Bon Jovi Bares 'Soul' in New Restaurant

New Jersey's "Soul Kitchen" menu has no prices, rewards volunteer hours.
1:59 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Bon Jovi Bares 'Soul' in New Restaurant
There's a new restaurant in New Jersey and it's got a famous man behind a Bon Jovi it's different from -- restaurants because. You only pay what you want for the float -- -- -- -- supporter -- -- was there for today's opening. His umbrella turned inside out by the wind and rain but the smile never leaves Jon Bon Jovi space it is an exciting day for him and his wife Dorothea. Their foundation -- opening the Jon Bon Jovi soul kitchen. This -- faith based and built on community. There are no prices on the venue the idea He says is simple -- you can pay great beat the donation if you can't. Volunteer in the kitchen somewhere else in the community and get a gift certificate to the restaurant. At twelve year old is -- powered. Because of their -- -- working in the garden and they take that gives it didn't get on that may be the meal that the family get to go and celebrate. Bon Jovi and his wife -- to pilot programs in red bank to assess the community's needs and its response. Two years later they renovated this former auto body shop that built the community kitchen. Helping prepare the food Anthony services. The firm believer in good do good things brotherhood would be to have -- Anthony is a perfect example He was out of work donating his time at a soup kitchens Bon Jovi and his wife came in they met and now Anthony is employed full time. And until we didn't just drop the money through this paid for in -- let somebody else running He actually runs it. And works in the kitchen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The menu is healthy -- nutritious some ingredients grown here in the guard and others donated by local hopefully. Everything from garden state -- the pork chops and homemade carrot. And if He had his way there will be sold kitchens all over the country even the world. There's a great need forearm. Both in urban and suburban environments. We'll have already had offers to. Increase our footprint. But just like the mega star career He built Bon Jovi says he's gonna take it one step at a time.

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{"id":14774140,"title":"Bon Jovi Bares 'Soul' in New Restaurant","duration":"1:59","description":"New Jersey's \"Soul Kitchen\" menu has no prices, rewards volunteer hours.","url":"/Entertainment/video/bon-jovi-bares-soul-restaurant-14774140","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}