Celebrity Gift Ideas for Under $100

Amy Palmer has holiday gift ideas from celebrity product lines.
6:04 | 12/13/11

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Transcript for Celebrity Gift Ideas for Under $100
-- this season then of course holiday shopping is here now we know that celebrities have their own product lines which you might not know those that a lot of those products. Are affordable for everyday folks you and I and a lot of these products are under a hundred dollars and Amy Palmer from pure -- dot com is here shows some of these products. That are out there that these. Big names that always naked in the buzz worthy comments always have some products out there I want you to that I'm -- and thanks for having me Nia love that these items apparel -- dot com. And the price points you just can't be under a hundred dollar under hundred dollars the first thing I want to show you is Jennifer Lopez sequin gloves now. As you can see they're very Jenny from the block -- -- -- -- around 25 dollars which is a great price point and there really belongs if you put -- -- the go all the way up to here. Keep -- nice and warm -- a little bit -- -- Tinto. Little bit of playing the -- begins its Jenny Jenny from the block and identify men at each made few bucks since that's he has Michigan where where her products that. So she does that Jennifer Lopez for Cole attack which is an exclusive line Aaron it's doing phenomenally well. And the sick the next product we have here is -- -- -- wrists slit and when she US talking about designing for this line. She said that she was really taking inspiration from her life. So when I saw that I thought wow this is from her red carpet -- -- -- got the Oscars -- she's getting her BMA. And this is a great price point at 41 dollars and thirty cents available -- calls very glamorous very holiday like four. Anyone who wants to feel little. She's she's keeping it reasons keep in Iraq must have here so here we have Lauren Conrad who is office is up who is also with -- and she's known for her beautiful hair in Hollywood so -- picked her hair accessories which are great for stocking stoppers. Deserve gold tone for rat. And we think that this is really beautiful it really says elegance but it's understated as a great price point is well. And then we have her headband with a silver ornaments on -- which is also very classy look. And this is perfect again first stockings -- her. And this is a great price when -- fourteen dollars into the fact of the matter is they were worried because -- was -- going to be able to be here to do this segment but listen. I've got to buy things for women mine eye listen and this is the great we're where we're -- -- -- that I I I wouldn't doubt these are great -- -- done all of the work for you after allowed dot com and its celebrity inspired by celebrities so how can Iran give you the check after Martin contract wealthy. Then we have the car -- -- of course. They have their fingers in every day yes I now they have they're they're going oil changes now action next yet that that that's next. Now and now they have occurred dashing collection at Sears -- -- this is doing phenomenally well I actually got to interview them about their line and they said that they were really inspired by their fans that they listened to their fans about what they want it in the line and that each item here represents a little bit of that -- to see some styles that represented. Kourtney Khloe. And -- The sisters are little different Catholic they are little different I love this -- to me this says Kim Kardashian and it's over fifty dollars with a little bit pricey -- but -- think that it's great also as a silver chain harassing you can. Where it over your shoulder you Wear it as a -- and just take it for me -- that's really important. I have three older sisters yes and I know this stuff probably -- this stuff. I don't want it would -- why and others have anywhere else I think that he got a collection also got a -- that we dailies Jackie on inspired some greatly loved it's big glasses are in -- -- huge -- this to me seeks screen Courtney and CDs and -- this is also a great price point. And this leopard belt this is far since -- the weight getting that car dashing in hourglass figure that is just sweeping the world right now I would withhold any comment or fear of Richard. Yes yes and that is 24 dollars so that is a great gift if you are looking for a great and all those things -- -- years. This is at Sears -- -- collection exclusively at Sears if you go to Sears dot com you can find all of these -- -- and items OK Jessica Simpson who now she has species with her own line for a while she has and you know some insiders are estimating that it can be worth. Almost a billion dollar innings against this -- -- -- is a real force in the fashion world right now. She just announced she's coming out with a maternity line and also between line but today we brought -- her jewelry line and her shoe line. -- chandelier earrings are fabulous and -- I'm gonna say that I think her sister would like these in particular. They're classy to go with anything you can Wear them with -- you can Wear them with contrasts and there are great transplant when he five -- on this through a surprise for her but that's a good book that don't show -- -- election. Atlanta and new issues mean those are aggressive shoes these shoes are narrow choke the platform itself is about two inches of the he'll I would say -- about seven inches so. Deathly for the fashion -- who likes to kind of maybe carry her sneakers in her bag and then -- walks in an -- Agreed. Statement at the club this is -- dollars and eighty cents available on these things that -- that is the commitment and -- happen if -- with him the -- not Amy I'm sure you and -- -- and we'll try lastly if you're not able to take up in your life in your hands with this what happens now this I really love this is racial bills and she has her own table top line at Macy's from the OC right from the OC and these are available at -- -- dot com. Her line was inspired by her grandmother it's called -- -- she said that when she was. Very nice very -- heard about she's an issue was inspired to create this -- because she couldn't find anything which is looking for something for our own homes and these are set up for measuring cups. -- it was a 36 dollars. And then you have this tier server at 65 dollars and it's really -- she loves butterflies she loves birds that are favorite color printing very pretty and unique so. Even if he knows when does a number racial -- -- I think this is unique guest. Amy -- from pure -- dot com thank you so much from great gift ideas and listening to say this for the show on Saturday night absolutely America happy holidays seeing them.

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