Bernie Sanders Discusses Hillary Clinton, Discrimination in the US

The Democratic presidential candidate visited the women of "The View."
3:01 | 04/08/16

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders Discusses Hillary Clinton, Discrimination in the US
You talked a minute ago it if you're hit you're gonna hit back so I don't know fattened with with a comment you talked about Hillary not being. Qualified to be president. She's been secretary of state Brothers lady senator what exactly did you mind that. Boy that's and again this was a response. Two attacks against me for not being Paul flight what I meant by this is certainly. Bush you have the experience obviously she does she was secretary of state a US senator and a wife put an outstanding First Lady in many respects breaking the mold. Bought what I meant white but I Fuller made clear it is. You called into question the judgment of somebody I believe. Oh who voted for the war in Iraq which turns up from one of the more disastrous foreign policy blunders and I has said he regrets that doesn't shake. Yes but she but here's the point two and she regrets a lot of things. And I think and I don't think and I don't have forecasts that we all make mistakes. But I regret less than she does because I had the courage to vote. The white way even when it was not necessarily popular. She regrets in 1996. Give you an example or the cast and very difficult delivery unpopular what easily. And that was the sole hold the pencil barge or Cuba what Democrats voted Obama right and would goma was about. Was the slogan of somebody got married gay couple got married in the state they will not be able to get federal benefits they could not take that marriage to an obviously. Well think back in 1996. Bruce respect the gay rights was not been what it is today. How within reason because everything's going down there in the south about anything that I think are wrong right thought that was a couple and you know Secretary Clinton supported dome or her husband supported almost saw in the bills not affect parceled out against us little point is. It's sometimes you've got to stand up even when it is not necessarily popular and I figured issues like Wall Street deregulation. The war in Iraq on environmental issues. I was there aren't even when lead going. Let's just say that although states that Walt that state that passed that crazy anti gay law and all of the other states that are going against the progression. And LG BT community now what would you say it. Only what I would cite air's president of the United States would do everything I can't overturn these outrageous decisions by Mississippi. North Carolina are such. Hope. We have gone to fall as a nation guard knows. We have seen so much discrimination in L history right. Against the African American community against Latinos against the are Irish the Italians the Jews. What we are trying to do so you of your political views that's fine. But I hope we remember what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. told us and that is you judge people on their Carrick them. Not on the color of their skin and why would Ericsson dot on the agenda of the sexual orientation. So.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"The Democratic presidential candidate visited the women of \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"38257642","title":"Bernie Sanders Discusses Hillary Clinton, Discrimination in the US","url":"/Entertainment/video/bernie-sanders-discusses-hillary-clinton-discrimination-us-38257642"}