'Brat Pack' Actor Andrew McCarthy's Memoir 'The Longest Way Home'

Actor pens a new book that is part memoir, part travelogue.
3:00 | 09/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Brat Pack' Actor Andrew McCarthy's Memoir 'The Longest Way Home'
As part of the brat pack Andrew McCarthy defined a generation with such films of less than zero and saint elmo's fire. But and you wanted to move beyond the -- and into a new life he added travel writer to resume. About a woman of his dreams but he still wasn't quite ready to -- -- Sat out on what he is called an internal journey traveled external his written all about it in his memoir. The longest way home one man's quest for the courage to settle down and Andrew as -- now to tell us about it welcome -- -- have been good so you. Went on this journey alone. Look like traveling alone a lot of -- do that. Yeah I think most people don't come along they're afraid friend but. Yeah -- about. Just did get a little context about ten years ago I I became this sort of accidental travel writer in the second career that sort of snuck up on me. Until I've been traveling a lot -- writing about that and I prefer Iraqis that the travel alone late by travel with you together we have a lovely time that I experience you -- and not the -- not. The place sensitive need to place Friday at so I I find traveling nearly. Illuminates that sort of thing is inside me in waited. Nothing else so -- love it. And from -- journey is that you write about here what can average reader take away obviously that the journey. That you. -- internally as well I mean if simple truth is I have is I'm in love with this woman and we have a child -- a wonderful life together get part of me is -- -- go right here right what is wrong with me how to reconcile those two. Completely opposite notions of what I want and so I just set out to answer that question how do that we. Keep ourselves and yet find connection intimacy -- -- -- that the universal question I think people of interest says IDQ into the and. Because I know a lot of men certainly have a but I know a lot of women it's -- I think it's one of those things that -- like my wife for example my now wife. -- you and -- don't go away the ending there mr. yeah. Will -- won't do -- how willing right how -- somebody so that a separate come together you know in my life was purchase things from like. We have we and then I don't have I know I need be enough of us right -- -- -- and and so I think did you have an oft com moments during her travels. I usually have my aha moment that six months after they happen ago that was a -- moment then you know who. But -- -- in the in the book -- that the icon Kilimanjaro and I think you know I was looking for this big moment the top of revelation that's -- the top talent. With cold here. Yes so but I think I did come to that. That conclusion here in the notion that. In a certain way it's impossible and yet we need to do it anyway because it's really just about connection. You know like I can travel the world good interest in places but I never remembered museum I went -- I remember that crazy waiter. You know I mean it's the people and connections and. So whether it's traveling or so when I love it's often much easier to connect strangers right when someone you really -- you know until. Connecting what I was after ultimately. You know and finding a way to do that. -- connecting without some of the deeper intimacy. Well and then having the courage to sort of stick around long enough to let that settle in community you sort of get its -- -- Intimacy connection love got to. I think they're baying -- It's -- highlight reconciled and that's really what was after you know. But you earn a place in your life now you have -- and -- it depends -- to -- I gathered a lot out of asking that question to be very willingness to ask those questions is sort of happy answer right you know and willing to say I don't really. No I can do things I love you but I'm not cure right and -- will always be a struggle from. Yeah and it's it's much less so now it is -- that people that it -- -- -- -- here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We just -- used you've begun when he got back from -- -- -- -- -- in America yet. We're what he's I think she -- on my -- did it. It's it's an interesting. Paradox you know of how to reconcile the two good humored -- with I think I think something -- people will be interested in. But what is not universal -- the experience you had going back as a member of the brat pack it's incredibly. Visible -- mean it's a huge part of pop culture if you look back at that. Period with -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Had no idea that 20/20 five news they would still be talking about -- -- -- -- but the idea that they've become so ingrained in this iconic. Place on mine is amazing and it's wonderful. People take possession of these movies and and not just locked on the shelf in the memory they -- inhabit them and bring them up its that this is long legacy I think it. It's great that and -- -- acting correctly yeah. Movie out this weekend called Brooklyn Brothers beat the death the smaller independent films really lovely thought and brought them bank. No child Delaware say yeah and and I movie for hallmark Christmas -- is -- -- beyond December -- -- both a lot of hot each other. Father author actor. Have a lot going on its living had been accused -- much anyway I think great talking to you things from.

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{"id":17282267,"title":"'Brat Pack' Actor Andrew McCarthy's Memoir 'The Longest Way Home'","duration":"3:00","description":"Actor pens a new book that is part memoir, part travelogue.","url":"/Entertainment/video/brat-pack-actor-andrew-mccarthys-memoir-longest-home-17282267","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}