. And seen what are we get and luckily it's been received -- well. And what like -- as he also directed anthrax Pope produced what was it like working so closely together on this now while also being a couple -- -- It was finally ended and that's always a shocking stable but -- actually love spending time together it's. A and I you know I and our reality is that he gets up early in the morning -- Karen that I get up in the morning and house of lies and our schedule -- -- -- hours as you know our long it separates us and I'm not an out of town on location and so to have an excuse to spend six full weeks together with a common finish line when people really want -- see the -- sixteen it just -- less. And that made us feel a lot like eighteen was the best six weeks -- -- -- -- -- me like maybe that wanted to repeat that. Allegiant heart I -- again yeah -- some of those car chase scene so amazing. Did you do all this stuff -- I did well if I -- he -- -- in the past yeah I am not happening at bats are are you an adrenaline -- Not an Allen adrenaline junkie I'm announced he would at this point because I lived with a man who isn't -- in -- Who drives like this on the weekend and you know jumps -- just to satisfy in south Christine and me -- it's so far superior to everyone on the -- and he knows he's like -- have not yet to keep himself entertained. So he'll pull into really tight you know stay is -- try to -- hearken to your way. Does it entertains -- I had. Now I'm trustworthy at that on to zone with so little bit about -- can't give -- away -- -- little of the story line here. Well and Dax is in the witness protection program and it's not town and I get the job of my dream is now way and I turn it down because we're in -- and very kind of gift and -- -- he says it will not let you not live your dream it's okay. I can -- LA on this road trip nothing bad happened. And -- -- that if you got to concede that what a great -- -- -- attractive I mean Bradley Cooper at Bryant. What was it with it -- -- your friends that I got the -- -- yeah but -- -- -- the that we just. We -- guilt over -- -- more -- -- paychecks. But -- yet these -- these and the people that you NC at a birthday party express and his wind accurate description wrote it for all these people in mind he called -- and since the days of summer will work you. And thankfully everyone said yes and he was able to -- really specifically to each actor's. Strengths. And so I think there outline of these actors are at their money to count on and truly a labor of love we just learned that fact that mommy -- craft services and did she fed the cram this is amazing and apparently -- -- in -- and now live dumbest premiering this week. It opens today I am gradually ain't enough thank you so much for stopping by and -- -- that's.

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{"id":17061854,"title":"Kristen Bell's Labor of Love ","duration":"3:00","description":"Bell talks about \"Hit & Run,\" her new movie with longtime love Dax Shepard.","url":"/Entertainment/video/bell-kristen-dax-shepard-hit-run-labor-love-movie-hollywood-entertainment-17061854","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}