Cassidy Goes Solo

Singer/Songwriter Cassidy talks about her new CD and sings her first solo single
4:49 | 11/07/11

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Transcript for Cassidy Goes Solo
She's a singer songwriter who is known for fronting an all female band called and -- -- rising. But now Cassidy is striking out on her own got a new project. And her new album has been getting great reviews she's here to tell us all about it Cassidy welcome it's great to -- thank you. Me tell your new album because on the and it says -- and what who and what is thorough and well -- -- It is the name of the project. And I think I had it a moment where I need to sort of -- name myself when I went out of my own because there was a rapper named -- had a lot of success in the intervening years between when I started this -- and left my OK so when it was time to go on my -- Cassidy assertive you know cornered. The market on the -- there. As it Larry and so I had to make a decision and I just think you know ball and and bohemian and everything that that implies. Has always resonated with me resonated with my fans the music. So I think that it just seemed like the -- -- and speaking of Bohemia whatever that implies the title of -- -- actually follow the freedom. So is that what you want to do idea I think it's just it's basically the whole entire album -- a message about removing obstacles. And the things that we put our own way investors sabotage our own trajectory. And -- -- freedom it can mean that. Anything for anyone whatever that thing is that you do that keeps you getting from what it is that you want and what ever situation in this. And I'm guilty of and I know a lot of us are -- sabotage herself I ask. So you are now out on -- -- after being part of this band the -- a man that got some union that it got some success I think feels striking out on -- was terrifying at first you know I mean I was flanked by two you know -- -- on either side. For years and -- note. Being the lead singer of the band I think you think that the person in the middle like this are calling all the shots in his -- -- person -- I was very dependent on it and and I was. He -- seeking in the middle of all of them all the time and not necessarily stepping out in in in a lot of ways and so he's been an opportunity for me to run the show. And it's been and empowering. And we just have to ask you because that's. -- Perrier who was now been out of former. Lead vocalist and journey sings backup vocals on -- album that come about he was a dear friend of the man -- -- might now mean. -- football Oscar mixing up at Capitol Records in Los Angeles -- he completed a couple of tracks of -- he was working on and Steve just. Loved it and decided he wanted to hang out -- the studio all week. Meet me and mix with me and seeing on the album and got involved -- Your journey fan home -- -- -- good right FI. And -- those songs and I just now hitting Melancon and just be just like -- -- -- right. Very exciting you must be excited about this project -- -- super excited it's my own record. Label like I've watched my own label and for some private investment in so I'm really doing it the right way this time in. It's you know the powers in my hands and I love the people that I'm working with MySpace some believe opponents -- -- You're gonna think I can't get his treat them all. Your Michael right now I -- -- mr. Bryan lions are and I am planning our high grade this year at Bryant didn't they're gonna place on called even the mistakes and is the single the first single album on I tell fantastic Brian -- happening thank you so much to talk and eat I'm really take it that way -- That this when. Maybe it's. I don't know mom paso. Is. Days the common man not around picking things that are paying Dylan was -- rat is sad that impacted. Yeah. And zapped. Eight -- me. We want to. -- -- Okay. His -- is paying. And -- time Tennessee and then. He's. And a -- days ahead. But loving letting him. Big -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Previous. Yeah that well Lynn -- being. So. -- after it bought this old man and danger around. -- -- -- An eighteen days. -- mom. -- --

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{"id":14898651,"title":"Cassidy Goes Solo ","duration":"4:49","description":"Singer/Songwriter Cassidy talks about her new CD and sings her first solo single","url":"/Entertainment/video/cassidy-solo-14898651","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}