Bono Hid in a Cafe during the Nice Terror Attack

The U2 front man was rescued by anti-terror police.
4:07 | 07/18/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bono Hid in a Cafe during the Nice Terror Attack
Who are now you are. Warm round archer. I found out for the skinny and these are actually with the kind of serious story. We get a celebrities harrowing tale of just barely escaping last week's terror attack in France yet we're talking about Rihanna was there in these but also we're learning that bottle was relaxing on the terrorist. Of a nearby cafe in the French Riviera resort city of these when that truck was driven into a crowd. 56 year old U2 frontman says he and other terrified diners were ordered to hide and remain com. While restaurant workers shut the doors and windows eventually they were all rescued by anti terror police and rush to safety. Since the attack bottle posted on U two's Twitter account a picture of guitarists adds with a message. Love is bigger than anything in its way. And back here at home we are just hours away from the start of the Republican National Convention and we should mention. Some high profile people will be there. So it doesn't charge and happy days star Scott Seau has announced he will speak at the convention after being personally asked by Donald Trump to big Charles and trust me. A request he says was completely unexpected bail calls from quote a man that I believed then and a shooting down the haters were criticizing him for supporting trap. I think truck as it is is a fan of anybody who has charged as part of their oh appoint an active. In charge because a bail will be joined onstage by fellow. Actor. And a okay. Actor Antonio Sabato junior who tells People Magazine. It's refreshing to have a candidate like trump who is so honest about his fields according to us about it. Then William Robertson Starr the reality program that dynasty will also take the stage as a speaker now he endorsed trump for president. Back in January she's been fan. And there was a lot I there's a lot top of that whether Tom Brady would make it there Tim Tebow. Was on the list the official let's say put out by that would have gray hair and he will companies like. No I'm not enough none of that was due used to mean some they'll get into politics but for now I just when and deal with my foundation. But you know Tebow at the conventional Tim Tebow as far as we know yeah by the way for he knows. I used to have Scott bail is hot yeah not and a little heart Leah might trapper keepers acting again. It do you still have it. I don't. Think that there's a he's now on anymore. Now I'm not Tim Adams and I don't think I went but that they had an you know fifth grade were missing in the entire team to terms and that's commercial for it now every word yet. I nexus an actual Hollywood news that the testing of the man we'll play young Han Solo in an upcoming Star Wars you know. V 26 year old Alden and crying rich has been tapped by producers. Working for our parent company Disney to play Harrison Ford's character in the upcoming film. That is still shrouded. Lots of mystery rules of the film is not to be titled fun soloist Star Wars story and it's is sent to focus on the art and Cuba got. Whenever it's about your your gonna have to wait. Nearly two years to see the story spinoff movie is set to be released may 25. 2018. Through much anticipation. I think it's a Thursday. You have. I don't know pretty down and but in any calendar have finally this celebrity superstar who just got her driver's license. And then just couple government cuts in take and I know that it off the ink was barely they got his driver's license. Ed she proudly showed it off you're next on such a meeting might remember. And then. Cheddar first run in with police. On Friday yes who's driving her red Ford F 150 pickup truck on the Pacific highway and explained on Twitter that it's because. She didn't yet have her new license plate stopped in new vehicles in California are that is temporary permits until they get their physical and a place but. They're still up and pulled over and forced to show proof of ownership. So. If she didn't realize that I guess as well Ret. Jesse got pulled over Aaron but it doesn't sound like she actually broke any month.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"The U2 front man was rescued by anti-terror police. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40659474","title":"Bono Hid in a Cafe during the Nice Terror Attack","url":"/Entertainment/video/bono-hid-cafe-nice-terror-attack-40659474"}