Bucky Covington: Nice Guy!

"American Idol" alum talks about his new album and charity work.
3:00 | 09/14/12

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Transcript for Bucky Covington: Nice Guy!
That looks like fun that is example of American -- along puppet company's latest -- it's called drinking side of country. It's the first song -- his sophomore album good guys and -- is indeed living up to the good guy moniker giving part of the proceeds from the album sales to -- Now it's been sort of a long road to get this album made Bucky is ready to take the country world by storm. -- here tell us about it thanks for coming in and holdings all right so tell me about -- new album that was kind of tough to get it all done. Very much was made you know we had a problem I was with a record label and on the -- premium the big company was delivered actual label when ways and I was -- little section where. Was still -- -- contract when there was really no company -- markets it was just kind. -- should be home to show this -- just two words and business is a bigger part of our OK so we learned that -- -- to about a year and a half and at least up until there you know. But now we find out all that behind us we got a new label we -- new music out very excited about filing in this -- obvious they must feel great after all that. Get -- -- of the creative processes side than to have all that other stuff like that -- you have to accomplish like American you know. You just you come into this business and very big business and you're gonna -- you know it is what it is so well you got a lot to learn but we finally we've outlined. Ha that's funny probably people never think about that you know you may seem like such a big star already when -- on American but there is a lot to learn that interest. We'll tell me about the first single tell me about this collaboration with shooter Jennings this video is outrageous off to the -- -- it'd take up to an amazing he's. -- you know -- I had this on an obvious signal to allow -- -- out of country. In the course. First evolved as a country music fans I like collaboration I was like collaborations is like two people that you would expect. In I think you can -- but it was here is -- So you know this was of course was we were old and I'm not -- I'm just me knows that I was like learn from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Duets on communism. -- -- -- shooter Jennings -- -- six years when -- was -- -- Kentucky. When others. -- -- And I got to give issues -- -- -- this. She. Right but I column. As for me -- yes united and us and I -- -- -- produce most Lebanon and take that first. -- -- shooter -- -- -- -- available studios and we are available no problem is the producer is invaluable and he is. -- -- -- -- Do you really needs -- what the -- and back at as you saw him yeah well I -- -- abandoned him and -- -- was the best decision I made -- getting produces song sold so many times. Worked with cement people a song that you love can come out like just. You know suddenly taken -- when your camera phone and don't always look good sometimes it does right in Louisiana captured righteousness I was very had to install provision -- -- mind. -- -- have a little more control over the process yeah. We'll tell me about this charity as well you're given part of the album proceeds to charity that it's you know -- -- special cause you know what I got in country music first -- -- we to a lot of different theories but you have kind of like the business was one enough -- -- 712 homes that your -- on the -- next time please god no -- who -- governor -- I want to be important organization. Actual Florida midlife crisis and saint -- other animals you -- we thank them Anderson. The spokesman fracture and that assessment and hot but never got that occurred -- -- Atlanta. But you know I want I want something like that pensioners alike I got hooked up with again -- -- and was a founder and -- the good guys. He's short what we do is we raise awareness in the media -- actually. For firefighters and their families who have been injured Sunday. These guys were going a lot of work two jobs in complementary and an auto mechanic and a fireman. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Financial problems when the bank -- for the money for your house you can't say I got here they don't care about that original money. So we'll you know these casualties in the house homes kids removed from this -- that the whole. Their whole way of life has been stripped away. For making the right decision so just that was horrible and we got him and in the first personality and branding them Birmingham Alabama. He was lose and everything and we got them there and everything is intact and if you're hurt a lost all the mileage on them. But when that's going on them wanting you really don't want is bill collector Collins house so what I think you really like insulin for these guys -- -- now. We'll buckets -- great cause you've got a great new -- -- congratulations. On the best thanks for coming into thinking thanks. That's.

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{"id":17235584,"title":"Bucky Covington: Nice Guy!","duration":"3:00","description":"\"American Idol\" alum talks about his new album and charity work.","url":"/Entertainment/video/bucky-covington-nice-guy-17235584","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}