Carson and Hope in Danger on 'Dancing'?

Amy Palmer on who aced the "80s Night" theme on "DWTS"
4:52 | 10/18/11

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Transcript for Carson and Hope in Danger on 'Dancing'?
It was -- holy rat edition of Dancing With The Stars last night some of the celebrities aced their -- protest others. And didn't really quite pass math your share of the scoreboard and house lets mother be celebrity news any pollen from your watch dot com -- always great to see it always great to be here all right so JR and -- They -- that big favorites last night you agree with this is with -- judges. I do I think He really brought it He -- that Latin flair He came out and we shaking his bottom for everywhere and threw -- to see and that audience. Really glad that I'm not only did audience -- it. The judges love that as well as He scored 28 with his. He stays on top leader and this early on the season -- pretty high school it's it's it's it's a high -- in general rob -- actually knocked off Ricki Lake from the top spot last night is He the favorite. He's favorites I think it's between them. Mickey and and they are at this point OK you know this is again it's one performance we'll see what happens but I think He really made its mark but I think personally really seems to play a big role of the season don't you think I think the personality definitely helps and also. The enthusiasm I -- his story is incredible yet if you really look at what's happening. You just think about this story it's amazing I think it's resonating at the. Entry area and I think -- -- right. Okay now on the other end of things who did the worse we don't want to criticize -- hit by. I think that Hope Solo and -- are in trouble -- I think that hope just is not -- at I don't want her to be better than CA. Your quick -- -- constant obviously were something He said -- they cousins were crazy obviously with eighty's night and they weren't in dancing DeVine showed me. But I just thought like she really can bring it she's just -- beautiful woman and she's just not doing and I council -- Carson Presley also might be on his way out -- so enthusiastic. But I just think his performance of lacking -- yet and and He was -- in -- by the you know he's doing cartwheels and -- but did exactly -- real well judges of the audience now OK and speaking of partnering. There -- I understand He has some news yes He is dating Lauren Conrad Vernon Hills. And some Hitler's famous. Strange -- up but it actually makes a lot of sense. -- cap conference just became -- -- 25 Derek is around the same age signaling to go out of the Hollywood scene and they -- just spotted. At a night -- together. Skinny little bit and -- -- -- -- dance floors so you know we can I think this is a good good cop. I'll have to see how -- -- gonna develop. Going obviously a much more serious topic Juliana rants it just came out and revealed that she has breast cancer. Have we heard anything about just how tough the decision it was for her to reveal that I mean that's an incredibly sensitive and when -- in the spotlight and only. Amplifies it. You know she's talked openly about the fact that she really wanted to talk about -- to help. Other -- and and the fact that she's so young she just turned 37 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Was really important for her to get this awareness out so while she was so nervous to reveal this news. She knows that it's really helping women just the fact that we're talking we're having this dialogue is really important. So you know obviously our thoughts are with her 37 and juice Williams she was she is she's just she and she was actually 36 issues diagnosed. Now that's incredibly brave thing to do is you never know how the responses going to be it up yours Hobbits and supportive and encouraging that the same time -- When you are in the spotlight you never know how to reactions -- -- Yes speaking of the -- someone who is always in the spotlight and -- refrain from any kind of comment kindergarten -- what's going on between her and Chris Humphries. Still wedded bliss that we are. I'm gonna hesitation He has adding words and I had some -- She's actually a little miffed right now because -- -- as we know she's a workaholic yeah they got married on August 20 and she hasn't stopped working sentence. And Chris Humphries is sort of a guy who is out and about on the town he's out written out at night at clubs he's with his friends and she's saying. I'm working 24/7. And your kind of -- -- and party what the deal. Obviously this is something that should have been addressed the people. Eight yeah it is after six months but we're in the -- -- world and those rules don't apply. Now that that's very true yet -- typical rules of marriage were in this together this is a partnership we're gonna make it work. You pick up your socks -- -- dishes although it only to have conversations and in the Kardashian house now. I'm -- from normal Iraq and this is an abnormal celebrity filled world that they live in and you know can just within Dubai -- -- her perfume and Chris Humphries without. Lot New York which is a hot spot for celebrities until 3:30 in the morning love or hate and they are working hard they really are I have to say their work ethic is second to none and Chris Jenner who is the woman who controls all of it is a genius she slowness and raised her girls accordingly and -- she didn't -- -- pollen from -- -- dot com always appreciate having you stop by I have always -- here.

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{"id":14762487,"title":"Carson and Hope in Danger on 'Dancing'?","duration":"4:52","description":"Amy Palmer on who aced the \"80s Night\" theme on \"DWTS\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/carson-hope-danger-dancing-14762487","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}