It's Getting Catty on 'The Bachelor''s Amy Palmer breaks down the drama among Ben's girls.
2:37 | 01/24/12

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Transcript for It's Getting Catty on 'The Bachelor'
Time to get all caught up on the latest of reality show drama as always Amy Palmer from -- -- dot com. Is here to give us the DC recap hi Amy vacancy and perhaps meaning of the bachelor what's the latest there the latest is that this season still continues to amaze me and all -- the girls are just. They had their claws out and they just want -- so badly. And -- through this night sky fumbling about and not realize need. That so many women aren't there for the right reasons for example Courtney she really is somebody who is totally different when she's with him. And we she's with the now -- -- -- girls girls in the -- by the -- seem to be pretty. There aren't thinking ECB is definitely -- front runners she's a very sweet girl she's young. And -- -- that have a great connections so I think that she really it's kind of front runner at this point -- for Courtney I seriously Courtney is brain drama and I have to say she's beautiful to look at she's kind of that. Has that Elena asks adding about her and here -- is with KCB and he kind of stole her Wafer moments that can view on the matter -- thing. I have been playing CB yeah -- and that -- maybe just -- slide in there. Unexpected inquiry he's gonna really freak -- -- the plot will come out there right then -- -- little bit about the real housewives of Beverly Hills because certainly the story line is getting serious when it comes to obviously Russell's death -- but there was a wedding. Yes last night was the finale and probably decided to and it -- -- You know and I have to say it was really fun to watch pandora a case candy drinking angry of course the -- -- -- -- starter -- of course happening. Celebrate her -- and of course that was over the top it was very Beverly Hills it was a lot of fun to see the women actually having the time not. -- sat night having night trauma unit was -- absence wasn't there was teller was not at the wedding because obviously this was around this time when. Russell Armstrong did pass away. And then Bravo at the and brought her back and with all the women sitting around talking about. You know what had occurred not in too much. But there are some some concerns on Taylor's. -- camp that she's not going to be asked back for -- overseas and she feels like that she media liability and this is her only source of income. She's very stressed that at the moment but -- reality TV -- -- -- say there's no way in -- and reality converge in. You know we can definitely see what happens next season absolutely Amy Palmer thank you thanks --

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{"id":15432401,"title":"It's Getting Catty on 'The Bachelor'","duration":"2:37","description":"'s Amy Palmer breaks down the drama among Ben's girls.","url":"/Entertainment/video/catty-bachelor-15432401","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}