Famed Hollywood Hotel Protested Over Brunei Ownership

Jay Leno and other celebrities are boycotting the Beverly Hills Hotel for its ties to Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah.
2:10 | 05/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Famed Hollywood Hotel Protested Over Brunei Ownership
Passionate and celebrity backed protest against a Beverly Hills landmark and -- -- -- that have gone to Al Adel we have got -- -- Demonstrators urging a boycott of the Beverly Hills Hotel the Bel air hotel and other Dorchester collection properties because of their ties to the sultan of Brunei the sultan of Brunei. Is a -- And a -- -- let us here we can't let -- chatting here but in two days of -- and denied they would execute the -- best. -- stoning the protest comes in the wake of the country's new Islamic shall rise up criminal law put into place by the sultan seen here with President Obama. The laws calling for punishing adults three abortions and same sex relationships. With flaunting and stoning. The price of having a free society is indeed. Eternal vigilance among the protesters today longtime women's rights activist and Mavis Leno and her husband comedian Jay Leno. We hope maybe draw attention today as some people go okay. Maybe I won't hold my event there until they change this I mean that's we have the economic -- Applied nobody -- -- burning ending down please write my news knowing anything new just making people aware. Don't let those are among a growing list of Hollywood elite organizations and individuals are refusing to do business with hotels owned by the sultan the Beverly Hills Hotel confirms nine event cancellations so far including the motion picture and television fund's annual night before the Oscars party. That's been held at the hotel for the last twelve years. Everyone has a right to protest. An -- country -- they -- so they have that sort. All I can say -- it's targeting the Beverly Hills Hotel is this directive. Dorchester collection property CEO Christopher cadre declined to comment on the implementation of the sultans new laws but said a boycott against their hotels will only hurt hotel staff. We have a very strict code of conduct and that code provides absolute. Equality and respect. For everyone everywhere it's not a -- -- -- station.

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{"id":23604102,"title":"Famed Hollywood Hotel Protested Over Brunei Ownership","duration":"2:10","description":"Jay Leno and other celebrities are boycotting the Beverly Hills Hotel for its ties to Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah.","url":"/Entertainment/video/beverly-hills-hotel-protested-brunei-ownership-23604102","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}