Beyonce Opens Up to Oprah Winfrey About Blue Ivy, Jay-Z

Episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter" airs Saturday, February 16 on OWN.
1:43 | 02/15/13

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Transcript for Beyonce Opens Up to Oprah Winfrey About Blue Ivy, Jay-Z
With your daughter did not take away the passion for performing. Now. Feel like I've the initial three month after I gave birth which was really crazy when I had. Clearly never given birth between Oklahoma. And Allegheny sixteenth and then all the things -- -- and -- 57 cents. But I really wanted to know you know and I feel so fortunate to do my job I love my job -- Stinging -- I love the way you feel I think you get a great sense is your relationship with JC you. Balance being the fierce independent woman. With obviously a woman who also -- -- and loves her man absolutely wrong and I would not. V the woman I am if I did not go home to that me. And you just give me. Such a foundation and how -- he helped him. Are so many levels -- you know we were friends. -- for a year and a half before we went on any date on the phone for a year and a half and that foundation is so important in a relationship. And just said to have someone that you just like you know -- -- is so important is someone that is honest. You know I -- -- -- on the Oprah Show and I told you don't go around telling people who you're dating then I think you took that all the way I could get there. I -- okay. With a couple little like eight. I think today and we didn't but you can still -- who you're married okay.

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{"id":18514279,"title":"Beyonce Opens Up to Oprah Winfrey About Blue Ivy, Jay-Z","duration":"1:43","description":"Episode of \"Oprah's Next Chapter\" airs Saturday, February 16 on OWN.","url":"/Entertainment/video/beyonce-opens-oprah-winfrey-blue-ivy-jay-18514279","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}