Those in the Public Eye Taking Sides on Israel-Gaza Crisis Often Face Backlash

Vice Chairman of Howard Bragman discusses why they should avoid commenting on crisis.
8:26 | 07/30/14

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Transcript for Those in the Public Eye Taking Sides on Israel-Gaza Crisis Often Face Backlash
-- Cutler in New York. As the world is reacting to Israel's ongoing military assault on Gaza so most high profile American actors musicians. -- pro athletes have been voicing their opinions on social media. Pop star Rihanna was among the first -- that -- which he tweeted free Palestine to her 36 million followers. Just eight minutes after she's at that tweet she deleted the message later saying they had been sent out accidentally. The chain of events has become familiar celebrity tweets -- Easter grams on opinion. And then the back -- after facing criticism from the opposite side so join us with more on what is going on behind the scenes. Celebrity image expert and vice chairman of reputation dot com Howard -- -- our thanks for being with us thanks so. There's been a lot of coverage of the conflict a lot of the argument and the public how is it that these public figures are so surprised that in fact. When they're -- has become so controversial. I think what happens with a lot of public figures is. They don't know get up and read the news pages and really know what's going and they might see one article on social media and get indignant about it and re tweeted or make a comment based on that. I think the celebrities that have a macro view Warner truly engaged. Generally know enough to shut their mouth on this issue. If you manage someone like Rihanna for example what would you tell her case I would tell her she was a very good thing. And she should not be the -- UN ambassador OK. I would tell her to really focus on what she should focus on. Which is helping other young women empowering them focus on -- -- that feels authentic to her. But not get involved in this conflict that is. Incredibly. Polarizing -- incredibly. Insightful on both sides to step away. I want to ask you about another situation and this involving -- one directions as saying Malick tweeting free Palestine. Refusing to take it down. In fact the response from that -- he -- received death threats even it seems is facing some push back in fact from what of his own band -- Harry styles. Who supports Israel's cause. You know if you look at this that they risk alienating some other millions of fans creating even those that -- I've ever -- -- one direction fan to begin with -- of -- more problems from them and actually. Supporting the cause. -- do you realize we're -- talking about how one direction. Is talking about a millennial. Old conflict in the Middle East and like. As if we care -- that's the irony of this whole thing it's almost like it's become a high school pep rally about which team you support. I don't think they're gonna risk alienating buddy because I don't think their fans are truly engaged in this side of the new -- but. It just sort of points out. The irony of this situation in the incredulous -- that some people feel like they have to make a voice in this situation. When. That's really not their position that's not their brand. And -- probably be better off staying out of it I don't think it's gonna cost them a lot but it is a controversy and nobody needs that either. Let me ask you this -- because the same time when you've got you know millions of fans following you as well. If you whether you're Rihanna -- whether you're a member of one direction anyone of these high profile Twitter users mr. -- is FaceBook or whoever it may possibly be. They're not only trying to share some of their art form -- some of their their products for which they are well now but they're also trying to share a little bit of themselves with their fan base correct the mean isn't that. What the genius of social media is to be able to make that kind of interpersonal connection. Right and the best branded people on social media are people who come across as authentic. I drove this great -- -- -- this great restaurant I went on this great vacation. I -- food for the homeless. -- you know you really want to focus on micro issues things where they can make a small difference. And really help as opposed to. Stepping your toe in these macro issues which have gone beyond you don't most. Secretaries of State's ability to solve. And I think they have to know what their place says and it with most social media with my clients -- Condit decide on topics at a time. And we decide with the focus is we decide on tiny mean what people in my shoes -- Is spontaneous ones were celebrities want to tweet something themselves. Because very very often it's something they have to retract take down explained later and it's just not the best situation. Let me ask you this and this is -- no way to try to characterize those previous tweets that we're talking about. Is it ever matter that somebody celebrities might be putting that out there to sort of test the waters to get the temperature of what their fans are thinking to almost. Maybe even go for a shock factor. You know why we know. Know what the fans are thinking -- anybody who's engaged in reading about this conflict. Knows that it's incredibly polarizing. On both sides there's well intentioned people on both sides but in this particular matter. There's been a lot of reporting of small incidents without. The whole truth there's been some frankly some bad journalism around this war there's been some biased journalism. And I think they may best be careful I think when you want to do something that's controversy ago. This is about his controversy -- was your gonna get. And you may get some fans but you -- eight alienate people at the same time but the bigger issue for me is the appropriateness is -- is this really some paid. That should be assigned to their brand something that we want to hear. Rihanna or one direction talk about. Eight you know you bring up UN ambassadorship and in fact we have a full screen out -- Selena Gomez who is one of our recent UN ambassadors. Angelina Jolie is well she has a lot of familiarity with humanitarian work. Is there pressure on those individuals that have maybe bent on the ground perhaps not in Gaza or necessarily effective with that particular issue. But is -- pressure for those particular individuals though to use those social platforms to advance their opinion. They are and -- Angelina Jolie as an example someone who's made a huge difference in -- for. And other places she's made a huge difference. But no matter what side of this conflict here on it is tremendously. Tremendously polarizing. About his -- it is any conflict. You're going to take up right now quite frankly. And you have to be extremely cautious and extremely well informed if you're going to engage in this without looking like an idiot. The response -- to some of these tweets into some of these votes social hosting. A question in the case of Houston Rockets owner David as he's -- Dwight Howard. -- -- hash tag free Palestine. After a -- but intense backlash. It was deleted and then he said this previous -- was a mistake I have never commented on her -- politics and never will. I apologize. If 500 -- -- my previous tweet it was a mistake. Isn't really worse than his reputation to stand behind a comment that to try to backtrack it. I think what he probably did was talk to some people were close to him. And learn that there's another side to that issue and realize exactly is he apologized. That I did make a mistake by engaging in something I shouldn't have been engaging in. So I I think it's better to make a quick apology. Pull it down and then we can focus on other people because the world we live in other celebrities are sure to express their opinion to take -- -- off of somebody like -- And of course you bring -- -- -- -- that we are discussing it right now took the kind of impact in a statement that it makes from all of these celebrities. Vice chairman of reputation dot com Howard Bragman Howard thank you so much appreciated thanks for having me -- Of course you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading. For now. Dan -- in New York.

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{"id":24781697,"title":"Those in the Public Eye Taking Sides on Israel-Gaza Crisis Often Face Backlash","duration":"8:26","description":"Vice Chairman of Howard Bragman discusses why they should avoid commenting on crisis.","url":"/Entertainment/video/celebrities-israel-hamas-conflict-24781697","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}