'Captain America' Co-Star Neal McDonough

See if "Dum Dum Dugan" will return in the "Cap" sequel.
5:37 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for 'Captain America' Co-Star Neal McDonough
Actor Neal McDonough -- gained fame on TV series like band of Brothers and in movie is like walking tall and minority report. The summer He co starred in the superhero adventure Captain America the first avenger. The movie debuts today on dvd and Blu-ray and Neil McDonough joins us now hi -- great to have you here thanks for being here. Return -- good morning thank usually -- We'll tell you think Captain America was such a big hit with the -- Well you know -- -- a lot of reasons I think but -- first and foremost was Joseph Johnson what what He did was. Instead of having us in for a Green screens which would have been so much easier for him. He decided that He was gonna make it a physical production the sets were incredible. You know for us -- the howling commandos every day we had. Tanks being blown up in -- -- in buildings being demolished and planes flying over the top and hundreds of hydrazine in the in the background and they're being blown up so for us it was really. It it felt like you're actually in World War II as an actor and that's really you know that that that helps us always stay in the game and stay focused. -- -- -- Chris Evans -- -- -- Chris was you know He his energy was insane He was always working I was always staying in shape views always. Rated Iraq and end because -- He was that way. That the movie was amazing. Is certainly -- the meaning of course your character -- -- -- geoghan was one of captain World War II bodies in the bitten -- around the edges and anyone who's read the comic probably. Wouldn't think -- parts that you are exactly the right -- how did you pull it off so well. I distill from my older Brothers it was you know there's this guy was him you know he's in South Boston up from -- from Boston myself and -- of Irish descent and nearly Serafin of for the boys and if there's a fight going on his first on a jump in if his -- -- the first woman -- -- said from really wasn't what was it was a must have a stretch of player gunned down and so. It was a lot of fun and you know -- you -- and putting on that they're putting a growing that no big -- mustache and put and the bowler hat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nice very nice assessment white -- she -- she hated that darn thing -- -- in London. So is you know she is very happy -- -- -- -- -- that's natural but you know hopefully. We'll be grown about the Daniel for kept to an exterior and into the film that's all -- that is capsule in the works. Alia captives in the works. -- in the script is written and hopefully we'll go -- production of the fairly soon and you know I'm really can -- to the nick fury films and you know Sam Jackson myself from the new will be partners an island. And ascend is really excited about doing and so fingers crossed feeling you know we really -- that -- -- pretty -- Lots of action movies ahead for you to enjoy the action genre. Oh yeah absolutely you know again being from you know. A family -- you know lot of athletes and you know this you know this big boys you know we gross got a -- -- together so. For me was you -- the -- stuff is is is easy you know us I think that's probably why I do so much of is that because it comes. That's like second nature for me and you know and I have a great time doing and then you know number I'm starring in. Or co star in justified in the villain for the season justified. Then you know in -- -- there's a lot of physical stuff in the show and and a lot of fun internal offense is amazing and into. You know grandiose true road -- and better Brothers -- asked me do this and have a good old time we knew we did we do we decide our fourth kid one U2 months ago. So glad delays let's go live thank you very much if you -- Any mention -- about -- you do in these movies does that get all these mounds of feeling you know. College tuitions are coming observers are gonna keep working that -- -- important and countries. There representing you mentioned. You mentioned band of Brothers one of my favorite TV series of all time of course another World War II. -- did you did you have where their similarities between captain and band of Brothers because of that. Seattle what would -- Joseph Johnson didn't wanna make a comic book movie He wanted to make here you know a real movie about World War II that you know -- happen to have this you know this guy who turns into a hero you know not a superhero -- wanna call me was a hero and -- fighting you know red skull. So you -- you know it was they Revere who similarities in that because it looked the same NFL the same but their venom Brothers -- -- -- buck -- you know there was such. An amazing piece of material for me to portray because -- -- books -- real life guy and I want to make sure that. Everything that I did was He it was a truce but dumb -- I -- -- -- -- some fun and and have a good old time so there there there are very different and you know in -- flights -- fathers playing cat and severance ought to make sure that that I told the story right for true. For caps. -- that there -- -- old girl very different and the sort of have to -- was it was just a ball. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet you know the -- the great thing about you know being part of a huge film like this is that his. People -- honorable how to get how how come it's so good -- -- so good and when you get to see the bonus features of this. You can really see behind the scenes and yes it is fun that we hadn't seen Chris Evans him -- -- by the end Joseph Johnson doing amazing jobs directions so. You know it's certainly won't let you down if anyone's ever seen the film you're -- that you'll you'll want to see this also if you haven't seen the film you definitely see the Blu-ray. Perhaps -- -- and Captain America the first avenger is available now on dvd and they'll rate Neal McDonough thank you so much for talking with us today. Thanks -- -- through a competitive let me be here.

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