Cast of 'On the Basis of Sex' discuss the movie

Stars talk about what it was like portraying the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
4:06 | 01/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cast of 'On the Basis of Sex' discuss the movie
Many think that Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a super hero and if that's the case. Then a new movie about her life is kind of the story of how she got her superpowers. And ABC's Jason Nathanson with a look inside on the basis of sex. On the basis of sex charts Ruth Bader Ginsburg's path from mosque gold to law professor to the courtroom. And all of the struggles in between for a woman in the sixties and seventies. A time when very few women practiced or allowed to practice law but echo around the table. And each of you ladies reporter who you are wary of. From up and why you're occupying a place at Harvard it could've gone too many. Who's. These teens learn from Clinton and why are you here is convert my has been Martins in the second class. I'm and Harvard to learn more about his work. So I can be a more patient and understanding life. Women couldn't it's. Open a bank account. Apps they couldn't rent a car that couldn't do any of those things army hammer plays RBG's husband Martin Ginsburg the movie written by Ginsburg's nephew Daniel steeple. No I I first heard the story of this case had uncle Martin's funeral. A friend of his got up and gave the eulogy he mentioned the only case that ruse to Marty ever argued together. He could topple the home. And system just convenience. Through Richmond and enthusiasm for taxable. Some. And yeah. He needs paint yeah. That case which is at the center of the film more its V commissioner of internal revenue case about tax law and discrimination. Which helped pare down gender barriers in the eyes of the law I sat on for about a year that seems to popular and finally Eric Holder and is that have this idea. And and she said it and I quote. That's how you think you'd like to spend your tolerated. But the Supreme Court justice did have a few rules she wanted the law ought to be right. She won the way the laws practice to be right and she won an uncle mart and direct and aside from that I had fearing. Did you say you name ones. Used eighty teens enter felicity Jones the Oscar nominated actress now tasked with portraying a living icon. When he visits in the Supreme Court when he missed offices facility basketball courts that hadn't is. Is used by the justices. And then went and Intel Henman and spent time it has ended. Jones tells me one of the things that surprise her about the woman she would play her sense of humor. She doesn't take out T seriously I mean I think of how she's been in peace he successfully Stacy. She can see the funny side of things. What's not funny though is that some of the same gender discrimination issues Ruth Bader Ginsburg was fighting against decades ago. Still exist today. In a film set in the seventies but it could be could be the present day which is kind of scary as an enemy to think that this we've come far. There's so much further that we need to cut absent lead the absent any that I feel people take they hate from seeing the film they felt thankful that. That change can happen and that people kind of fights on the best and new council seat. And the middle shooting this movie is when the whites are scandal broke and the meat to in times of movement started. And it really. So what does the notorious RBG think about seeing this slice of her life on the big screen their first reaction was I'm so glad it's felicity. Who she said she's and I love that it's joyous. She's that's a feminism was like for me in the seventies was that you know we weren't depressed we weren't angry. We were just optimistic that the world was getting better and we are at the forefront of that change on the basis of sex opens across the country Friday the word. Warm weather does not appear in it wants in the US coast to show. Does the wage premium. You're on jury sitting Vincent ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Stars talk about what it was like portraying the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"60299844","title":"Cast of 'On the Basis of Sex' discuss the movie","url":"/Entertainment/video/cast-basis-sex-discuss-movie-60299844"}