Biggest Sports Stories of 2011

Tim Tebow's rise and the Penn State scandal left many people talking.
3:29 | 12/28/11

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Transcript for Biggest Sports Stories of 2011
The -- sports 2000 let you like he remembered what he feeds off its -- First big time universities -- -- this -- -- story big time violations. Seriously damaged crime. -- -- there's no longer that it would welcome. And state icon was -- Every sexual abuse scandal involving his former assistant -- -- dust and allegations involved. And at another university this -- your longtime assistant. It was fired after similar allegations will be -- at Ohio State Jim Tressel lost his. Now several Buckeyes -- -- memorabilia from. -- -- -- It is those black marks were give you. The Huskies turned an imperfect regular. -- -- At some of stop Pat Summitt has been diagnosed with early onset dementia the NFL and NBA season from nearly lost -- It is time to give back football. -- school football sort -- guarantee she's before it. From the sideline. You believe from we will thinks can sometimes be possible. In -- eight. -- -- fortunate but during this holiday season Christmas. Clay. Court. -- will milestones in 2011. Horses well. You just can't you. That's it. Jeter's teammate Mariano Rivera became the all time. Seeds in the. The sports world lost some of its most beloved figures so yeah. Indy cars are -- to announce that Dan Wheldon has passed away in there with the defining moment. -- -- -- -- Thrilling seven game series -- and Thomas the Boston Bruins Stanley. The Packers but already some feedback -- -- at -- didn't -- Miami Heat as they -- -- -- in the eight point. Credible plain -- debut season. Store collapses. And St. Louis Cardinals could be. -- -- -- World Series. He chased him out to train -- through and perhaps the biggest underdog here -- opinion. Devastated by us now -- with the stock. Despite the scandals the player -- slashes the heartbreak. Back on the field the -- -- With the fans many of us. For ABC news -- ship.

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{"id":15248389,"title":"Biggest Sports Stories of 2011","duration":"3:29","description":"Tim Tebow's rise and the Penn State scandal left many people talking.","url":"/Entertainment/video/biggest-sports-stories-2011-15248389","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}