Celebrating National Meatball Day in NYC

ABC News' Charli James heads to the Meatball Shop in New York City for National Meatball Day.
12:46 | 03/09/16

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Transcript for Celebrating National Meatball Day in NYC
It is national. It happy patch it all day and so long. To that to recognize this national holiday. But of course we bring you. All the news you need canal and of course things and make you Hungary to we have that intrepid reporter Tara gave out it to the mean streets of New York. To get to the bottom of national meet all of a key is live now. From. And it meant patent for you how it's going on there. I'm on the upper west side of Manhattan and you know as we need all reporter for ABC today. I came to the place that I did it I'm sure it's the best place to be on that won't say it's the meatballs shock some there's actually you have these. In the in New York City and Manhattan and Brooklyn and they are celebrating national meet all day here as well as you can see this is obviously a big day for them if you don't know the meat balls not. It is an aid store that in. Entirely restaurant is. Higher lease terms need. It doesn't get the meatballs in many ways you think that soon. And women here and it's done completely given a little bit hunt I didn't look at them. Took a little bit about the history of the need. Him for the extended in the or now let's I have actually been there are ones. And I at. Discovered by accident and so and I didn't mean to go back inside and apathy that is. I need to get their magnet and definitely take your kids in what yes what kids don't let of the Atlantic into the game. Daniel Sharkey is the executive chef. All they are not. The biggest thing about it Coxe on national involved and I thank you look around and take a look at the meatball. Let's talk a little bit about it. I think some people have warm Fuzzy feeling. When they were hit. The meatball. You know it's a dish that was spawned from our grandmothers and honestly it's the first time in nearly. Deceived us and is that the secret of the meatballs are great people is that it was a way that they aspects about them. It was very rare and precious and so people were mixed where. Fred Thompson caught different things to to make you laugh. Everybody. So. Really the secretive agree everything whats this pretty reasonable. Didn't important obviously but it's all the other stuff that goes in there to meet the combination of this complex flavor and texture. The you don't get from just a hamburger and because that's you that's basically the real the real difference in the bars everything else but in together that. Com C and the things that are grandmothers added historically is what you know makes us load a meatball. And it's cross cultural visitors. And people are not just for meat lovers as well they have let that people here. Don't think that it nearly every. Don't live in your city don't know about me. To look a little bit more about that kind of people and they're here with the most popular. Well we have a variety of meatballs that rotates. We have some standards are always on the menu but we try to use common tongue in cheek fun ones like right now we're running. A ribbon meatball me her own car and be very yeah. As mentioned we have Digi balls beef both class B tomato is our you know best seller it was a rather. Comment that we're gonna actually take a look now one and chef is going to show us how. Different ways that you can't evening not good spaghetti and meatballs everybody's favorite. We're gonna follow him into the kitchen and attend the camera around and let him take anyway. Meanwhile hero because that's a really. Classic. Preparations. Got a spicy meat sauce and toast in the body hear the secrets of the hero Bob the sauce. The sauce and it didn't really. Delicious. It's providing killed. But I classic game balls here. Click on their feet but he's seen Tucker eat. We do a lot of different combination fight at one time. We've done all sorts of different than by saying he doesn't. For Easter of course. Yeah but evolved. But we have a lot of fun we played around we're very creative in and enjoy getting. So this is did this is here you know your classic hero of mozzarella cheese. We're gonna go into. Broiler here has been no cheese toast being announcing it's like really really means it. Susan bring them layman think I'm. While that's just did it start some over broccoli generated out of here this morning and up in the hands a service centers and meatballs and it's going to be. You know it's kind of spring coming up. Pretty bad there really turned to get there trying to come back in the anywhere. It's nice that injuries. You have them right here. You all very. Lots of people live. Yeah these are some of our vegetables I've given three bean salad spice carrots German potato salad. Loser greens in our roasted. Derek Wallace and crews and some salads that we are very concerned that he bald and the group involved aforementioned. Sauerkraut thousand. A if anyone was wondering my favorite here are and that her. Love them Bohannon I think they're definitely did anything over an entire I'm feeling a little piggy. But then there's some combination here stuff. And our national meatball day. So now gotten delicious melted cheese out do we do we. And hello. On this. And Zack. A lot of people coming in knowing if I'll say yeah you know bear you talked about holiday in anticipation. Apparently. It we yeah. So did her hero. But that evidence. And let's take a look at the three. Yeah. The senior it was did you just visions. Stop. This I would not say the traditional. Rock. Little bit you know. Now we like. Gotta go to classes got to go eat tomatoes there. Florida. Just a naked which is just more vulnerable sauce and then Ohio State. Traffic signs did we is so much more than just. If these same and that's all you you know they're amazing. Really a lot of other things really well and we're really proud of mercy. Life time. I'll talk Hilton LLC all okay. You have never. But Jim involved here with the result. I think it's. Don't let them operating. I day. Yeah. Take that. And. Top of a little she. We'll run out. Good ego involved. How many holiday you know a little bit about that more about the need if you're with his job alert days I actually live by the number credit and some people realize this is very. One. The but no one in reference. And some people like it's never we're now looking at I think definitely hurt their not only what they patiently. A lot good. All of us buyers. So how can flick bend them. Grape that hasn't been and I definitely more than what you got back that they Eileen. It's been a pleasant surprise likely. Obviously night. Just because shop and it really took off as saying it resonated with people I think you know both of you kind of remind you that home and I think. You know we definitely didn't invent the ball we have re introduced it I think to a lot of people. You know. There weren't lucky enough to have. Unknown a grown up looking for them or did but you know haven't seen like people really feature holiday. It's kind of like bringing it back to the public consciousness. And so I think at risk resident were very happy and let me also. Well thanks so much for joining existed not giving up. Look inside the kitchen and get. It. And not content to give you got one last look at the delicious meat on because I'm probably eat them all and not pre. Now and we're. Are I have my order I've actually written it down I would have the vice parent and the Reuben Paul and I thank you think I'm expecting that back there that could bring back everything. Yeah her. He would've been better lately. Day is a thing of beauty. There isn't really really thinking that there and a lot of it all. He. Either he's in all courts find it. How it came after me that. I. I actually find the origin. And it looks plain. Unlike many of these fees holidays that someone that night and we thought and it really hot on. Look and in the leg in sticker and friendly. World now you know. That money into Graham of I couldn't find any origins of the day look like it was something McConnell got really popular. I mean it right back not on the wallets that fit elementary it on my brain. We have all that simple accounting how how many different isn't pride and write me. You'll or are ordered OK if he got it right you're coming back here on Saturday at the I'm. Right editing and fact is about to lie or that we bought nobody would buy. By. I'm gonna have a life it you know it's it's not it's not nationally and they take the bank. Clinton gets it. The ball. Chicken roundup. Real putting. Every it. From the office. I'm so jealous of all of our correspondent that how to hit they'll take it beautiful. Harley eating you need all the marry him hanging out looking for Terry. Thanks.

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{"duration":"12:46","description":"ABC News' Charli James heads to the Meatball Shop in New York City for National Meatball Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"37530092","title":"Celebrating National Meatball Day in NYC ","url":"/Entertainment/video/celebrating-national-meatball-day-nyc-37530092"}