Brooke Burke's Cat Crusade: Star Helping to Improve Cat Shelters Across the Country

Says family helped her through cancer recovery; plus, her "Pitch and Catch" relationship with David Charvet.
5:11 | 06/06/13

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Transcript for Brooke Burke's Cat Crusade: Star Helping to Improve Cat Shelters Across the Country
One of the sexiest women in Hollywood she is co host of ABC's Dancing With The Stars. Co CEO of the popular website modern mom dot com posts a workout dvd series and let's not forget mom of four. Brooke Burke Saturday is the ultimate multi tasker and now the self proclaimed cat lover is teaming up with Purina to help raise money to improve cat shelters. Across the country and she's here to tell us more. I think so much for being there are having yes I just facts your little buddy Harris is actually a homeless -- and now he has a loving home and they've been doing. Press all day today in New York City. For appearing in a catch -- celebrating their fifty year anniversary obviously you love animals -- -- and I love field in campaigns and they are donating funds to fifty shelters across the United States one in every State's. People can Elena website and vote for their favorite shelter hearing is matching that with -- one dollar that's so they're giving fitted supplies money to really help. Adopting process to make it a little bit more comfortable for the islanders have for the cash as a cat lover myself two at home I think -- -- fantastic thing that you're dealing with -- with Purina. And tell us a little bit obviously you rate your help you now but yes irony here is behind you and I got out -- -- -- getting ready for a six month check companies to upgrade its success lung cancer free and feeling -- And dragged away it was Mary through that area. A lot of support a lot of I'm doing their concerns getting educated having great medical -- a lot of face you know and I really think many of medical scare you have to do proper research you know you're getting yourself into you have to be good patient. And re responsible. Aptly what about your ignorant beautiful family and -- -- in the Nittany war. And they're dealing grade summer is coming -- a nice yeah. I area and it comes with a boatload of cats and how we -- I have to rescues -- and -- And them and their gray pants but everything's. You know somebody working moms like you thank you do it. Hall how do you balance. The career. Are saying as gorgeous as you do and being a mom -- you can find out until at all and I don't let alone it's definitely -- -- relationship with my husband and some -- -- I love being a line maintenance and my family first love working yes I am the dream job and -- certainly I love to be busy and entrepreneurial prime Jackson who -- you know feel good passion projects in the China business charity work as we can. I I -- to stay busy is there one thing that keeps you focused. I don't -- it. Attention K yeah. I have to stay focus -- forgot one thing and then DL. Unlike you can't share it with things like Twitter and they constantly helping you and that are tired. -- they're guilty beyond their and there are only a little bit about. You know is hitting the pause button in trying to capture moments that I can post -- -- -- hangs around funny enough I'm checking with my. Oldest daughter ions to -- to see what she's doing right but do you think it's fun and and they get what I do and I think you know we lead by example -- parents. They're not so into -- fascinated by what I do. I'm Dancing With The Stars one of my daughters attempts this -- dancing -- so she's really into it but. I think when they grow up around that among dozens and Catholic and the deal they like what I'm doing and knew there today because they went in and get to -- -- and out of ten. -- about anything your daughter my -- -- -- I am. -- -- -- -- She now I gotta love it -- she's soulful and she's. I'm not issue of -- and that's. What's -- -- But she's adorable she's innocent she's a passionate about something she's been missing on the show believe that are back -- market analysts did that show have a huge influence on your life and -- economic and the you're dance on and saying -- you know. Participating on -- level and doing some and have never done forest have been out of my comfort zone. Working seven days a week. Learning how to dance with no experience. Thanks that he was a huge accomplishment and it can be fearless. I think people -- sometimes because it can and it teaches you that you can do anything to put in the time. And scary. And as a huge -- -- and -- -- prized possession and since it isn't like what -- -- Brook park priorities of winning but first second third board. Well -- -- month priority is my family I'm really devoted to my career and love what I do professionally. But I've always I've also learned as a mother of four and Ayman in my forties to make myself for priority as well we're used to be. All about the kids and there's also you know I love my life I'm married the right of course so -- is well here last -- this is -- -- us. And I think as women in his mother's -- have to take care of ourselves as to when the mother's house and it sounds I mean just. Could you are mountain Pacific time and a well I tried to usually thinking this is my need time and and yeah I mean its users have been done and we saw on tape an academy -- girlfriends and my family time day I'm busy minutes all of that and that at all and that -- all -- with such great style and beauty has raised about anything so much for being with us think it's him.

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{"id":19342571,"title":"Brooke Burke's Cat Crusade: Star Helping to Improve Cat Shelters Across the Country","duration":"5:11","description":"Says family helped her through cancer recovery; plus, her \"Pitch and Catch\" relationship with David Charvet.","url":"/Entertainment/video/brooke-burkes-cat-crusade-star-helping-improve-cat-19342571","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}