Celebrating love through film

ABC News goes behind the scenes at the first-ever Los Angeles Rom Com Fest.
4:33 | 06/26/19

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Transcript for Celebrating love through film
Where here first ever rom com that's the film festival that you. Love and comedy writing style email you and right. Over the weekend watching the numbers David Novak nothing new EP lines can't even defend. There you didn't then. And it over all the lump on daughter happy I was exactly pumping them out only on a monthly basis now where you're coming up I have com. I think I'm. Lightning fast now it's romantic comedy condenser. The world is so full of and I think kind of need a place where he's and he hadn't Cassie and stencil. Stops and you always nice guy. There's a wholly something. That you can relate to you. OK. I wish. This movie against them forever you remembered the creepy teacher. Season. Ten years. His school home. This game winning run down her he liked it some heat. He isn't he. High front comes genes in twenty years. But I think there's there's so many variables but I think the perception is wrong Toms were seen as. Frivolous female entertainment and now. We're getting to the leeward and it it's not it's entertainment. They're making a little concrete Mason apart can. It's a likely. Yeah and he ran. I think really relate to those being the modern day worried knowing a lot of like chaos can be gallon on the like easily fit in the home. And watch liked all the white above them. Before and his Billy you know a lot like the world is beautiful it is going to be in there is not have happened. You hear things happen diary. So I think is the line for the twentieth anniversary of the long pending minded about you. About socked. We'll right. We don't have a title and the famous poem Paris because it's based on an exploit right. Face a list in his diary that I recognized for about things I hated about the guy that Baghdad. And that that's for the title came from an answer the phone came from here big dumb combat boots and the way you read my mind. I hate you so much it makes me sick to even Nixon Iraq. I think the reason the dropout to coming back house has. The world's kind of a more depressing things to people on the hope that night now and not happen definitely this afternoon. Thanks a lot. I think we've got a little burned down on the home like ten years of dating apps for the best bets on data from its standards and now I think we're hearing the. We're -- object like a happier time. In life when people could like falling in love with their opposites and now it's that we sort of divided city ideas like coming together loving father and they've. It's like a dream that we have realized the need him to visit Chris than we've ever had it wrong. And it's just it's an important conference and meaningful comments like that so many people's favorite has so. The chance to sort of celebrate and having come out in the open city being like and guilty pleasure thank. If you that we can take this seriously as a general also having so much fun and. So we came. It's not we now in London I'm running neck you're watching ABC news live.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"ABC News goes behind the scenes at the first-ever Los Angeles Rom Com Fest. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"63954368","title":"Celebrating love through film ","url":"/Entertainment/video/celebrating-love-film-63954368"}