Brazilian singer Anitta talks about crossing over into English language music

Anitta and Shots Studios CEO John Shahidi chat with ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis about their plans to revolutionize the entertainment industry.
3:00 | 11/09/17

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Transcript for Brazilian singer Anitta talks about crossing over into English language music
Hey guy it's or package arm is coming to you live from my office inside of ABC news here on the couch with me in the office to amazing guests we haven't Nina Wellcome. You Ole thank you birdie opportunities amusing here it's amazing to have you here. From Brazil your literally getting on a plane back to Brazil that. As soon as I wrap this up yet and have we done. It's straight to the airport and Brazil and singer songwriter performer actor you are all over the place you performed at the Olympics recently yen your YouTube videos are. I mean literally getting millions upon millions of views. And with you we have John Sheehy in a co-founder of shot studios welcome John thank you. We're we're excited to have both demeanor I want to talk to you need a little bit about. I'm faith is not that Yates who advanced. The yeah I remember John. From a few years back we did a great interview here. At ABC news about the work that you done with shots in the shots happen you've come a long way from that shot sap over the years and neater recently signed with U. And any I'm really curious about were packed as you started out singing in the choir six years old and new and yet you went to technical school seems studied music. And then you posted a video to YouTube. Yeah that experts. Any music that much because members those kinda defeat if you earn. Born ray it's it's difficult to learn. English music arts and the everything. To be honest. We don't have so many opportunities in Brazil if you're not. If you don't have exits. Rates that you haven't parents live but. Yes I I Bryant's mind salt my music. Side. My mind. The weighing how to seeing had a day it's and the church singing when my grandpa. And did have a favorite song. I. I just some listened to everything. For real not only shield in songs. I mean everything bulls Mariah Carey there'll. Most of the time and in the church yeah. I and songs. That I used to seeing and but then I it was always my dream and I started till bill this things. I always when it's abuse and and when it is there its have become true. Actually rate steady and not anything. And what they mean business agreed to meet business which is important if you're at it and you head not its helping me but. Because before. I ain't mad. Johnny and shots. And Brazil I BO everything went my brother together solo my company went hand soul. Before and before this international. Stuff. Says. It was me and my brother and then in the and that that they it was school bank. I was. Doing business study business but my passion lights music and then now amusing little. And now went when my curry had got big in my country and then only 24 years. And thanks to sing well. Now all I needed next. At me like that you need to come to the I need something more and then and you four. In Portuguese Spanish and English. Given the success of a song like for example that's Placido you see how important it is to be I think multi lingual as an artist like yourself. I want to let our viewers know that we can take your questions that we're taking your questions feel free to post questions in the comment again. One of the things I also think you know. For so many people what you're living 24 years old it's the dream yeah absolutely the dream and everybody will look at you Wednesday. How did she. Yeah imminent and that in my country which is read to took if you were born where you. Was board's sole. And it's even harder because is not Spanish. Everybody thinks that just because Brazil is. Next still of the countries that speaks men age they think it's the scene playing bad it's not. And Brazil is a completely different market. Singing Portuguese is is different soul. Now is starting to mix well and when I worked hard for it in my country. But it's skid to see that it it's it's easier now to happen. With the Spanish music end. This YA wanted to speak Spanish to him now I'm speaking Spanish singing in Spanish and then very happy. It's only the beginning I don't want this. We are are ready launching some songs to get me shots and we're not worry. On number it's now. We want to do urges great music. Esprit de. To I think it. That that's the thing it's I think wages mean she was even in the she's had this mentality before meeting us it's like quality. You know quality content even in that is her music but music videos in summer music it is have 200 to fifty million views but you watch him. I entered the songs and Portuguese but when you watch. Aegis with the east beat going after warped into it you know it's and and what's crazy about what she was mentioning is she's. Estimates the artist she's actually creative director and all music it is as well. So. What's fascinating is you know I need. She's got. It's got a little over when he three million dollars on its program. And we look at her analytics somewhere around when he won a post when he three million followers. Out of Brazil. Which is a country of 205. Million people so over 10% of the population while older. Arm of the numbers balancing you know because now she is beaten into Latin music in English music and she is one song. And spam as well as of now in heaven of the word comes now on the nineteen. Which it mountain. And what is the name we have an downtown Dallas had a highlight. So she's got then she's got two songs already in the last two months that have come on the English one with two air and one with a less so it isn't. More I watch those Betty yes there really cool up analysts issue is behind you is behind the music is in a letter tuchman that two. I mean why we want is not now all for now we don't want huge numbers. We are getting good numbers but we don't want to break now we just wanted to have a live materiel. To Sheryl and have good music. Some make people understand me understand my Warrick and it's starting to build it's nothing is. So fast. I'm not expecting me to show now and does break right well right now. It's not what I expect. I expect us to does something more solid Yunel. And we have more time to planned to do with a good music below rash. Seoul weekend start to get to two rich people and that's what is happening. We had this song in. And Spanish. But it's began and it was my first well and now we are already haven't. The acting people stopping sometimes late like it like it was in my begin embers nose sometimes. There's a little recognize me. It is any. And spring. And and Spanish then. And it's cool beat jazz. It's. 45 months ago in meats are Brady growing up. So we shares at this song in English and it's is tardy and there's one thing we are not its slate with where not seen we Regis when it do. Great music content rich people at this quality you pick it. Yeah that I think the big challenge is. Zoo or rich. His other markets without losing my audience members. With now that those what you are dad created. Yeah ad because I mean. The land waits. Bush is the first one responsible for numbers and and results. And Internet and social media and charts. Spanish is the second language. And a Portuguese. Brazil Mendes lots and lots of numbers. Saw. If we seen these three language so weak and rates huge number. And that's what we won a duel but with no rest because now we can keep the quality of our work. And Brazil is a very typical. Market is not like. It's not like Latin America is not like usaid the culture is read he reviewed to friend. So that's the sentence keep my people with me and starting to show up in the other place so I'm sure your people are watching. They have it yet there always supporting me a minute wait you came here you were looking for a manager and I heard that you met with twelve. Different more than more than twelve more than law that experience like because I'm sure there people out there who think about this idea going out and finding him. Dad. Bed this is a situation batten that prayer and has happened before in Brazil. Knowlton. There's no artists and Brazil that in the music that. Does this pop alert commercial sightseeing in Spanish and English and Portuguese. At the same time. We all the markets at the same time so is something really mill. We call and the businesses they in Brazil it call it this is Greenfield my kid it's something Neil that you need to figure out how to do it because. Nobody has done before. So low that's what we are dealing. Figuring out with the experience. And with that things we are dealing. How people Oregon received an X hats and how the market will. Give that feedback France and that weekend either stats so it's something so Neil that we can does. Plan like it's something old. We can and we knew this week we saw this before sold that's the stats now is something come out experiment. A ad because it's completely different from. Anything we can't see an example that we can follow. So we need to Bil our. All this strategy that it's going to be if her ex. John you're you're so important to some of this strategy I mean you're the driving force you're the visionary. With shots studios you know our present lately ponds redeeming Q selling need. How do you see all of this and what's your advice to with the young artists out there who are publishing their music on YouTube. Publishing their music on social media and trying to get at reach and trying to get hurt. Hum well. The first part it is you know arm with the need is what my brother Sam an irony recognize who has. The but the one thing with Brazil. It is it's a country that's very disregarded when your outside of Brazil people don't understand the courtroom presumed arms and the power and influence of Brazil. It's very influential on social media it is it is it's very social blankets varies socially people communicate the their on Smartphones weather you know. Doesn't matter what the economy. Now what the economy looks like people are still figuring out how to buy the new stamps on from the new you know mobile device and you know so so we knew that because of our the shots the shots apt. Brazil's second mark's market US. And I remember we used to we actually had him never to share the story with the need to Lisa had this same issue that need to hadn't she would met with twelve different managers and none of them. Release on the vision she saw. No one really saw that while. You can take what you've done and resolve the last five years and implementing two markets and I just want not just in the US you can implements and Latin markets look she's fluent Spanish. So we said the same issue when we have the shots at was Brazil's second arts market I remember used to going around. Feces and told them how beat Brazil with how we were growing Brazil no one really understood it looked at Brazil's it would is that you know. And on this is a cut very social. And creative country Reich if he when you go to Brazil. Even when you look at lake that the buildings and architecture or even like the quote feed. Made the graffiti is that's beautiful graffiti you know everything is just very artsy country. So that's when I'm minute and the site. Yep it's not exactly a just click meant things same thing to I think she was looking for. Because even though she met with twelve different people within that they necessarily passed. She didn't connect with them as well she thought tumors I was in there that we were luckily the thirteenth or fourteenth. But we rat dead last but. But it was a memento of that Jeff mutual friend of ours had a dinner and we were at the dinner together and we met but I'm. I think the thing would hurt is. She also needed a forward thinking teen Gina Tina with think outside the box. And not deduct hey this is the standard way to do things this standard would shelter she did that the only thing that would anger Anita is when you won't do anything. By the norm yet like she wants a think completely different ideas. When people think you Nia who you wanna be like your answer is I wanna be in need because I don't it'll be like it's. Bets that studies egg and plan. When. You. Always say days. I thought that you. All right so here as well I don't know I thought you saw some mighty Brazilians interviews because they Ali's aide says. Questions about the advise anyone what to do that they are adverse that you don't be the next there in the first the view that. At best say that's what I wanna be me. I was looking for an all I I I Matt all this people because. In Brazil and the next let this year and 2 I am Matt I met them. I managed myself. I use management self along it was me my company my employees did everything. And than. But. Internationally. Anger and mean I'm Arnold a culture. Somethings he takes me I can't do it along. I oh I wasn't born here. Is the same thing if he tries to rice does something along in Brazil. And every deal because the culture is. A very big thing in did this in the middle of the weight you can. You Kansas pretend it's not that Harris all. I was trying to find somebody and the I met really good people and amazing people and but they had huge artists. And I thought it. Meaning. I I meet somebody that they'll be relieved focus. Take me as of reality and when learn whipped need. You know learn together and learning the national market he's learning Brazilian market in their snow. Eagle involved Easley. He knows he doesn't know Brazil because you'll want the board there. So there's some things they need to expand and it's what young. Ers from Brazil needs to. Solar. The pet bat. Resilient people they care about that person. Hold you are. Is not only. The song. Is not only means that music. Is much mar. They need to middle. You. As a person. Beaches they are liked is there warm but when you go. So in Brazil Amy international artists they always say. All manner you that was the best show ever because people are re. Only Christian. Soul. That's the difference. Actions that things eight eight he litany. It's. How. People. Respond. And houses of feedback of the things we do and Larry with him is sect Lee. The opposite he. Exactly the same thing but here. So all. It's weird then exchanged. In and it's really cool because. He does and Lipton resilience forget there's. Now is happen. Some questions right. The hundreds and comment. It up. Although it's not then they Bates added that it is speaking. He has. I. The the person you want to collaborate. I. I wanted to club where balloting which is. We worked together before it three years ago. But it was a re meats and now it's a dream because his because his very very good friend. And I don't know if it's sad grin and bear it may be G may help us to race like. Navy still they I have met don't mayor weeks ago. To dream big young saying you re and that adds lenses tune your opening. In this guy. A person that you feel like she would just totally swept. One of things we discussed who is like doing different style music rental units. The style you know that Anita has which is right. Hop and in this to honor that she could talk about move that call is going on and them. And implement that into some of these John is that a fast growing right now on Allen in the US and general market. The three of the fastest growing John is right out right now our pop Latin music. And an Indian dance soul she has her Latin sauces. That that's coming out next week on the nineteenth. Then she has. She just had a checkered pants on so I think hip hop is something. It in Sheila tip so those futures shoeless PMB rocks it. You know it's a little pomp you know again pitching gang but I as the song we're listening to Auld in the park today so. Happens is I came. I started to rid them it's called funk. Funk music and it's almost that scene. History. Frown hip hop and nineties. Now fund in Brazil it's. Yes and it's the same story of ragged on offered electing my kid as the same thing that is hip hop from thrower the USA. And fun is the same thing for Brazil. It came from the get old. I came from displaced who I was very humble warrantless. I think and this rid them used to sing about. Guns sex. Drugs things that people that has no education. C. Then lights. So of the rule watch in this kind of things. And sold sing about it's been what a and it lasts you get his amazing bit. And seeing in the bricks that everybody whip in July took in about powerful women in my country was kinda. Conservative eve I mean. You meets at the girlfriend's life. At giants in the good girl. And it just. Lloyd I want to say whatever of one assailant a duet ever it would do little. Uga was the need to act like. CNN has to be ex sat needs as can be yourself. And they starts of beats it. But to dance the since LAB and all sold try to explain and people of that. It's not because you or sensual that you're not Taj and not because you aren't. Now you like to kids. Can't guys in one week that you're not Smart. Law you're not respectful soul. That it's the kind of Mattson expects right to give them because. The Russell makes this whole you can. I the feminine is embers axis bank. It was more about all. We have to be paid rabbi equality. And jobs were our act and the laws it's in the law but. This behavior and men I can be live I've got ice. That's okay why why it's looking for a guy to be with 5000 for it I was not good. It's still. Yeah and now so I I bring it to the music I know it's something more like. It's something like Yeltsin does re and then dads but. In Brazil leads understand English during office. Day you can say bad things above Brazil that. They're not gonna realize because you need you reading Neitzel. Dedicated to make a huge effort to learn the language soul edges did this in our rates and mountains. More questions. Married aren't that they needed to you they'd vote for change the world. And what other cultures need to know about civilian. So Mary Karr is bunk gonna change the world own. I don't think funk is going to change the world. I think I do think that some time flank his skin and have. The scene its peace the same moment Greg it's and it is happening now. Its weight thing because read it's on was something. Very Latino and now is sworn to bio and I think that swung safe fun we'll have this moment. It's gonna change the world because the word has so many things blank. Mitt musically. Maybe good question. Song ultimately and an English song with a phone be. You know. I mean might be in the united as a first or somebody someone's gonna discover funk music soon and yummy reggaeton was really built off you know hip hop you know and I think that's what's gonna happen with funk as well eventually you know when people's paying more attention. To Brazil and what funk is my most people I don't know what's the march of this year. So. Now I'm obsessed now I I know some missiles were for word I don't even know Portuguese. And a lasting entire song which is which is in reverse what's happening with her right now she has two songs in English one vacuum ounce September. And people throughout Brazil outer concerts. Are singing the songs he knows especially in parts of Brazil like in northern Brazil were from. They don't speaking shy at all and illiteracy rates of really low in general even in Portuguese there. And divorced he notes that learning her songs her English songs and they're learning English her music that's. That's how I Larry I know how to speak. English with songs. Billion RAX the translation and that's how lagged. So I do believe people can do it is and also. I love fun I want to show fund the world but it does not the right time for us. We need to had district is he even if we let this we need to build that is does so many annual step toward. Audience to deal with a new girl annualized neo everything and nearly of them are Neil so many things where you ages. Man. It starts as he it is we're me. All McCain a man. We picked kinda music days spleen now that people are accepting and then when rates the goal we can do. Which can bring some new things that's what I did in Brazil. In particular that question. This Alia says it you have a date finish your project me. Yeah. The Brazilians are there very very curious about that is. Here's how angry questions do you have a date X. Snagged an an active area. Users that about says this project is. A week that we found to dawn. Put out at an album because an album creates a lot of ex brat and it's expect expectation. Press served. And Ian meets a B. The amazing and is out fallen people are always liked ever have a soul. Visit he acts it lounge one beat you every month. Was just to make sure that we would have good numbers. And a good attention with our new material and the other's language. And also to had a new material and then in another waits Spanish and English. Without losing Brasilia in. Tension because they have a rent Portuguese Tom but it witches. Ounce few months of goal this plane with major lasers to a Cotter. And soul the air speed at this song in Portuguese. And paying attention with his new things we edges putting Howell no commitment though. No ways to beat number one it is. To do just great music and just make sure they're gonna beat feet and then next year. Re gonna have that planned to get that number isn't charts of the things because as we told here is something. Never to be forests. And that NC when Reagan then this because it's a surprise and ifs if something. Really amazing shells weekends has changed everything because three regions to evolve the artists are. I have a question that I asked everybody come on the show and it is what is the worst advice you received in your career but here's here's what I want. Can I don't speak Portuguese. I would love for you answer the question I mean how I asked that question court. Quote fully what you all cool see you you've withstand some Stabile. In the second. Case as. Us today. You can answer in Portuguese and cancer and today in advance so many people watching in math help but think. Later you know what do you gonna do you're gonna get this into now you can translate everything he does subtitles in Portuguese. And though some lamb. And there is. An era nerds. It's going to be amazing general Atlantic Atlanta or is late to ease. There because they're gonna do it now we. I mean look at all of my videos Nightline let me now I shouldn't Portuguese subtitles. It everything. But everything. In their. Video. So bacon and his then this. This land. Worry about is their Gannett Brazilian people yes and those on the always fine Kelly. I always buying and I. At this risk. That it has shows members also best. Busy of people always right. Had to make things happen. The worst advised ever. Was. I've ever in my career. Help. You know at in the beginning with the spurs at this web funk. People are light afraid to be I'm excited to be showed that by would meet because it was at that evening eight you know. And there I got fame walls again today and IE I decided to help a friend. Friend who has not my friend it was just a talented talented boy that. Saints. Funk. And I saw that guy in the Internet and is it all mean this guy is amazing but he was like. After team late urban dole label no manager knowing he. And I called him and saying hey let's look toward together. Let me opening your shows is that not all. A shall meet in you like the only thing and JC together and that sort. That's a something like this mixing your songs that myself it's fun equipment pop in my fun and everything together. It was like I can't believe you're. Fighting for something to say yes I AM. And the I device I had Hitler's. Why. You're gonna mix your team eight. Not that you weren't growing that. Not that you are getting out of the prized prejudice. That that Europe finally being excepted frown. People that. Hat prejudice with fun. Now we're gonna associate your teammates with that is why he can't come back. Steps. And his about it don't care. That's now in April. That's there we of them that helps me this guy ace Cole. I know what happens with people from flood violent that. It is still happen anymore or maybe she can come back to have a bet life. And if like and do it for somebody at them as people didn't do it for me. Just when do. And I I had this fight with the steeple. I did that tour I was my all manager at that time and did it's warm rice office says. I do at a Maryland and duke. And in the end of the day nowadays. This guy got. Baked in Brazil now is but he loves him. And I still helping people and sometimes people are not cool at me and sometimes it's sad. And I don't let and tell him beaten now we. Brothers. And I don't even tell that I'm sad but sometimes it just shall up with immense itsy. I'm so grateful. You did that is in that and that from the unit in the words of days and that. And sometimes and batten I'm sad because of life. And he's just shells. Being so grateful and so. Cool. That eat. Makes me I don't know Lloyd's is edges get force for Rome this. It still wecht more that are. That is very powerful yeah and it wasn't that advice is still out there is don't them. It's been that they met to me is really interesting about it most most people when I asked that question. The worst advice. Is something that what do withheld their own career. But for you. Are the worst advice was not helping another person in their career. Yeah had because. Even today. I still at there's some people there not grateful. And it hearts. But. I think that. You should do things for idea others that you went like people to do you even if B port not doing. Because then if everybody behaves like the is oh no I'm not gonna do because nobody it's. The world will never imagined I know I'm only one person I'm only one but. OK I just wanna be is only one that it's bill matters of people we will be quit for nine people. Too weak to be your guide it is. You're taking your shots and vets it's not fair now actually. You guys are amazing thank you so much for coming in tonight and few if travels. He's Brazil I look forward to seeing a lot of you all over the world. Let people know if they're new to you in your story where they can get more information when they can calling on social media Lawrence. And all my social mean yes it's a neat tat with the bu T. And go to shots so it's Elvis a semi units ought to social meat is its only shots. And you can see all this family because they put all that guys from shots. Missile. Marsh Matt lol they gave rue the even pool in. The friends. They support each other so old his school and NC is old is great people that helps. Wonderful and yet Johnson heating thank you so much than you for joining us. And eight you know all of you for joining us thank you so much for your questions I'm excited to learn Portuguese now it's it's again if Everett counts of Brazil text me cousin am gonna make sure you're gonna have the menace time and you know on an act and enemy parties my is. They so much everybody have a great day be well.

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