Ben Carson on Ted Cruz Allegedly Stealing Votes: 'Very Unethical'

The Republican presidential candidate discussed the Iowa caucuses and his plan to cut spending in Washington.
4:39 | 02/05/16

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Transcript for Ben Carson on Ted Cruz Allegedly Stealing Votes: 'Very Unethical'
Way because earlier this week the cruise camp apologized for sending out an email during the Iowa Caucuses. Which stated that you would dropping out of the race which you were not. So. So these people who knew that now should vote for cruises said video crews Juan. And Donald Trump says he stole Iowa now didn't steal it what do you think that your votes. To questionable as. Whether this led. That was an varied and ethical thing to do. And it was very easy for them to contract. They would have taken them seconds to verify whether that was true in. So obviously somewhat wanted to take advantage of the situation they very quickly disseminated information to the different. Sites. Saying I was dropping out and that she should vote. For someone else. You know I don't think that this is a very difficult investigation to figure out the real question is. Is this what we except now. Is is this standard procedure in America. Do we just rush that under the rug and say it is just the way things what difference does it make. Or do we have higher standards than that because that would determine what kind of society we're going to be how. Art got a very good to make but who did just that answer the question do you think that trumped up the votes or crows. I just think bit anybody. Who accepts this kind of behavior. And doesn't feel that there's anything that needs to be done about it. Has a different standard of ethics the united and it's one of the reasons that I answered this race because I was sick and tired. Of the Washington establishment and they are set of rules for them. Vs for everybody else. You're leaving Iowa first of all did you leave and witty took up. The left Iowa had been on the road for almost three weeks I want to get a fresh change your clothes. Is there any if that a crime. Now there isn't a crack in them and my wife and I have been going to different places and different locations because she didn't quite the speaker quite answer but I never get to see it is that a crime threats that we had to go home spend the night together. And our own home. No I guess not but. Good point doc about cost and then think they have stores it would sell clothes. But it wasn't just that now you tell me want to spend a nice. Evening with your wife sounds a little different. Look who will also you know I heard people sank what's wrong with Carson they have clothes in the hand. You can go buy some more suits and some more. Shirts and what's that's not the way I grew up. I grew up to preserve what I have I don't just wrote something in the garbage and buying this community some people grew up that way I doubt. And that's not could have. Yeah heart kidney failure our financially responsible this is Paul now and I want to ask you. A you've made some news yesterday I know that you slashed you're spending your campaign you cut your staff by thirty with possibility of more on the horizon your point. At 4% in New Hampshire right now. I got to ask you is this the beginning of the end for you all are you in it for the long haul doctor Carson. I am and it for the long Pollack a couple of months ago I decide to do a deep dive into that organization. Because I was taking. The word of the experts that everything was running smoothly and I wasn't exactly sure that was true. And in the process I saw a lot of cuts that needed to be minute we decided. To begin to do that process. Decide to announce that after the Iowa caucus because people would be saying that we were giving up that mr. these and we waited. But you know when you find a problem you have to correct it. It's the same kind of thing that's going on in Washington DC there's an enormous waste going on there I've been able to look under the covers and and that's and it is going to require someone who has braved who has not connect it with the system in order to fix it. And that's one of the reasons that I don't take. Funding from special interest groups or billionaires who want to influence the process. I never want to be beholden to those people we need to be beholden to the people the United States and bring efficiency back to assist.

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{"id":36743711,"title":"Ben Carson on Ted Cruz Allegedly Stealing Votes: 'Very Unethical'","duration":"4:39","description":"The Republican presidential candidate discussed the Iowa caucuses and his plan to cut spending in Washington. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/ben-carson-ted-cruz-allegedly-stealing-votes-unethical-36743711","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}