Chaka Khan Battles Addiction and Grief

Singer stays vibrant avoiding the fate of Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston.
3:00 | 02/21/12

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Transcript for Chaka Khan Battles Addiction and Grief
We've had very public battles with alcohol drugs -- the statistics that are. How does that change was a person how is that helped him instantly. It enriched me. I mean it was likely is that there -- no coincidence -- it. Time to -- human being. And it's geared most of the time like everybody else's. And she kind of -- often. I want to -- and -- -- Britain. But -- more inning. People people. -- that than usual life. Little things like. -- school. Right that those forces. Land rights than normal passage an emblem that -- I have been pretty. -- That comment. -- I don't regret it. It. I don't regret. Anything in my life Clinton the best I could -- I had to work -- On all those roads lead used to the road to Iraq today -- -- -- gotten any game amazing. Chick and I -- -- -- You know he this was something. Also you know you've we've had some -- struggles and they've been so public because of that smile that voice everything you've had. As a mom you've had some incredible. Mountains to overcome in and you know I get emotional for you when I think of it. We've had a relationship -- and you know your your son have been accused of murder and thank god found in his thing you've recently had to go to court to. Fight to get custody of your grandchild. What advice can you give to women out there that are going through the struggles and and how do you get through it. -- -- -- -- If you keep vote. He asked for strength and patience. And you sit -- and show. Feet up and thanks in the room at the you have to sit up -- -- Does that. And you have to trust and affects. People say like you know I have faith in the lord and -- they're worried about this word about it. The it to -- on and about this equipment you cannot have faith. And worry it's kind.

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{"id":15758984,"title":"Chaka Khan Battles Addiction and Grief","duration":"3:00","description":"Singer stays vibrant avoiding the fate of Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston.","url":"/Entertainment/video/chaka-khan-battles-addiction-grief-15758984","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}