Brett Dennen Talks Songwriting, Career and Music

ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews Brett Dennen on the inspiration behind his songs.
10:19 | 06/14/16

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Transcript for Brett Dennen Talks Songwriting, Career and Music
When there's so much too few. In this song behind while clearing if it harm pissing them again and again and performed over another people. Again and again it's not that it's hard really hard at first it's scarier for. U have a hard time. If I write a song that's very personally that one room has so much you mean. It's really hard for me to share it with my friends and family and the people that I work with just because I'm so attached. In the earth yet there and I want to I want to please. Like I want the site. I'm afraid. Said. It's crazy but I'm afraid it he room like the song like me. I think just an F eighteen going around in circles in reminding yourself. That's not. Really the truth and can be one of the outside of song. It's just on a crisis I'm obsessive and pirates and that he things really personally so he just. Over time Matt after playing him insuring people having an on record seen night after night. I. Don't. Feel so attached to. NBC news scene but it still have to tap into some kind of emotion. It with Tom cross. So I have to save a little bit. It first time he. Sees something. That you're six albums you've been doing it for over a decade while Everett and night the end since 2005. I'm Tony credit him. You're from California and spray it is asking your home school did you didn't pick up the guitar and hill. Well in your teens now Emory live twelve. If you teach your cell I didn't take. Some guitar lessons for a while on an accurate music stored. And then learn through friends. Watching can't completely. Friends in high school. I knew I could do I want I'd but I didn't speak was confused. Not until after college. Attract about it. I didn't know I didn't have a plan. In scenarios and LA and New York Times and make it easy Q I was that kind of treated and secretly. Are you. I've something I was very realistic. My at the time when I was younger my anxious we're are you need cheers and I want to be some sort of an educator teachers. Maybe park Rangers and that. Some my jeans were. Which would theory. Because I mean it in music was in or is it for some I just knew nothing about these. Have way. News musician. That no we UPI news. A that was two. Well when I went to college I was in a couple Manson's plane and we built like not a real song that we had. People thinking shows and that. Turn me on that. Will you know it's. In its news she's right and play. Fine and and keep mind. In can't. Do you have a couple more of them. Again dominance in witches. It's the real thing. Really happened to you. Then this. Values. Take your news guitar tool kits. The best of them. He's best at. And history. And then things and and. What's your and when Union of Myanmar and story. Can't won't continuous effect in time continues. It's never gone well before. This island. Zone. I'm a place on call bonds. And last year. I went to Africa. Ten. And I hate Kilmeny your own. The tallest mountain Africa. Was and how hard it in May was hard it. Anybody can get them. Intelligent and didn't tell you what it's. Anyways when. It was about a ten day trip in. A. It was drew lean. Long days let's miles. And it. I. I didn't fall. Off a cliff. Are positive and he did vertigo. Pretty weak at the but the night before we salmon and what we actually do on the last day we summoned to the mountain. And we slept on top. And there's a glacier there but then there's a little. Could it isn't one peek at their cause The Who group that's on top of the mountain. Street journal. And now. We. Didn't and we summit incident didn't big top and then we slept and in the next morning we went happened the night before we would have. Next morning that something. Had we kid vertigo. A speedy. Falling down when you trying to block. Just total complete shock. My physical he can't really live up. This is the story six oh yeah I'm I'm it is because that it is on the mountain and none of gang. If you're in the room right now. Yet it's. It. Our main concern here is hey in. No matter that is down on their names. Suit. He indeed branches. I'm lose a key to leave me these those are on news and Miami but that's gone through them and then. Baggy. And clearly he'd. I this eight clean room indeed. Then they see him back concerned and he isn't Wii and cheese and ran him is names being with. That community is. And now and I views is who we EU. I am. So there's go a man. Bangs you have. Bang and leave the Evey game. Paso today you tune can't teach a gas there it goes you know they are there. I know that in his lead as anglers. Ground in Keene no. This. Jon Scott Carlo only his speech in these are not friends and CEO. Fat. The lead in the scanning. This page created and wounding and they GE. Sand community. He had seen. That is the same scene when her head in annoyance. You do leave you. Not only me. So ask. Man. Back you you really need yeah. This is a and into the league he began. Patty mandate is Dan. Within that they use. Weren't Stowe weekend days is here. And and then an Afghan man and scores. I am not only one. And there's a disputed food these scenes. This eighth inning wound beat me me me and actress and and keys. Needs. Back into the same thing. Madden in. News leave you know. Then. So there's good road now. C news. Maggie. In the Biggs into the live. And Levy Diane. Bad news. Back hanging. In the BP can.

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{"duration":"10:19","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews Brett Dennen on the inspiration behind his songs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39857269","title":"Brett Dennen Talks Songwriting, Career and Music ","url":"/Entertainment/video/brett-drennen-talks-songwriting-career-music-39857269"}