Bernie Sanders Rings In the New Year in Des Moines

ABC News' MaryAlice Parks gives an update on the Sanders' campaign from the candidate's New Year's Eve party.
9:57 | 12/31/15

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders Rings In the New Year in Des Moines
Hi Nazi news in parent when Mary Alice aren't doing that that. Hang out here you are below it. So we're not an answer we're in the first primary state Iowa. We are in June warning downtown. Win the Bernie Sanders campaign right here in the first date August 1 state will pay that crucial role in the nominating process. Bernie Sanders is still out on New Year's team closed in his party here horse on his most loyal fans and volunteers. They're expecting over the I'm Polonia. May have a far David TJ. That the underpinnings on how he's going to send C a few words and sticks in the doesn't look gonna have a little party before the new yes there help how many people are out X made it looks like a pretty big crowd behind you had gathered. Gathers people filling in another how they're making science fairness. They're gather in their coming through it again so they're expecting about a thousand people on had gotten out and Christie do you. And it's a huge stays this ballroom kind of on the middle area. Well another ballroom infinite set up. I'm ideas to be a pretty big crowd tonight. Alan I think at this record if I'm wrong but ended it thinner tanner that the only presidential candidate actually been out there campaigning and working hard today. It seemed like that he has yet no rest for the weary than. Scanners might be 74 years old when his schedule is jam packed feelings at about three days off over Christmas. Barely any time over here is that all he is that he's working and it's hard. He's 5% Massachusetts next in the New Hampshire get a full day of events here and I would staying snow he would out he's campaigning he's working really hard. America's allies in officials say it like I Eilat. How much did that one extra day of campaigning in all these additional event Niemi if this can this really make it different for him. You know he's likes to see that turnout is points making all the and he's probably right now we know that some of its demographics that might end. College students in. Voters that have a hard time getting to the polls tend to be some of the most unlikely voters so these extra fans really you know. Yes meant. And helped organize and help it make sure that you have plans for getting pocket it could make a difference you know it's hard to know whether one or two more events. Especially on holiday that really make all the difference but his thinking news. If that more than that there. Telling us this party going to say they got all the links on that night. And now it's not so great not going to be here actually hot rock to do it ain't the end of the year. Now the party is an excellent act that o'clock we're told and I think he's actually getting the stock back home to Arlington if it happens tomorrow the more events and asks. So no we're not going to be we're not anti burning house and for accidentally. Very out in that it you've been covering his campaign and been checking in my that's over the last several weeks. On one and campaign when he sixteenth president given the limited at a preview what we can actively moving to 2016 when it comes to the commander. Campaign and the democratic feel that the whole. You know we're gonna continue to see a pretty out there. All of the time here he's going game and a and campaigning like creamy flying all across the actually in the next few days alone in Massachusetts New Hampshire New York accident that and the other democratic and it. And that's all before Wednesday. I'm we're just gonna see it. That was anthologies and can't really rap tap. I'll rolling there are plenty. And I think that Sanders feels in particular flight I don't really matters if he can't. Pull out of victory in Iowa town where he still struggling against Clinton. Please we'll have about nine points behind but if he manages to me here and wins in New Hampshire where he's had to stay pretty steady even a little need. He really feels like that could make a difference when the moment his fever and team some of the headlines so this is a crucial month. The interesting part though is that on the sidelines think we'll see. Apple racked up Rosenstiel Odyssey of all out of center standards. Hasn't remarkable ability to stay on accident I can't tell you comings and I go to and it it is his message it's good news feeds. Day in and day out yes topics he likes to talk to you. And T is talking about his top picks its people. Day in and day out I'm not sure we're gonna see necessarily any new language or new Palmer just see a lot more. Very Alan you've been through a lot of his event and it's and you often than its own what about life. Hey how southern Burlington and it had a quiet sweet Abraham and Mary. But very calm street you know there's there's crazy Enders. Signs yard signs all leading he's extremely popular in his hometown of Burlington. Actually been there for an interview with his wife Jane. And I I was I was struck by how. I'm assuming up looking glass -- ride she was chatting with whatever staffers and he is up which opened in. We think we're getting closer price and that she was chatting about his jacket it's rare for the interview and Gwyneth. One of the neighbors are good morning line only a rebound. Noise she doesn't stop hundred yards through the minds as to go talk to the neighbor it was it was very interesting to have an adult life. This level. So and so I'm swollen conversational than her neighbors and I was too much news that various breeds confidence and I remember that boxes of T on the kitchen counter and lots of gambling. The bridge. And that the F grandchildren and over a lot and I saw him over that seen everything there and they had it's points. Big planes back into baseball equipment spilling out everywhere. Model for kids Riggs set up right next to no reason I it was a very. Now it's. I have one of the senior staffers here in Iowa might not make economic and that message that we're gonna see in an accident not a little. Yeah. I'm. That money so we're talking a little bit of next season. Proud I understand parents in the next month. Games from. Yeah. Just keep. His record elegant need and an expert in the is there anything Chad Tennessee town CNN in June 3 place. And in the nobody they gather other. Other things you. No I think he's coveted all we're certainly getting quality of the campaign carry out as we do have one last I do for you. Yeah. You put out a call earlier this on Twitter at when people attended their question. And we have wind that ended like eight Marten ready for it if you Bernie as nice as votes and make him out to be eighteen any bids. Behind me from its public profoundly the go ahead minivan. Presenting it not a lot I'm. T. Kind of again threatening rain and that it cannot stand in activities very different than a lot of it really gives me. Eight months in a better. Love you. Practicing again. Not my. I remember one time we learn he let your quarters tag along again I. Which have been treating with his grandchildren and nothing. We're going to be closer to her campaign and went along. The senator barely exist himself people not I think recognize it came up. Squealing it's eight Celanese and it's been utilizing. Not even say his name. I on the trail. Understand he's so popular re Max accidentally knock you off and so there there's also times actually ask really exciting. I've really got excited crowds what I do not change a little bit just days earlier in the backpack and after the event and it's never a lot of people of the house doesn't want formal setting. And he sent me. Looks like next I'm ecstatic my knees and oh yeah. Gazelle being kidnapped and suddenly dozen times and doesn't somebody's on every single. Imprisoned there on how to put it himself if it into sting even interesting kind of auntie sandy. Different than most. And that's been really really fattening up part of part of this story about seeking her own. That is ABC's Mary Alice park live for us and I don't marry out to go without asking you can be ringing in the new year in the link tonight. And there's a lot of reporters here tonight is under imminent that obviously limb here now let me already but not yet. I don't we'll probably find a bar. Innocence and that he can't find the firefighters later the last. Mary Alice park all of reconcile our plant here ABC news and of course we're going to be checking in leave you at 2015. Rolls in and the campaign continues happy happy new year. Yeah.

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{"id":36041570,"title":"Bernie Sanders Rings In the New Year in Des Moines","duration":"9:57","description":"ABC News' MaryAlice Parks gives an update on the Sanders' campaign from the candidate's New Year's Eve party.","url":"/Entertainment/video/bernie-sanders-rings-year-des-moines-36041570","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}