Bud Light's Star Discusses His Surprise Life-Changing Night

Ian Rappaport discusses his wild night after Bud Light fools him, inserts him into Super Bowl commercial.
3:00 | 02/03/14

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Transcript for Bud Light's Star Discusses His Surprise Life-Changing Night
You know last -- -- -- -- ads was from Bud Light and that is where one unsuspecting. Football fan this was great got taken. For the ride of his life take a look at this. -- -- -- A -- It does it's okay she's she's filming of the Linda. Twins yes. -- -- You just can't take you to -- Schwarzenegger and the sudden -- -- -- -- -- -- And republic -- -- and Don Cheadle. Obviously along you know with. Anything else that was happening on this night of mystery to the guy at the center of that ad -- Rappaport is joining us now here -- We'll look up and smiled at what is out about it it's it's like how this whole thing happen. -- it's just so while the jobs are regular 27 year old -- them and in Manhattan and you know trying to pay rent anyway that I can sell. You know another source of way to make money for me -- I do some focus groups -- -- can fit demographic profile and they happen to you looking for somebody -- fit. And went through a series of focus -- -- they can understand my personality in the kinda guy was. And dive team that I fit the bill so after the second round this that if they liked me. They're bringing back for the third -- who would -- be the super group. And they give me thousand dollars to go out for the night -- be more social atmosphere and I did not know what to expect but I -- we needed that thousand dollars. At a thousand dollars almost kind of like that kind of like it ministry has gathered like what's going up that. -- -- -- -- A beautiful one woman comes up and gives you a Bud Light and you literally have no idea what's gonna have no idea in fact they walked over to the bar I was they Mattel ordered a cooler -- Now that another place part of that was one of the women who had interviewed -- one of the prior focus groups and -- walked me over the bar. We happen to sit and be talking for awhile -- had to go outside and take a phone call and -- -- the women who. You know who now lives in the across -- beautiful girl and that's kind of how this whole thing got started so. I really had no clue is going on this is really meant to -- who bought out by Bob -- -- they've really. When in their youth they reduce at this all of the reasons but -- is -- -- vote because it. You're seeing Michael Douglas of the game right that's exactly -- let me out -- frank got -- think it's gotta be -- -- -- -- like it's the clown with eyes were followed. At any point -- -- your -- -- you should listen in clearly you know I mean you when you get in the back of a stretch Hummer I mean I don't know what your Saturday nights like these the original and like that for me but. I know I know something is -- I don't know what is going on the last thing I'm making his commercials being shot. But I know that -- -- took me because of the way that I acted in the two prior focus groups now. Genuine myself and and that's how I had to be that night and you know I just knew that. It gave him -- thousand dollars the -- stupid -- Keep myself I wanted to see how I react and environment right on an -- I -- never in a million years imagine that it would have amounted to bits are you kidding me. -- Elevator -- Q was there with Obama and the -- and incidentally it's just like -- good starts good it's amazing and I'm a huge animal fan I love all animals. I've got a done deal that's great but the the most judo is on the man -- but I did notice it right there -- mean -- Lama walked in on his separated me dungy will -- -- again. And that's when I kind of look over allotments. It's done but. How are. Until -- as well on the radio that what a great -- So it's so that you get but it means that you've got -- cameras following your run things that and that you walk into -- -- -- was like the most impressive part that you walked into this table tennis. Showdown with Arnold Schwarzenegger but it what did you recognizes all I knew immediately I think I walked in the -- all. -- -- you know I wasn't really thinking throughout this whole thing I was just talking and doing. So I I think -- I would think about this doesn't want to -- I wouldn't have been able to rightly hold myself together Cadillac handled this. So I just continuously. Just went along and and then made it happen -- it was crazy and I'm on the big -- and -- it. -- that the focus epidemic is there would like I what are your skills let you know. Ping pong table tennis -- is that I think one of the questions was you're tennis player and unplanned and I told them and -- -- went into I want to sleep away camp for a long time and you know kind of perfected my skills. While I was sorry can't even imagine you can't make this well -- -- streets -- walked into -- -- tennis right. A -- all of a sudden than than the though the Walt flops down. And you see station one Republicans out there I mean that was just crazy I caught the bought -- viewed in the third game. I was so happy. That the wall was down and I think that I'm walking in you know this is another part of the experience where I'm standing in the crowd and watching one republic -- but Arnold is pushing me up. This stage. And I get up there in Amman with everyone -- Kelly Don Cheadle. Reggie watts Arnold Schwarzenegger and at that point I think -- the whispers into my ear he says this is all review. That's why I realize this and I start drinking out. This was all done for me are you kidding me acme united so many people there for me I'm so thankful and grateful and excited and pumped in the best night of my life public school. Later that it is that is so what and then if I can now you see -- back you see that all the behind the scenes he's at the control room these that these choppers that following you around from place to -- That it creep you out -- now that you see that exactly just how intimately people we're gonna find you around I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What about that. That is that are yet to strays that Arce got some numbers obviously got some connections out of this yeah I'm hoping so anyway from that -- -- nice you know every route there are some people who want to talk to me and I'm happy to talk to whoever wants to talk to -- share my story. But like -- -- -- -- -- -- my life in you know ought to -- chance and this all happened for me. So yeah I would I love sharing essence of that you have -- -- -- I'm just so let's talk about it is that is very -- always await -- to watch a game last night -- -- -- above light -- put us up in the Bud -- hotel and loaded cannon had me in about fifteen in my family and friends -- we we did a big viewing party in their tent where they held the -- -- -- conscience and everything from the weekend. So is just so awesome we had a nice little area that they had set up for us and my whole family and friends are there and I think I got some pictures and videos of me watching you know. All of the ads on the big screen watching you I want you -- -- entire big shout out and just so a lot of -- its. I think it actually minimizes the word -- yeah if -- -- use of the term for that that's so cool in -- thanks so why didn't. It's very I want every -- university from a host of -- training -- I mean this is last night was a crazy night obviously eons and commercial. Trouble lot of traffic. And that's the it was actually as far as -- instances like -- with the number. -- The number one concerts topic and it -- pollutant but -- -- but also with of course the Budweiser with the dog and the puppy -- yet who but what -- is always -- were talking earlier about you know there -- omelet with animals on which we with would replace some -- there there's always a very human connection but what's amazing -- is the contrast between those two -- I just mentioned you -- a tear -- of -- With with the -- Dylan and with the -- and then you have eaten with his. I don't like -- -- right now. All the thing that I as an American like dude client off again. That. I was -- was. Very very it was a very collect what. What else -- but last night. So what. Leading to the game that is what you could've looked at at the trends and -- -- who was gonna win because there were more tweets. For the Seahawks in the work for the Broncos -- what are it was a slight difference fifty point two to to 49 point eight but still the Seahawks with a slight -- there a bigger ads throughout the game. 24 point nine million -- over all that's up from 24 point one last year. During the halftime show alone. 2.2 million tweets and that's more than the entire state of the union member if you're talking about that yeah -- as far as I was concerned Bruno Mars top search trend of the night. More than any other player or any other teams a lot of people interested in mr. Mars and it's great for him because tickets for the second leg of his moonshine jungle tour go -- -- today. He nailed it last night he means he's a great entertainer I mean it's like and I think the dudes like three and a half feet tall with that everything was let go -- -- sympathy he knows how to bring it up the Red Hot Chili Peppers would you guys think. -- -- People like Yahoo! are searching why Red Hot Chili Peppers and I agree to I thought it would have been cool they were incorporated more than once on the market -- -- two albums -- it actually present at. I think they should it. Either have a few more songs haven't perform a few more songs or in the Belmont at all over the point. Yeah well I I it's jet maybe generations collide I don't know that -- It it why did they do -- -- -- -- actually that was known for -- cover higher ground that would have played right in a brutal string that would have been an awesome national like TV and one of the grandest stages flat -- But I negatives -- -- to see in the -- one song we between last night absolutely. We are you -- UP -- big Twitter -- Totally totally -- -- relevant sir and now you -- look like public policy you know it hasn't it's it's it's well I'll probably only have a little over a thousand dollars I think they're people who are making me in that report accounts and and -- and there but it's just you know you got -- -- verified account I think this isn't real. Craigslist isn't actually -- -- Hillary. Then former secretary -- for First Lady she though. I think probably -- that I would invest what are these days RC one absolutely. Oh with a tweet that was read tweeted over 54000 times and we read it so much more fun to watch box with someone else being -- -- fact -- -- -- of -- no idea what -- -- not referring to fox. Is there and at all not at all politics -- those known yesterday the she came out afterwards and sent. It was a joke guys relax it didn't mean anything political by that but still it was a joke at the -- That's what -- name it 400 different point. But the court Douglas -- he -- -- but he walked out there in this extravagant fur coat and then. Immediately and let let you caught extravagant you know is it could blow up it's going to be exactly and -- the comparison to Matt Moore who happens from Seattle as well. I think -- -- know how about -- name of the Yankee among -- that. -- Basil warhead that's that if you'd hardly know better next segment yelling at us and let this is where it's from as a daily news got with the news. I love it I mean if ever there was -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it. Exactly that we have a photo Q. I believe we have a -- -- -- standing about -- -- -- and and everybody was we're calling them not award -- -- I -- -- For the seniors cents. That is that is very well I'll contact their eggs that will what was the picture and get your muscles have loops as -- -- and. -- -- -- -- is greeted by Yahoo! Sports because during a sports game there's always these. Moments where you want -- kind of put your own twist on -- recreate an innocent and what better way to do that -- -- -- self. A lot of people creating loops and Yahoo! Sports we have one from Daniel K this is Peyton Manning on the -- I believe he was going to own up to somebody upstairs but. I'm think I'm getting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Still what I do it -- exactly second loop comes from -- this is the the Gatorade plastered your goals. And what but what what's Russell Wilson doing getting involved but I think maybe a little bit but I didn't. I. I mean you're the Amanda -- -- one is in batting face we love many think this one comes from job. Lots of -- -- hole. It happens sometimes the Omaha that they -- and Omaha last night it maybe got a few more dates being sold what -- what -- funny -- are gonna last night was JC -- out of your refinements in all I'd say -- I mean I didn't have anything to drink -- or too much anyway but so. JC Penney had almost perfect Christie's weight -- right now. First -- think that there tweeting under the that would benefit all the brands buying into this -- was totally get a designated driver whores like it was saying between responsibly. I can hear -- people were treated if these past good things happening DC. How that made -- denied any wrongdoing. Turns out it would have to act reading -- and they even. Just got a new -- of. Three Britons as well that's very cool it was very cool for for teen USA of course that was yet they -- the six it's it's it's triggered by its companies that are sinus mom jeans and Corning -- that actually does have been a little -- personality and some fun right. They didn't have to spend a dime to do it and they really -- -- for a little -- there were kind of owning the Twitter conversation throughout the first half of the game and obviously. We're watching the Broncos get blown out. Would -- insurance -- because they also them and had an interest in and injecting it you know kind of tweet in all -- look at this and this is great yes it really was John Kaczynski of course you know from the office it was a commercial air after the Super Bowl and the whole premise was OK we just save 30% by -- -- commercial after the Super -- the equivalent to one point five million dollars. So here it is in use the hash tag. He -- saved thirty. And you could win that one point five million dollars they're gonna give it away Wednesday night on Campbell so. If you win it -- I mean. -- -- let's look at the particularly radical strikers around I had him at this point -- fun right guys we really appreciate it rob -- thank you so much now we -- into that. In rap what they're producing a lot more you let that thought -- -- the best not to let of them give you a best morning after the I probably that you appreciate that has been ABC news -- special born again New York after the super.

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{"id":22345449,"title":"Bud Light's Star Discusses His Surprise Life-Changing Night","duration":"3:00","description":"Ian Rappaport discusses his wild night after Bud Light fools him, inserts him into Super Bowl commercial.","url":"/Entertainment/video/bud-light-super-bowl-commercial-2014-interview-ian-rappaport-22345449","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}