Boyz II Men: They're Back!

Singing trio talks new music, new songs, new album.
15:02 | 10/30/14

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Transcript for Boyz II Men: They're Back!
I'm one of the best selling R&B group of all time. Is back that up into this that bag in. The right things there. Side took people do. What I'm doing right now they're back. Really but they got a brand new album brand new sound out but of course this is why you know mess. It doesn't bear bear right there at new album due to lose goat collide good to have the fellows in the studio Boortz. Scribner will regroup most of them take good morning it has. Why did boards those good to have you we can't let those outfits and you know make it fun that puts you know what you know of from Mathieu as well. I don't know that could be used yes. I did not open it out. It will start this. It's and is still in vogue today that. You know people still -- that decency and occasionally in the summertime you know some of the Brothers with a pass those sorts it out. That's good news Susan those not. You sing and dance I found your little and CNET news that you'll still get the reaction have you had to be honest mean. You'll which starts a personal intimate part of so many. Both grown up are you you won't Wear that group government felt young Brothers the things they don't look at it on TV and you still wouldn't thing. Doing the thing and loving the music you'll still need to this day you will be the reaction to get people out there. It is kind of amazing I mean you know we we haven't really had a lot of years reflect only because of me and most of our career we've always been. Just going and just trying to be the best we can be but I get older you start looking back on things done in. We're still amazed and not just a responsible and even some of the things we have accomplished and point three years' estimated. 23 years they'll still standing to. I mean at the multi. Together and you don't have that we have each other's states you know is respect and it's it's fun hosting this it's almost like marriage. That sounds weird but it that's the it is I think it's a really. That the if it's related to commitment and just like any relationship kind of got to give each of of the times. Do you know being mean it can't bring it back again and strong and you know again that we suit to some people to studio we got people collected around the bush demands coming in one of the questions some of the folks crew. What Smith can we don't business here. Right it's three everybody knows a full member group you'll explain while miked up with a group and quite frankly liken him Drupal right now there. He's been gone for almost twelve years now and you know it was one of those things where. Things weren't working out for ourselves more cement that time and we know might just kind of stop doing that things that. He used to be a part of groups or just an excessive Formby and. Now what you owe me you've been in the game when he through years in some cities say it wasn't working out. The voice the minute that time what you mean by that if you'll go for your disprove the. We've of course and Noe ever eaten those who was the one thing about listen in as we were told. From the gate that it could possibly come to that point so you prepared for some of us working on it was a humbling time for us but. No you fight whom you believe in in the cause you believe in the music and it keeps motivating you just do you have to do that to get to a place we comfortable with who you are and what to represent. You won't let it would seem like you or just from it's it's a short note but anybody advise them collide with his out now perhaps only. On the inside that jacket you have a very personally it's funny even know right you write to very informal yet unknown to your fans and part of what you're saying in that note is that. You know what it's like katic away from have a good time we might make music as some might till you should make. That's right instead of just enjoying yourself as someone you'll get back to have there is none of that fears that. It actually you know we're we're at a point now careers where a lot of the stresses that used indoor or felt like we had indoors. We realize that we didn't have to anymore. To worry about. Radio play and genre based music you have to do with like this to please this Democrat. Why do we really not on anymore and pain music has always been an artist's soap box but the pretty much express themselves as far as. Who they are at this moment in time. Right now this is a great time for force them because. Just like one he previously mentioned where I'm most comfortable in asking. Right we don't. We really feel like you may because we're not forties I don't know but as I. You know we would you feel a certain way like you just don't have fish. You'll have anything to prove. You don't have anything to taxes you know hat this aid anybody we do we want and that's the beauty of this writing you know me. It's beautiful isn't it. Hello right now you'll see its intention. Different sound via crumbled Hawaii intensely what you want this to be a departure from. What people believe that what exactly that means that I know wants we we kind of feel like we. You know for the hometown we when we first started we came out with things and nobody had ever done before and I've done before what we're doing what it was. Doctor palace people had done away the multi look at that we McConnell always in our own thing. And you know after point three years you know people want us. In the performing in the rose economic Susan that's great we do all that. But after awhile you took when his record I say you can't keep chasing what you did 25 point 14 years ago so we. We decided this album to just go in and who we wanted to do things one to do. We didn't make records for our friends or radio the play it'll. I mean even when we always felt that whatever we do I from the vapors out whenever we do we love Julie enjoyed doing our fans and so we didn't give them a second thought we knew our fans would like it because they love the first we this was a saint had concept just a song born to typically. Army songs it was song from home. And you guys this is in the new no longer obtains more to do that so you're beautiful right here in one. Do about them. But. He outlet recently and he actually apologized to fame because of signal that song that's so quickly and I'm known for that's all that even know we need to this point it's just what is known it to bull. Maybe not to that degree put this in some respects I enterprise into the road and I don't think look. Thank you get no good thing sort of modest do you all ever legislate him to come on. It's an excellent game that's at hardest thing for for us to do thought as he recognized him and known for such great. An amazing solos. Was to get people to let go set by the wayside. Their preconceived notion of boys to me you know. We're artists we always been Odyssey we've just been placed in a position at John with. Because of what we are known for but in all actuality didn't always been about music we went to school for school for creative and before we look Hussein. Classical and jazz and all of those things are part of a so. It's kind of like it will be. Detriment to our artist he too that expressed those aspects of about me. Let me let the folks here just a little. Sample well one detracts from the new album flies out houses. I think I was skeptical when operative is a new sales will be different. I didn't know what to expect only in the whole album vision is that they occasionally take little hole mounting as well. We don't really need to freak out we I think I am different where would I don't like a heavy metal record and we haven't gone nap RO but I mean yeah it's. We just did not care. Doing this the same old you know 44 on NB ABB. You know that type thing that they NL's a good ballads but it's like you grow I mean as a human being Grogan and changed him. You you'd think different than what she thought about you know ten years ago and that's where we. I mean we still we still have the ability to those communities in and actually they will ease those. They can actually go to enough that we did caught twenty you know the you know it all us boys good yeah. But we just wanted to growth excellence and are now what does an artist who had you'll be bowl. In his along with his business meeting it seemed to be impossible. To mu. Album that will anybody who's buying albums who selling albums and it seems like if you happen victim in the role surely happen to a I mean can you move what what do you what success now we're not only when we have it well we don't. Things that. You know. Album sales are measure success today unfortunate because the means to get out our does not saying. We did and album again what which is another reason why we felt so comfortable doing. The type album that we have because you know we're we're lucky to be in the position where we don't have to worry if it's like selling records doesn't pay our bills anymore I did twenty years ago. But it doesn't now so we perform the records that we want to try to give the best presentation that we can so somebody can hear it when you heard it from your friend when he had an ad. What do you stole it if you hear if you hear the music from the group you know that we're doing something that gives us. The understanding that once we try to do something else with a real live performance of its oil Las Vegas you've heard what we're doing so you're able to come and be a part of that records houses is now set to. Then you'll book you might not realize this. Again soon Vegas and decide if a third year yeah yeah write in vote residency residents have did you set up shop immediately leading yet this upbeat. Big deal ending the net I think that was just sign involved to Wasilla base again in fear that this they've by the mostly. This is no small thing two right now that is going out today we'll money and we are the first. And at first I guess you say contemporary groove of today outside you know before the Britons and then again so. As well as lot of fun and we're excited to be there. Mirage is open arms some name accepted us as much of last year and you know they're good they're just great people is a great organization engine corporation helps us out with anything we need. And you know we try to get out into as many things we can community because we don't wanna feel like we just comes as city and his take people's money when they get down and be a part of what people doing form on the ground there so. This is a beautiful match for us at this stage after it. You get new stuff in as soon as well yes yes we we added one new song and a new element in particular. Nathan and I actually the instruments and would nationally we play we'll guitar and bass and we started faxes the whole entertainment value of the show monologue people. It can't win mortgages on an artist point and dismay there distress you'll tell me you look up in the landscape. Who you'll listen to the current army artists who you listen that. Let's see I mean like the gay. Quote like Tanzania people. It's. And do lose little so limits. It's really me the me kids straight this case can be considered arson case obviously. Yes this is that few cats did it still donate its to. Doing it with a lot of soul and other very few. The I mean you could probably count 12. Names as it. Yeah that's a big industry to count 12 I remember years ago you go to American music noises. In who. Doing ninety in the sauce TV who have asked to an amendment adds by everybody's everywhere games that you're excited I don't disappointed in the game these days just changed so much I mean I want you right now. I wouldn't say disappointed I would just you know sitting back watching it. Do its thing I mean. You you have to recognize that. People's expression again this is all about their interpretation of what the field in you can't not dead but. You know it's not the way it was you know in nothing is ever going to stay the way it was so you have to accept it and you know. Finally did it because it could the boy I'm in forty years ago have made the way to industries today no not. And I think that you know because of the music industry nude music head music has been degraded to the point was not an art form. We see that in schools where music is it's apparently has already play instruments most of the sect's home came out running boards set up then yeah. Music aspect is gone so at the end of the day you know the song writers and producers of people who created these great emotional songs they've been reduced to a five. So analysis you know as an audio product didn't listen to him now have to pay for it and who cares who wrote it who produce it none of those things mean I. We'll fill a one well it's ago we had viewers right is a 10 zip through some of their. Questions here. Plane and go with you on this was Caribbean ads will you most embarrassing moment. On stage. I fell off the stage. Yes nine feet in terms and pickles and group to transverse process and in in my back. And suited for. But. Levels I was the benefit out bit embarrassed but that was laying on the ground in the sand with Dustin period and pebbles in my hand in. Called my bank guy I still catching. Minutes into the net of government and think yeah. And flirted with the greatest thing affairs that get students. Mom. That's the last themselves. You know let's do you let a big hole in this month did they they did February there's who. No. You notice it's on your favorite song favorites owned before wow. What are on track. Very simple but I mean it's one of the few songs on the Minnesota say goodbye yesterday we just didn't get to hear the locals do what they do. Fellows it's an absolute pleasure. Look not been spent of the wild we be professional run into a lot of people put it this ought not to be excited to make this and every place is like really are a part of all of us. The 39 things everything to thank you get a new cities collide Nate on going eight television checked out ABC news back up. All your latest entertainment news.

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