Blue Ivy: Beyonce and Jay-Z's Biggest Hit's Rob Shuter with fresh details on music Duo's new baby.
3:20 | 01/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Blue Ivy: Beyonce and Jay-Z's Biggest Hit
Time to get caught up all the latest celebrity gossip and -- from outpost liberty dot com joins us now with all the details rob good to see you get to see here is the weekend her little something about being kept in the dark I don't know what's going messiah. Read. Is that the dosage as it happens -- dual Grassley and sent a C section. A life even human and useful tool and what is that what is the meaning Democrat -- -- house. That explanation yet not even confirm that -- -- yet. We've -- -- -- -- with what when I was in here at Saturday night you know we -- we were watching the Twitter -- -- raises right. We can't let because -- -- I think he's been -- three time. And lastly -- -- that happened. Actually did treatment -- he has the -- people. Is the name we think that was -- in three of four of -- these albums and records and interest. The fool. It's important that the government on the full that is on the fourth is on the fourth. The run and new rules will fool. That would make sense that it and her album for as well and that something -- Massive massive security at this hospital -- has been -- pictures I mean in the hospital leaving the hospital. In fact -- not seen since because they -- -- from. Really extreme measures to get this. Locked out blacked out everything is not the first time they've done this when it and it's not a single photograph from the from the way if we didn't even been officially took three yes I'll do it appeals that you cited as well. To reveal wedding dress the same with his nightly if you expect to see a picture of this may -- on the conference when Newsweek magazine's -- You know they're all atop an illegal and that they're probably send a blank check -- right. -- wanna see the the most beautiful except. Brockton and two -- hold -- -- with twelve million dollars for the twins. This would -- you know while I think that's what ought to be congratulations going to them out Katy Perry Russell Brand this is getting very ugly we -- -- this confusing -- troubled relationship with a moment. Op -- -- us and say they have and commutation. I should judge that he sent to the congregation about that the lets them talk about -- peoples in the split. And -- apparently got very angry with this and instead of contact and her parents she took to put. -- said that nobody speaks. Including parents -- -- still. A legacy was and what it -- Russell -- -- he sanity pentagon about the spotlight there's English he's in London trying to keep a low profile that -- rumba. That he'd be disinvited to an awards show that she's performing. That is not true he had been invited and he said net and just weeks ago everything seemed to be gone fine we'll just weeks ago there were saying everything yeah -- which is probably make this a big a strong rate. Because once we knew that was trouble in the relationship. Indeed no -- has only made it's even more from interest and. Wow are I have obviously keeping people like you very busy -- -- that's their -- arrived here from up close liberty thank you so much --

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{"id":15324491,"title":"Blue Ivy: Beyonce and Jay-Z's Biggest Hit ","duration":"3:20","description":"'s Rob Shuter with fresh details on music Duo's new baby.","url":"/Entertainment/video/blue-ivy-beyonce-jay-zs-biggest-hit-15324491","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}