Celebrity Fall Fashions For Less

Phillip Bloch explains how to dress on trend on a budget.
3:00 | 09/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celebrity Fall Fashions For Less
Folly is here and when it comes to -- you definitely have your choice of trends to pick from and the great thing you can be on trend at any age without breaking the budget here to fill it out is style expert Phillip -- will welcome great to see you weren't good morning I love that any age can be in style and you have if the liberty fashion icon. Starting with women in their forty is so -- -- women in their forties be trying anyway. Jennifer Aniston love it girl next door she's a little sexier than everybody else -- Take a style -- from her but I. Am better -- imported actually had her body. Here we -- we have Jennifer and Mike a shift dress leather shift just must have piece that I -- can still needs and you're forty breath. -- the live longer an -- carried a little tighter -- longer than everybody else yet but we got this banana republic one. Well first we -- we layered over the trench just to make it a little more daytime and we really needed with this whether you that we certainly from banana Republican member love -- is just. Court the rage. A look at that you've got a kind of -- carting out against this month from Joseph fresh 49 dollars. And we later to tell about layering related of the shift -- is a great -- -- look. -- -- love it and then the banana republic shift just and I love this isn't whether it's all other ships fishing got -- -- and we did it chocolate brown incident black because black is boring and lots of little more high -- it's about banana republic right now and -- -- -- on Nightline let the little jacket from BB. -- they're like 200 dollars -- 200 -- And we did the highways Hanes silk reflections control top because everybody needs a little control and I -- the chance that clutch bag now everyone black -- everywhere -- -- in -- from banana republic really keep fifteen but why it's OK so you're in your forties are all wrapped up there what about. A woman in her fifties who is her celebrity well I went with Chris Jenner -- Jenner Chris Kardashian. -- my home girl. I remember hearing she wears the short skirts she -- like a dark opaque tight with it just makes little. Easier to get away with -- area. And that example by the way here at some actually -- we brought us and these are great we use these on her. And it's really fun because you -- where it is a lagging you can Wear and as as opaque tight or we have -- -- -- -- -- -- her outfit. He or she isn't in the lagging. Yeah our model we put a Kardashians letter from C years -- and I like the belt belts are everywhere in Belton a little sequent top and I love this. The game cruelty free little others here from BB know how he is that and then there -- and look at the -- -- If you can issue and that into the -- stacking those write up of adorable probably Wear -- and have the peep toe on the item veto and we did little milk. -- -- -- And -- the -- a pink with the person -- her dashing person you know that's great. Really fun and flare flirty skirt is really fun but with the -- it is certainly not gonna fail O'Flaherty is a little school girl element but the -- brings -- back decade after. The sides of her and her -- check and it sort of -- now whether a woman in her sixties who was -- -- well. Arm -- is so hot this movie's going to be so big at the Oscars Susan Sarandon -- I -- turner I -- and she's she and she really represents her age. And I love it she wears suits and everything. We picked a special suit. Passport. This is what we did here we use the -- -- path from expressed. Master with a banana republic jacket and we through this -- star very -- race car I love the banana republic is great I love that -- 5950. So beautiful and Catholic I love that the gene trouser but nudging its it's lewd -- he got him. And again it's from express. Really really -- 5960. He looks fabulous and Mary I quickly added that the project and another -- and outclassed -- clutch from. Banana republic and I love the gray gray is the new news is it really alienated for shoes yet. And I love with a song that's from -- and a Republican for evening we -- the tuxedo jacket but we put them the glasses on as Susan -- its trademark she loves those sunglasses and I knew he had none of these outfits were black on black -- there was black it was always popped by them exactly the teal blue the bird indeed chocolate brown all big big -- This kind of pinkish color very big -- -- back can penetrate and the Holloway at a lot -- them but my pleasure.

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{"id":17350221,"title":"Celebrity Fall Fashions For Less ","duration":"3:00","description":"Phillip Bloch explains how to dress on trend on a budget.","url":"/Entertainment/video/celebrity-fall-fashions-shoppers-budget-top-fashions-17350221","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}