Building Dedicated to Barbara Walters

Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger dedicates the ABC building where Barbara Walters started her career.
3:00 | 05/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Building Dedicated to Barbara Walters
James good afternoon or good evening everyone. Barbara my remarks are prepared but I assure you they heard from deep within the bottom my heart. Given just -- long we've known each other. The Barbara Walters started her career in this building. And so today we're celebrating our remarkable legacy. And acknowledging her tremendous importance to the industry and to our company. By dedicating this building in her honor. I actually started my career -- ABC. Around the same time on the same block. Fact the building right across the street and last I checked they were not naming that building after -- In fact the company just sold the building. The disrespect that idea. Hours actually first met Barbara almost forty years ago and while I've been honored to call her colleagues all these years and even happier. To call her friend. Have always been a huge fan. And admirer of barbers and as we stand here to celebrate all she has achieved an all she's given to the industry. And of the company. It's the friendship the affection. And the respect that I have for Barbara as a person. That brings me here today. Getting a chance to lead this phenomenal company is an extraordinarily. Extraordinary privilege. I come to work every day. With gratitude for the opportunity and tremendous pride for what we're doing and to -- people who work here people that I work with. But of all the people that I've been proud to work with Barbara Walters. Will always be at the top my list. Our company and our industry frequently celebrate the accomplishments. Of its people. As -- so often celebrated -- but it's there character. What they stand for and who they truly are that is most important. It's the quality of the person that gets a name put on a building not just the -- traditions. And the accomplishments. So Barbara while the magnitude of your career is breathtaking. And your achievements are on rivals and will probably never quite be equaled by anyone who follows you. You are truly a remarkable person. No one is more dedicated more unique. More passionate about their work. -- -- -- And how fortunate is for us that you may use your home and ABC all these years. And so speaking. For everyone. At ABC news and the entire company were thrilled to honor you what you stand for. And what you've achieved by dedicating this bill. Your name. This is truly an historic moment for our company in a rare honor and I can't think of anyone more deserving than you or Barbara Walters.

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{"id":23687313,"title":"Building Dedicated to Barbara Walters","duration":"3:00","description":"Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger dedicates the ABC building where Barbara Walters started her career.","url":"/Entertainment/video/building-dedicated-barbara-walters-23687313","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}