"Black Rock" Star Lake Bell Shares Details On The Shoot That Almost Killed Her

Indie-thriller got real on set when actress had dangerous asthma attack in chilly waters
5:38 | 05/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for "Black Rock" Star Lake Bell Shares Details On The Shoot That Almost Killed Her
She's one of Hollywood's biggest rising star and one of the -- the -- landing on countless most sexy less. She's known for her -- role and HBO's how to make it in America and she's just a pretty thanks to the writer and a director as well and now Lake Bell. Is starring in a new indie thriller that almost cost her her life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My client -- -- -- Gary -- -- and -- -- studio I think a lot lately about great to have you here and they -- being here. Looks selling ten. Not that that's not a company and you know concede and so in real life though you almost lost her life. Shooting the movie yeah I mean it's sound you know it's it's almost funny now talking with not funny -- But. Yeah I had it in China remain in Eldridge Maine's super super tiny town beautiful stunning -- -- shoot camera anywhere and get. Gorgeous. Imagery that said. -- the waters in the current is you know the waters nearly 42 degrees an exterior is forty degrees when you're shooting so we had to jump and and do this very high panicked scene waltzed. Swimming in our wet suits were not -- ged and so we just think broad -- -- -- I just couldn't find my breath and it was one of those home yeah. Eight happily I don't know water and you warned Turkey that catch your breath netted only to had to continue with the scene and Allen Hunt yeah and his peacock. And and Katie -- and listening with me and she just oblivion like. And then. When he -- into an -- again announcing that went forward and let god so Howell. The New York City we are all from the upper east and can go and filming Deaton made and they're not have hit a million you know -- -- You think that began right at -- each had a very low budget. Three in -- -- stunt doubles and I am so thankful for the experience because Katie Appleton is. -- -- friend and an inspiration she's powerful woman. And -- -- she's a writer and director as well as an actor -- right now you that he did not talk about she's yet and hurt her husband and she actually wrote the story together and him and it's nice to see even like a collaboration between husband liked about. And -- to him and -- about this group of strong women in real life and your characters seem like they're super stop. Yes they are and Kate Bosworth also. Is a tremendous actors but also got a great sense of humor girls' girl. And I think he -- needed to have a crew of teammates network game yeah you know to get out in the woods -- -- weird that he wouldn't do you think that your image as this you know -- the actors you've been on so many with sexy list. Do you think that this fits that image that you're now they know your top ten years -- I entire top -- -- and I think. I'll speak -- -- experience this this movie is really fun to do we -- nonaligned at least we got progressively more primal. And feeling more primitive than analysts -- can I think women have that secretly. And -- let it out no yachts and allowed Q and this is very much. And please let it go that daddy and you went decade younger girlfriends to. Batting well -- in the movie that are friends who are rediscovering. A friendship network and every connecting. From. It's been a few years who -- investments in your younger and it's the movie starts kind of like an emotional interpersonal relationship. Drama between friends that -- start out throughout magnolia do you think OK we're gonna get into that they have since they have some serious history. -- we're gonna start to. Unpack -- things that have gone on their lives in -- some some issues and then. In -- just always an out of nowhere. They come upon these hunters and all of a sudden all of that stuff. Does not matter and now it's just about will we live or die but we survived sounds great can't wait to see and it's opening. Tonight at any -- everywhere it's on its online you can rented -- -- June ballot -- -- -- and more congratulations -- in order for you because you are also about to get -- indeed that's very exciting yeah your -- the -- -- plan I mean you don't get there I and I'm working on getting closer and giving them I'm really excited -- -- -- party that you have the -- and -- I -- I mean yeah. Yes. And we -- asked because we think it's a fascinating you love cars right he got you your own motor Paula. Idea Hollywood reporter yes how about that it's called tent straddling. Do you think I didn't actually claim that but. It's yeah its it's a -- column it's not through necessarily people who are. And super super tacky we do get into some specs -- and technical talk. But mainly it's in the city bar. Yet it's it's about the experience more anecdotal. And it's funny it's gonna get to hear and sometimes Democrat party guy I actually now drive -- 1988 land cruiser is because I have always have affection for that boxy shape it's classic good car and motorcycle. I do like motorcycles my name my honey he dreads. And Beth Myers is -- -- -- -- -- -- super cute couple I never thought I thought yeah. They -- -- Alan not a day about thank you so much and congratulations and I think that you some of them.

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{"id":19204365,"title":"\"Black Rock\" Star Lake Bell Shares Details On The Shoot That Almost Killed Her ","duration":"5:38","description":"Indie-thriller got real on set when actress had dangerous asthma attack in chilly waters","url":"/Entertainment/video/black-rock-star-lake-bell-shares-details-shoot-19204365","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}